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06 Oct 2014, 02:09pm by Vincent Verhei

MMQB: Old Men and the (Previously) Unbeatens

Peter King celebrates the latest victories of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and wonders how long each will continue to play.

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06 Oct 2014, 01:21pm by Rivers McCown

Three-Cone Drill Podcast, Episode 5-2

Matt Waldman joins the Three-Cone Drill Podcast to talk about Teddy Bridgewater, the draftnik industry, and creating the systems he uses for his RSP. Part 2 is coming Wednesday. Show notes in the link.

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06 Oct 2014, 09:04am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Hangover: the Peyton Manning 500

Featuring the Not That Great rankings!

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04 Oct 2014, 08:21am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's Week 5 Game Previews

Build your own Patriots-Cardinals preview adventure!

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03 Oct 2014, 03:17pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: KUBIAK Midseason Update Posted

It takes a lot of time to put together, but the KUBIAK midseason update is done. Click to read more about it.

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03 Oct 2014, 03:09pm by Tom Gower

SNF: Bengals, Patriots, and Third Downs

The Bengals and Patriots rank fourth- and sixth-worst in the league in third down conversion percentage, so this week's NBC Sports column covers that and how third down conversion percentage varies by yards to go.

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03 Oct 2014, 02:39pm by Vincent Verhei

Saints' Byrd Out For Season

The New Orleans Saints defense has been very bad through four games (last in the league in defensive DVOA), and it's about to get a whole lot worse. Free safety Jairus Byrd, the team's star free agent signing, tore his meniscus in practice on Thursday and has been placed on season-ending IR. Byrd's forced fumble against Atlanta in Week 1 is New Orleans' only forced turnover this year.

Rafael Bush will likely take Byrd's place in the starting lineup. Bush has started seven games in his four-year NFL career.

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01 Oct 2014, 08:51pm by Vincent Verhei

Rams Tab Davis as Starter at QB

The St. Louis Rams have announced that they will stick with Austin Davis as their quarterback even after Shaun Hill returns to health. (Sam Bradford, of course, is out for the year with a torn ACL.) Hill started the season opener against Minnesota, but left that game with a thigh injury, and Davis has taken every snap since then.

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29 Sep 2014, 11:33pm by Tom Gower

Raiders Fire Dennis Allen

Per Jay Glazer, so I'm trusting this report after Sunday night's AP report that was quickly retracted. As Mike Sando's survey revealed, nobody actually has any idea how good a coach Allen has been given the situation in Oakland. Offensive line coach Tony Sparano will likely be the interim head coach, allowing both coordinators to keep their jobs. The question now becomes, will GM Reggie McKenzie be next on the chopping block?

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29 Sep 2014, 04:04pm by Aaron Schatz

EJ Manuel: What Went Wrong?

The Bills decided to pull EJ Manuel and go with Kyle Orton as their new quarterback. I asked Matt Waldman, who was very high on Manuel coming out of college, for some thoughts on what's gone wrong. (Click to read more.)

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