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29 Sep 2005, 06:03pm by Aaron Schatz

Dr. Z: Giant Mistake

Dr. Z is sick of Jeremy Shockey whining to the media. Who isn't? The good doc also points out the similarities between last week's Patriots-Steelers game and the one that broke the New England winning streak in 2004, and he's a big fan of the New England defensive line. Also feel free to discuss his latest power rankings. Doing these myself this year, I realize how silly it is to base things on win-loss records this early in the year. I mean, really, does Dr.

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29 Sep 2005, 11:41am by Aaron Schatz

QBs Under Pressure

Over at the PROTRADE site, Ben Alamar takes a look at the best and worst quarterbacks of 2004 in a variety of situations: 3rd downs, blitzes, and red zone. (You may remember Ben as the guy who helped us create the DVOA-based win projection system.) The moral of the story: blitz Marc Bulger but not Peyton Manning, and try to trap Tom Brady in third-and-long.

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29 Sep 2005, 09:37am by P. Ryan Wilson

Rivers Expects to Start Somewhere in '06

Here's an interesting article from the other Michael Smith on Philip Rivers and his plight as a backup quarterback. He's in his second year with the Chargers, a team that found their quarterback of the future about the time Rivers decided to end his holdout. I saw this headline that suggested the Jets should trade for Rivers, but that might end up costing them more than what the Giants paid to get the other Manning.

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29 Sep 2005, 09:31am by P. Ryan Wilson

Faulk Battered, Pats Add Zereoue

If you're a Steelers fan, you have to chuckle whenenver the Patriots fill their roster with former Pittsburgh re-treads like Hank Poteat, Chad Scott, and now Amos Zereoue. Of course, the chuckles quickly turn to tears when you remember that Belichick is Cowher's daddy.

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29 Sep 2005, 12:21am by Aaron Schatz

Any Majik for Chad?

Once upon a time, there was a talented young quarterback. He suffered an injury, sat out a few weeks, attempted to come back, and made the injury worse. This is the story of Dan Majkowski, the man Chad Pennington sees in his nightmares.

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28 Sep 2005, 09:20am by Aaron Schatz

Breakdown of Kyle Orton's 5 INTs

We don't normally link to team fan message board posts here at Extra Points, but then again you don't normally find good breakdown like this on team fan message boards. I was going through the referral logs this morning and found this Chicago Bears board had linked to Mike's Every Play Counts about Brian Urlacher. Near the top of their board today is this analysis of Kyle Orton's five interceptions against Cincinnati. The verdict seems to be one bad decision, one bad mechanics, one caused by Justin Gage, and two that were a mix of bad offense and good defense.

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27 Sep 2005, 09:40pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Cards Agree to Deal with Davey

Geez, what a week for injuries. First Vinny Testaverde goes to the Jets, and now Rohan Davey signs with the Cardinals. While it's been good for free agents looking for work, guys like Billy Volek, Patrick Ramsey, Tommy Maddox, and Charlie Batch are left holding the clipboard because the price of poker just went up for all those teams looking for an emergency starter.

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27 Sep 2005, 05:11pm by Michael David Smith

King: Vinatieri Heading to Canton?

Peter King says barring a late-career slide, Adam Vinatieri will get his Hall of Fame vote "because he makes kicks in the clutch and because nothing makes him sweat." Vinatieri is probably the second-best kicker of his generation, after David Akers. Is that good enough to get him into the Hall?

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27 Sep 2005, 04:38pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: Avoid Postmodern Food

TMQ is down on Brett Favre. He also proposes a radical change to the salary cap, discovers paper food, and asks why on earth any broadcaster would refer to Cadillac Williams as "overrated." He's really got a point on that one.

And please, please, please, don't make this the "rip on TMQ" thread. If you don't like the column, don't you have anything better to do with your life than post here every week about how you don't like the column?

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27 Sep 2005, 03:50pm by Aaron Schatz

Attack of the Fantasy Football Clones

There's nothing wrong with rooting for your fantasy players along with your favorite team. But Peter Schrager is a little annoyed by people who root only for their fantasy team, especially because there are lots of people playing fantasy football now who don't really know anything about football otherwise. Are they ruining your trip to the sports bar too? And who is this Brian Leftwich guy?

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