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13 Sep 2006, 01:41am by Aaron Schatz

Shaun Alexander, continued

Is running out of bounds the antidote for the curse of 370? Aaron Schatz takes a closer look. (Click link to read more.)

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12 Sep 2006, 10:59pm by Aaron Schatz

Put the B-team in, ESPN

Watch the Salon ad thingy then skip past all the baseball stuff to get to King Kaufman's important point: How good was the team that did the second MNF game last night? Are there words in the English language capable of describing the improvement when you go from Tirico, Theismann and Kornheiser to Brad Nessler, Ron Jaworski and Dick Vermeil? Can we please, please, please have them every week? Pretty please? Seriously, let's start an e-mail campaign.

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12 Sep 2006, 03:28pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: Follow the Monday Money

Here's Gregg Easterbrook's latest. Given the previous XP, it seems only fitting to note Stats of the Week No. 1. I'm also glad Easterbrook noticed something I thought was pretty ridiculous at the time: "In the first Monday Night Football game, early on Troy Williamson of Minnesota beat Carlos Rogers of Washington, then dropped what would have been a long touchdown pass. Rogers jumped up and danced and strutted, pointing to himself -- as if he'd just done something magnificent, rather than been beaten and the beneficiary of good fortune."

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12 Sep 2006, 11:46am by P. Ryan Wilson

Porter Seen Pumping Fist, Laughing as Brooks Is Sacked

Apparently, Randy Moss knows what he's talking about. In addition to not being very good, the Oakland Raiders also have to contend with disgruntled wide recevier Jerry Porter who, according to the report: " ... was seen laughing and pumping his fist on the sidelines when Raiders teammate Aaron Brooks was sacked for the seventh time." Maybe Porter had the over.

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11 Sep 2006, 02:22pm by Aaron Schatz

Branch to Seahawks for 2007 First-Round Pick

Our long national nightmare is over. This is great news for Seahawks fans, and not such great news for Patriots fans, but a first-round selection is pretty good value. They just need Doug Gabriel or Ben Watson to really come through.

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11 Sep 2006, 12:40pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: A New Day Dawns

Peter King says Week 1 tells us that teams never pick up where they left off in the NFL.

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11 Sep 2006, 09:08am by P. Ryan Wilson

Bledsoe's Performance Will Only Fuel Controversy

It's too bad NFL football games aren't just 15 minutes because the Cowboys looked unstoppable during the first quarter of yesterday's contest against the Jaguars. After a fast start, quarterback Drew Bledsoe returned to the form that drove Pats fans nuts for years: poor decision making, untimely interceptions, and drive-stalling sacks. Commence quarterback controversy talk. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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11 Sep 2006, 08:44am by P. Ryan Wilson

Green's Status Uncertain for Week 2

Thankfully, Kansas City's Trent Green will be okay after taking a vicious (but legal) hit from the Bengals Robert Geahters, but the quarterback is still uncertain for next Sunday's game against the Broncos. Several news outlets reported it as a helmet-to-helmet hit, but it looked like Geathers' shoulder pads made contact with Green's helmet. I suspect this play will lead to some discussions about rules changes at the next owners' meetings.

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11 Sep 2006, 01:51am by Aaron Schatz

Deion Branch

Was Deion Branch worth the price the Seahawks paid? And how much will New England miss him? (Click link to read more.)

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11 Sep 2006, 01:47am by Aaron Schatz

Was Shaun Alexander's poor Week 1 a sign of breakdown?

The curse of 370 looked apparent in week one for Shaun Alexander. How did other victims do in their first game? Aaron Schatz examines further. (Click link to read more.)

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