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12 Oct 2006, 08:36pm by Michael David Smith

Dr. Z Sees Hang Time Record

It's not an official statistic, but Paul Zimmerman keeps records of hang times on kickoffs and punts. He's been doing this for decades, and on Sunday he witnessed an all-time hang-time record. Who accomplished this remarkable feat? Click the link to find out.

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12 Oct 2006, 02:01pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Randle El Has Had Little Impact

I loved Antwaan Randle El when he was with the Steelers, but is anyone really surprised he's not that effective as a wide receiver? Well, except Dan Snyder? Of course, the Redskins face the Titans on Sunday, and playing Tennessee can solve a lot of problems. For a week, anyway. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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11 Oct 2006, 10:22pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Is the New England passing game struggling or not?

Aaron Schatz explains the disconnect between DVOA and conventional wisdom about the New England Patriots. (Click link to read.)

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11 Oct 2006, 10:16pm by Aaron Schatz

How can Denver's defense rank 11th?

Aaron Schatz tries to explain why DVOA seems to hate the Denver defense. (Click link to read more.)

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11 Oct 2006, 07:19pm by Aaron Schatz

The Passing Premium

Here's an article by our friend Ben Alamar, from the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports. (For those who don't know, Ben is also the statistician quoted at length by Michael Lewis in the new book Blind Side.) For 45 years now, completion percentage and yards per attempt have gone up while interception rates have gone down. Yet NFL offenses are split between the run and the pass according to basically the same ratios as 20 years ago and even 40 yards ago. What gives?

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11 Oct 2006, 11:55am by Aaron Schatz

My Left Foot

Fun little story about new Boston College kicker Steve Aponavicius, who will play in his first game this weekend against Virginia Tech. Not his first game of the year -- his first football game, ever.

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11 Oct 2006, 11:43am by P. Ryan Wilson

Belichickian Philosophy and Third Downs

Here's an interesting read from Patriots.com on how Bill Belichick goes through the process of breaking down third down tendencies in preparation for the next opponent. Thanks to reader Mike King for the link.

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10 Oct 2006, 03:27pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: The Rise and Fall of Brett Favre

Gregg Easterbrook has some thoughts on the decline of Brett Favre.

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10 Oct 2006, 11:24am by P. Ryan Wilson

Harrington Named Starter, Culpepper Out Indefinitely

I think the headline says it all. According to the article, "The Dolphins have benched Culpepper indefinitely until he regains what coach Nick Saban called his 'explosion.'" Given how the first four weeks of the season unfolded, that could be a while. (bugmenot/free registration may be required)

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09 Oct 2006, 05:34pm by Aaron Schatz

Jags' Mike Peterson Out for Year

Really bad news for the Jaguars: Pro Bowl-caliber middle linebacker Mike Peterson will miss the rest of the year after tearing his pectoral muscle in yesterday's 41-0 blowout win. (The injury came early in the game, so there's no "they should have rested the starters" issue here.) The other major injury news today comes from Arizona, where Larry Fitzgerald will miss 2-5 weeks with a hamstring pull or slight tear. So much for that PFP-predicted receiving title.

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