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01 Feb 2007, 12:14pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Against Manning, Bears To Rely on Snap Judgments

In an effort to crack the code, for the last 10 days Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera has "watched the actual television coverage of each of the Indianapolis Colts' previous games, with the volume turned up loud, paying particular attention to everything Peyton Manning does -- and says -- in the typically animated seconds before he snaps the ball." Colts center Jeff Saturday thinks 70 percent of what Manning does at the line "isn't real." Tight end Dallas Clark puts the estimate at two percent. Manning, of course, isn't saying. (Free registration/bugmenot required.)

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01 Feb 2007, 02:24am by Doug Farrar

Zebra Hunt: Tony Corrente

The only place on the internet where you can get a breakdown on the Super Bowl's referee. (Click link to read.)

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01 Feb 2007, 01:11am by Bill Barnwell

Biletnikoff Retires from Raiders

Suspect there's a little bit more to this one than meets the eye. Well, the AP story's eye, at least.

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31 Jan 2007, 01:29pm by Aaron Schatz

2K Sports Returns to Football

Big news for the video gamers: 2K Sports has announced All-Pro Football 2K8, their first game since EA bought the exclusive NFL license three years ago. I've read a lot of comments from people who say that NFL 2K5 was better than Madden 05, although I've never read a concrete list of reasons why. As Wilt Chamberlain once said, "Everybody hates Goliath." Then again, I think the bugs in Madden, and the randomly appearing and disappearing features, are a sign that maybe Goliath is getting a little bit lazy. Competition leads to better products.

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31 Jan 2007, 11:16am by P. Ryan Wilson

LeBeau Confident in Cover-2

There has been some gnashing of teeth among Steelers fans about a potential switch from the 3-4 to the 4-3 front. Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau assuages such concerns in today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. According to LeBeau, "[Pittsburgh has] been close to a 50-percent Cover 2 team" for the last three years.

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31 Jan 2007, 01:08am by P. Ryan Wilson

'Doctor' Treating T.O., Others Is Under Investigation

Hank Sloan has a clinic in Cumming, Georgia, he works with players from 22 NFL teams, and he's known for his outside-the-box, quick-healing methods. But there's this thing ... two things, actually. First, Sloan's not a medical doctor, which alone, isn't a big deal. But he's "under investigation by Georgia authorities for practicing medicine without a license." That's a felony.

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30 Jan 2007, 03:38pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: Unconventional Super Bowl Wisdom

This week, Gregg Easterbrook says you should ignore conventional wisdom when trying to predict the Super Bowl winner. Also, note the new layout -- no more yellow background, which means I won't have to wear sunglasses to read Page 2.

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30 Jan 2007, 02:22pm by Aaron Schatz

Redskins Seek Salary Cap Assistant

We figured we should let the readers know about this one. I'm sure there are plenty of you who are interested and qualified. Here's the deal: We'll link the job listing as long as you promise that, if you get the job, you will tell everyone in the Washington organization how awesome Football Outsiders is.

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30 Jan 2007, 02:33am by Aaron Schatz

The Marty who cried "End Around!"

Only in this version, the wolf never comes. (Click link to read more.(

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30 Jan 2007, 12:25am by P. Ryan Wilson

A Sideline to History

I know Art Shell is an easy target these days, seeming like an out-of-touch, bumbling head coach who, in one season, lost control of his team. After reading this Washington Post editorial, let me just say he's much more eloquent in print. Like, by a mile. Instead of reliving the 2006 season (and honestly, who wants that?), Shell writes about his first game as an NFL head coach in 1989. Good stuff. (Free registration/bugmenot required.)

Thanks to reader Stephen Smith for the link.

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