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10 Mar 2006, 05:37pm by P. Ryan Wilson

The NFL Network's Brilliant Idea

The report that Ryan Leaf could serve as an analyst for the NFL Network on draft day is infinitely more newsworthy than the new CBA or impending free agency. By a long shot.

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10 Mar 2006, 11:16am by P. Ryan Wilson

Walker to Packers: Trade Me

Just for laughs, maybe the Vikings should trade Daunte Culpepper to the Packers for Javon Walker.

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10 Mar 2006, 10:53am by P. Ryan Wilson

Eagles' Deactivation of Owens Stands

According to the new CBA, teams can't just go out and "Keyshawn" players anymore, they have to keep them on the roster or cut them. And they can't make players return signing bonuses for misbehavior either. The owners and the union did agree to close the Maurice Clarett loophole, now requiring, "... a player be at least three years removed from high school to be eligible for the NFL draft". No word on the Maurice Clarett contract, which if amended, would disallow players from signing incentive-laden deals sans any guaranteed money. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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09 Mar 2006, 08:59pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Sources: Tagliabue Comtemplating Retirement

If Tags does retire -- and who can blame him at this point -- he'll probably be remembered as one of the most successful commissioners in professional sports.

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09 Mar 2006, 08:53pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Waiting is the Hardest Part

Brett Elliot has a blog. Who is Brett Elliot you ask? He's the guy who started ahead of Alex Smith at Utah before a wrist injury forced him to the bench and later led to him transferring to D-III Linfield. He offers a unique perspective into the draft -- through the eyes of a player who is just trying to get noticed. I've never seen Elliot play, but if Bob Davie doesn't like him, then he probably has some talent. (Thanks to Deadspin for the pointer)

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09 Mar 2006, 12:24pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Patriots Cut Ties with McGinest

An unnamed source told the Boston Globe that, "McGinest's name appeared on the list of veterans released after the CBA extension was announced Wednesday night," even though the Patriots were not struggling to get under the new cap figure of $102 million. It sounds like the Patriots would like to re-sign Willie McGinest at a more reasonable salary, but I wouldn't be surprised if both he and David Givens ended up in Cleveland.

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08 Mar 2006, 10:44pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL Owners Approve Labor Deal

No details yet about whether the deal differed from the union's last "official" proposal, but apparently the only teams voting against were Cincinnati and Buffalo. Free agency starts at 12:01 am Friday.

Meanwhile, a sigh of relief goes up in the Schatz household at the news there will be no NFL labor stoppage in 2008.

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08 Mar 2006, 06:38pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Trade Me or Cut Me, Culpepper Says

The AP is reporting that Daunte Culpepper wants out: "If a trade does not happen then I am asking the Vikings to terminate my contract as soon as possible ... �

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08 Mar 2006, 11:10am by P. Ryan Wilson

Young May Not be Smart Enough to Play in NFL

This story offers some insight into how seriously NFL teams weigh Wonderlic scores when creating their draft boards ... and things don't look good for Vince Young. The most damning comment came from Texans GM Charley Casserly: "If Vince Young can't tell us how many 29-cent loaves of bread can be purchased with the $3.49 in his pocket, how can we expect him to understand the two-minute drill—let alone his own quarterback rating?" Good question.

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07 Mar 2006, 07:11pm by Aaron Schatz

Football Commentary: A Model for Coaches' Challenges

William Krasker is back with an analysis of replay challenges. Just how valuable are your two challenges, given that you don't know if and when you are going to need to use them? The answer, according to Krasker, is that the value of a challenge is very small, because a play that actually has a chance to be overturned occurs much less often than people might expect. So if you believe you have a good chance of getting a play overturned, use the challenge -- particularly if you still have two challenges to use -- rather than hold your challenges for opportunities that may never come.

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