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11 Sep 2006, 08:44am by P. Ryan Wilson

Green's Status Uncertain for Week 2

Thankfully, Kansas City's Trent Green will be okay after taking a vicious (but legal) hit from the Bengals Robert Geahters, but the quarterback is still uncertain for next Sunday's game against the Broncos. Several news outlets reported it as a helmet-to-helmet hit, but it looked like Geathers' shoulder pads made contact with Green's helmet. I suspect this play will lead to some discussions about rules changes at the next owners' meetings.

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11 Sep 2006, 01:51am by Aaron Schatz

Deion Branch

Was Deion Branch worth the price the Seahawks paid? And how much will New England miss him? (Click link to read more.)

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11 Sep 2006, 01:47am by Aaron Schatz

Was Shaun Alexander's poor Week 1 a sign of breakdown?

The curse of 370 looked apparent in week one for Shaun Alexander. How did other victims do in their first game? Aaron Schatz examines further. (Click link to read more.)

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09 Sep 2006, 11:58am by Doug Farrar

Vikings Sign McKinnie to Monster Deal

The Vikings have signed LT Bryant McKinnie to a mega-deal: 7 years, $48.5 million, and over $18 million guaranteed. Performance bonuses could push the total over $50 million. This puts him in the financial elite for his position, and there's an interesting wrinkle based on the "poison pill" Minnesota used on guard Steve Hutchinson -- the Vikings' capmasters had to structure the deal so that McKinnie (or any Viking offensive lineman) could never earn more than Hutchinson on a per-year average basis, or Hutch's entire $49 million salary would become guaranteed.

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08 Sep 2006, 08:17pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Steelers Sign Najeh Davenport

Surprisingly, Pittsburgh didn't drop (a) Duce to sign Davenport. Thank you, thank you. Don't forget to try the meat loaf and I'll be here all week. Michael David Smith has more thoughts here.

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08 Sep 2006, 09:07am by P. Ryan Wilson

Redskins' Jansen Clarifies HGH Comments

Redskins' lineman Jon Jansen revised his original claim that "maybe 15, 20 percent" of NFL players use illegal human growth hormones. "What I meant by it was that it was a small number of players ... Being a football player, I'm not real good at math. When you do the numbers, it sounds like a bigger percentage than it really is. I meant it was a small percentage of guys." Whatever the number, it's an issue new commissioner Roger Goodell will have to address sooner rather than later.

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06 Sep 2006, 08:46am by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: The Only All-Haiku NFL Preview

Alrighty folks, it's haiku time.

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04 Sep 2006, 07:02pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Texans Sign Dayne, Reunites with Kubiak

FO reader Tom sent along this email earlier today: "The Texans have cut starting DT Robaire Smith, who was on a large salary, and undrafted rookie running back Chris Taylor, who was third on the depth chart. This leaves Houston with two active running backs, with one year of NFL experience between them. However, Smith's bonus acceleration looks like it ought to be about $5,300,000 - he signed a 6-year deal with an $8m bonus in 2004, so this is not going to have freed up cap space for a major addition via trade, like Thomas Jones. To me, this says Ron Dayne will shortly be a Texan.

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04 Sep 2006, 11:40am by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Dallas Over Indianapolis

Peter King is taking the Cowboys over the Colts in the Super Bowl. He's also picking the Detroit Lions -- yes, the Detroit Lions -- to win the NFC North.

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03 Sep 2006, 07:32pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Big Ben Won't Play Thursday Against Dolphins

Ben Roethlisberger had emergency appendectomy surgery today and he's out for Thursday's season opener against the Dolphins.

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