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06 Dec 2005, 02:43pm by Michael David Smith

TMQ: Run up the Middle!

Tuesday Morning Quarterback hits the AutoText button this week, writing that a failure to run up the middle cost Buffalo the game against Miami Sunday. TMQ also points out that the Colts have NFL history's longest streak of victories by more than seven points. (The 1942 Bears won 11 straight by at least a touchdown.)

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06 Dec 2005, 02:39pm by Michael David Smith

Bears' Orton Gets Job Done

I believe the Chicago Bears should bench Kyle Orton. If Rex Grossman is healthy he should start. Otherwise Jeff Blake should start. As bad as the Bears' quarterbacks were last year, I believe Orton is worse.

Jeffri Chadiha disagrees. He writes, "You stick with what got your team to where it is.... After all, his job isn't to produce phenomenal numbers. He's there to put his team in position to win games. So far, he's done that well enough to give Chicago an eight-game winning streak."

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06 Dec 2005, 12:49pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Seymour Gives Fans an Earful

To be fair, Gisele Bundchen might have been the most exciting part of Sunday's game against the Jets. Seriously though, the article points out that, "...the open ends of Gillette and the close proximity of the club-level seats (where many fans opt to stay inside) have conspired to give the Pats one of the worst home-field advantages — in terms of crowd noise — in the NFL."

I'm guessing you won't be hearing this complaint from Colts players.

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05 Dec 2005, 11:56am by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Peter King is full of the playoff spirit this week, giving us his prognostications for the 12 teams that will make the postseason.

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05 Dec 2005, 10:52am by P. Ryan Wilson

Colossal Collapse is Quite a Stunner

Two things. First, there's no truth to the rumor that Morris Buttermaker coached the second half for the Bills, and second, J.P. Losman is no Shakespeare.

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04 Dec 2005, 02:57pm by Aaron Schatz

Defensive Bears are Much Like '99 Bucs

Why all the comparisons to the 2000 Ravens and 1985 Bears? As Bob Cook points out, Lovie Smith was the linebackers coach for a team that had a great defense -- so great that it held the Greatest Show on Turf to 11 points in the NFC Championship -- and a horrific offense led by a bad rookie quarterback -- so bad that it could only score six points in the same game.

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04 Dec 2005, 02:54pm by Michael David Smith

Woman Sues Ex-Panthers Cheerleader

You just knew we weren't done with this story yet, didn't you? Melissa Holden of Tampa filed a lawsuit Friday against former Panthers cheerleader Victoria Renee Thomas, saying Thomas "intentionally, willfully and maliciously assaulted and battered" her.

"I've been humiliated," said Holden, a 26-year-old University of South Florida student and nurse.

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04 Dec 2005, 10:04am by Michael David Smith

Coach Leach Goes Deep, Very Deep

The latest from Michael Lewis is about Mike Leach, head football coach at Texas Tech. Our friend Jim Schwartz is mentioned as one of the coaches who has shown an interest in Leach's offense. A couple thoughts:

1. Next time you hear someone talk about how college sports are all about the development of student-athletes, remember that Texas Tech sent its quarterback on the field with "a throwing arm so dead that he required a cortisone shot to move it."

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04 Dec 2005, 01:25am by Aaron Schatz

When Parcells Became Ordinary

David Leonhardt of the New York Times asks: What if it was Bill Belichick all along? In his six seasons without Belichick, in New England and Dallas, Bill Parcells is 44-47 with no playoff victories. (Free registration or bugmenot required.)

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03 Dec 2005, 02:04pm by Al Bogdan

Congressman Says BCS "Deeply Flawed"

Texas Congressman Joe Barton is calling for a Congressional hearing to address the "deeply flawed" Bowl Championship Series system. I'm glad our representatives are spending their time investigating the important issues that are facing our country. Next month, look for a Georgia Congressman to call for a hearing to investigate why the Falcons are so low in the FoxSports.com power rankings.

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