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02 Jan 2006, 02:22pm by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Six Season-Ending Stories

In the first MMQB of 2006, Peter King has more on the Tony Dungy story, some thoughts on Mike Tice's future (yikes), and names Tom Brady his MVP. He's also already looking to this April's draft, mentions Brett Favre (to keep his consecutive "MMQB columns mentioning Brett Favre" streak alive), and gives us his All-Pro team. Oh yeah, apparently Au Bon Pain makes a very nice tuna salad sandwich on whole grain, too.

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01 Jan 2006, 10:34pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Clarett Accused of Robbing Couple

I guess this is what happens when you sign an incentive-laden contract that includes no guaranteed money and then get cut in training camp.

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01 Jan 2006, 10:18pm by Aaron Schatz

Mike Tice Fired

According to AP, Mike Tice has been fired tonight. Who else will go on "Black Monday," and who should replace them?

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31 Dec 2005, 10:55am by P. Ryan Wilson

Browns Ready to Fire GM Savage

This is, uh, curious to say the least. As one Browns fan wrote me in an email:

"Um.... What the [redacted] is going on here? Didn't they just hire this guy less than a year ago? Did his philosophy suddenly change, or were they somehow unaware of it when they gave him the keys to the franchise?

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30 Dec 2005, 11:44am by Aaron Schatz

Southeast Jerome in Heaven with Friends

Clinton Portis brought along some pals for his press conference yesterday. My personal favorite is Chris Cooley as "Johnny White Guy" although I like the way Ryan Clark says "Pied Piper Piccalo." You must watch this video. I mean no disrespect for fans of Seattle and other NFC playoff contenders, but if you are a fan of an AFC team, how can you not be rooting for the Redskins to make the Super Bowl? Don't you want to see Clinton Portis on Media Day? The Portis Dance is your chance to do the Portis.

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30 Dec 2005, 11:23am by Aaron Schatz

Saints to Return to Louisiana in 2006

Len Pasquarelli is reporting that the NFL and Saints owner Tom Benson have reached a deal to have the Saints return to Louisiana full-time next year, playing in Baton Rouge until the Superdome is fully repaired sometime around early November. This is ludicrous. I'm sorry for sounding like a jerk, but then again I'm not sure why this country has decided that anyone who is honest about the situation in New Orleans is a jerk. I hate to even hint at politics on this site, but we've all decided that we're not going to have a realistic conversation about what's going on down there.

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30 Dec 2005, 07:16am by Michael David Smith

ESPN Ombudsman Rips Young, Irvin

I respect ESPN's decision to hire George Solomon to act as an ombudsman, critiquing the entire organization as he sees fit. Among the criticisms in Solomon's most recent column:

Steve Young's comments about Chris Simms were "An example of a commentator talking without knowing what he was talking about."

Michael Irvin's problem "is he still believes he's an athlete/celebrity."

"Suzy Kolber does an excellent job as a reporter for ESPN and as a TV pitch person for Chevrolet. I just wish she would choose one of the two jobs."

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30 Dec 2005, 07:08am by Michael David Smith

Big Ben's Prom Date Still a Browns Fan

A woman who apparently went to a dance with Ben Roethlisberger when they were kids showed up at last week's Browns-Steelers game with a sign showing a picture of the two of them and thanking Roethlisberger for the dance, but informing him that she's still a Browns fan. But my favorite part of the sign is at the bottom, where she writes, "PS-CALL ME!" Somehow I think the only person calling her will be Brian Jackson.

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30 Dec 2005, 03:23am by Aaron Schatz

2005 Draft Day Redux

I apologize to Don Banks for the harsh words I'm about to lay down, but this article is an example of why I started Football Outsiders. The idea behind it is a lot of fun -- had we known then what we know now, how would the 2005 draft had played out? But Banks' choices and comments are filled with every bad kind of football analysis, ignorant of economics and worshipping flash over substance.

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29 Dec 2005, 08:36pm by P. Ryan Wilson

'Simple' Scheme Nets Big Gains for Trio of Defenses

The other Michael Smith writes about the Cover 2 defense and how it's been successful for the Bucs, Colts and Bears. Opposing offenses know the weaknesses of the Cover 2, but these three teams run it so well, it often doesn't matter. The article even has a nifty graphic explaining the intricacies of this defense, something FO wrote about in February 2004. (You have to click on "comments" to see the link to the FO article.)

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