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22 Oct 2014, 07:29pm by Vincent Verhei

Ground Game: Spills, Fits, and Ninkovich

I know what you're thinking: It's about time the New England Patriots got a little coverage on this site. The good news is this isn't a story about Bill Belichick's frosty demeanor, or Tom Brady's latest modeling gig. No, this piece by Brian Filipiak at Sons of Sam Horn breaks down the recent successes and failures of the New England run defense, and though it's a specific analysis of the Patriots, there's a lot of good stuff in here that will help explain what's going on with any other team.

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20 Oct 2014, 05:29pm by Aaron Schatz

The NFL's Best Baseball Players

From our own J.J. Cooper in his other life as a writer for Baseball America, here's a list of the top five baseball prospects among current NFL players. Peyton Manning and John Fox certainly wish Russell Wilson had played better in short-season ball.

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20 Oct 2014, 04:35pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 7 Injury Aftermath

This was probably not the week to be playing center in the NFL. This is definitely not the year to be playing offensive line for the Falcons.

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20 Oct 2014, 02:47pm by Vincent Verhei

MMQB: Peyton in his Prime

At long last, Peter King gives Peyton Manning a little respect. Plus, what Calvin Johnson means (or doesn't mean) to the Lions, thoughts on the Percy Harvin trade, the meltdown in Chicago, and more.

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20 Oct 2014, 07:40am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Hangover: Shattered Records and Missing Weapons

Plus, my usual complaints about pumpkin beer.

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18 Oct 2014, 08:39am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's Week 7 Game Previews

The silliness of figuring out how large fan bases are using a Harris poll, and hastily re-edited diagrams of the Seahawks offense.

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17 Oct 2014, 05:32pm by Tom Gower

Jets Acquire Percy Harvin From Seahawks

File this under "Huh?", "Really?" and "Stories I Would Not Have Believed Without Jay Glazer's Track Record."

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17 Oct 2014, 03:11pm by Tom Gower

SNF: Late Career Peyton Manning Throwing More Short TDs

For this week's SNF column, I look at Peyton Manning's touchdowns by distance. He's throwing more short TDs than he used to, and that was true late in his Indianapolis days as well as in Denver.

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15 Oct 2014, 11:56pm by Aaron Schatz

Where Have You Gone, Robert Quinn?

A play-by-play breakdown of Monday night's game shows how little Robert Quinn accomplished against 49ers tackle Joe Staley. (Click to read more.)

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15 Oct 2014, 03:27pm by Aaron Schatz

Deep Drive: The New York Jets' 1-5 Mess

Thanks to Chase Stuart on Twitter for pointing out this well-written analysis of the state of the New York Jets. There's a persuasive argument here that it's time to move on from Rex Ryan. Personally, I think Ryan did a very good job in New York his first few years but I agree that it is time for a new direction there. And as writer Joe Caporoso points out, when you look just at players brought in during the last two seasons, blaming John Idzik for the problems doesn't really seem realistic.

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