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30 Sep 2006, 10:13pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Young to Get First NFL Start on Sunday

I am shocked this whole Kerry Collins experiment didn't work out.

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30 Sep 2006, 04:50pm by Aaron Schatz

HS Back Gains Single-Game Record 658 Yards

Plus 10 touchdowns. That's 125 points in your high school fantasy football league. Um, at any point did his coach perhaps think, "hey, maybe it's a good time to give that freshman fourth-stringer a few carries?"

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30 Sep 2006, 01:20pm by Bill Barnwell

Seahawks Waive Kacyvenski, Sign Weeks

The Seahawks, today, waived former starting linebacker Isaiah Kacyvenski in order to promote running back Marquis Weeks off the practice squad. Kacyvenski, a Harvard graduate and special teams standout, would seem to fit in well on a certain team that used to collect these sort of guys like they were Pogs and has about twelve million dollars in cap room.

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29 Sep 2006, 01:01pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Show Him the Money

Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole takes a look at which agents negotiated the best and worst deals for this year's first-round picks, but offers this disclaimer: "Readers should take this analysis with a grain of salt. Actually, an entire shaker would be helpful. Some agents are faced with greater obstacles than others, such as teams with rigid policies." NaCl-related issues aside, this is a pretty interesting read.

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29 Sep 2006, 12:31pm by Aaron Schatz

Sports Media Guide Interview

A new website called Sports Media Guide is going to be interviewing writers from all over the world of sports journalism, and they decided to interview me last week. Here it is for those who are curious to read my stream-of-consciousness ramblings about Football Outsiders. Honestly, I apparently forgot how to speak in complete sentences that day.

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29 Sep 2006, 11:31am by Doug Farrar

Portis Feeling Like Himself Again

Clinton Portis' shoulder is feeling better, and that's good news for Redskins fans. But according to this Washington Post article (free registration/bugmenot required), Portis is retiring his wacky cast of midweek press conference characters ... and that's bad news for fun-loving football fans. Portis cites the fact that the team employee who helped pick out his outfits no longer works with the organization, and that his “inspiration has dried up.� Farewell, Coach Janky Spanky -- we loved your defense with the two extra Sean Taylors.

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29 Sep 2006, 12:07am by Aaron Schatz

How often do teams use three quarterbacks?

How often is a team forced to use an emergency quarterback? Aaron Schatz takes a look. (Click link to read more.)

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28 Sep 2006, 05:57pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Owners to Discuss Games Outside of U.S.

If nothing else, this should make it easier for our international FO readers to attend a real live NFL game. Let's just hope it's not the Raiders-Cardinals.

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28 Sep 2006, 11:03am by P. Ryan Wilson

Romanowski Gets OK to Coach Son's Team

After "scolding another seventh-grader over what the notorious linebacker considered dirty play," former dirty player Bill Romanowski has been given the go-ahead by the recreation league director to continue coaching his son's team. And it's a good thing because what happens when one of those seventh-graders hauls off an punches someone in the face and breaks an eye socket? Who'll be there to give them a high-five?

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28 Sep 2006, 12:22am by Mike Tanier

Funny Unusual

Mike Tanier tries to figure out how to react to the news of Terrell Owens potential suicide attempt. (Click link to read more.)

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