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10 Oct 2005, 11:36am by P. Ryan Wilson

Ravens Get Mad, Lions Get Even

This was ugly on several levels. The Ravens racked up 21 penalties (one shy of the record), had two players ejected, committed four turnovers, and some Baltimore fans are wondering (again) if Billick has lost control of his team. But it's also worth noting that Joey Harrington had another subpar performance, Roy Williams left with a leg injury, and before a bevy of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties late in the third quarter, the Ravens were still in the game.

And most importantly, the officiating left a lot to be desired. I would say more, but I don't want to get fined by the league office.

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07 Oct 2005, 11:39pm by Aaron Schatz

Chargers Primed for Long Run of Success

Our new colleague at FOXSports.com, Jay Glazer takes a look at which teams have the best and worst cap situations going into 2006. The Chargers rank third in expected cap room (although this doesn't yet count Drew Brees) and can be very active in next year's free agent market. But even better for San Diego is the fact that Oakland, Denver, and Kansas City rank as three of the five teams with the least amount of expected cap room. Say goodbye to some of those veteran Kansas City and Denver offensive linemen. The Jets will have some pretty tough choices to make as well.

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07 Oct 2005, 07:22pm by Aaron Schatz

Fear, Not Numbers, Sacked Holmgren

I've angered the Washington fans enough, but let's look at last week's game from the other side? When Seattle picked off Mark Brunell with 49 seconds left, why did Mike Holmgren settle for two running plays and a long field goal instead of passing to get closer? Dave Locke of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has more on coaches who play not to lose. (Thanks to reader Jason Zanon for sending the link.)

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07 Oct 2005, 06:34pm by Michael David Smith

Dr. Z's Rants: Four Minutes, TV Announcers

Paul Zimmerman is in fine form today, starting with a critique of ESPN's decision to run its drama Four Minutes with a news crawl at the bottom of the screen, so you could learn that Randy McMichael signed a new contract while you became absorbed in 1950s England. (If you saw Four Minutes, please tell me in the comments whether it's any good. I'm very interested in the story of Roger Bannister, but not so sure an ESPN docudrama is the way to learn more about it.

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07 Oct 2005, 02:24pm by Al Bogdan

Patriots Could Face Atlanta Without Seymour

Since I'm not the coach of the Patriots, I'm not allowed to talk about their team. So I'll just link to this news that New England's defense could be lighter by yet another starter on Sunday without further comment.

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07 Oct 2005, 10:52am by Aaron Schatz

Punter Isn't Raising Bar on Protection

Scott Player: last devotee of the one-bar helmet.

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07 Oct 2005, 09:19am by P. Ryan Wilson

Week 4: Ask Jerry Markbreit

Reader J. Foglas sends along this link to "Ask Jerry Markbreit." Growing up, Markbreit was my favorite referee (still not sure why -- maybe it was because he seemingly officiated every game), and now he has a weekly Q & A. And as CaffeineMan requested in another thread, this is my attempt to link to something with a little more substance, but not quite so sensational. (Although, who doesn't love this story? Seriously.

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06 Oct 2005, 09:31am by P. Ryan Wilson

Brady Takes on Coach a la Harrison

Uh oh. The Kool-Aid Brigade (which is part of the "Are You Disrespecting Me?" Branch) is in full effect. New KAB spokesman, Tom Brady, had a few choice words in response to Schottenheimer's comments following Sunday's game. At the time, Schottenheimer said, "that every team comes to a tipping point when it comes to injuries." Brady responded with, "You don't talk about our team. He has no business talking about our team."

Um, OK.

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05 Oct 2005, 11:46pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Spotty Play Could Lead to QB's Benching

"J.P. is the starter, and we're going with J.P." That was Mike Mularkey after Sunday's loss to the Saints. "I'm not going to talk about starters at any position for either team today." That was Mike Mularkey today at his press conference (via the NFL Network).

Personally, I think the media have every right to press Mularkey on this issue because to say you're not going to talk about something usually means you're hiding something. And while the coach is well within his rights to withhold such information, the media have just as much right to ask tough questions.

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05 Oct 2005, 06:46pm by Michael David Smith

Mike Martz has Serious Heart Infection

A disturbing story out of St. Louis. Mike Martz was hospitalized before last week's game with what doctors called a sinus infection. He now says he has a heart infection that is keeping him from being with the team at practices.

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