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03 Nov 2005, 04:57pm by Aaron Schatz

John Clayton's First and 10

I don't mean to pick on Mr. Clayton, but I just had to point this article out as a particularly egregious example of Colts-Patriots overhype. Clayton writes: "Since 2003, the Colts and Patriots have met four times with everything on the line, and the Patriots won all four." Wait a minute, everything on the line? John, last year the teams met in the first game of the season. How much could possibly be on the line in the first game of the season?

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03 Nov 2005, 03:28pm by Michael David Smith

Dr. Z's Hall of Fame Ballot

Paul Zimmerman outlines the process of narrowing down the preliminary list of 112 Hall of Fame nominees to 25 who will move on to the next round. I don't find much to disagree with, and he pretty well captures my opinion of Michael Irvin: "Michael annoys the hell out of me with all that nonsense he comes up with on ESPN, but we're not supposed to let that influence our ballots."

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03 Nov 2005, 02:23pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Packers Angry Over Cell Phone

Because of those pesky cell phones going off at inopportune times, Packers head coach Mike Sherman cut short his press conference, and then canceled Brett Favre's press conference. And if you don't think it's a big deal, consider the punishment for Green Bay players who are guilty of this infraction during team meetings:

"That's a big-time no-no," long snapper Rob Davis said. "Big-time. Really, really bad."

What would happen?

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03 Nov 2005, 01:07pm by Michael David Smith

Roethlisberger Out vs. Packers

Ben Roethlisberger has had arthroscopic knee surgery and will miss Sunday's game against the Packers. Charlie Batch is expected to get the start behind center against Green Bay. Michael David Smith is expected to get the old Charlie Batch Lions jersey out of the mothballs, just for old time's sake.

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03 Nov 2005, 10:59am by Aaron Schatz

BCS Plus One: The Easiest Solution

How hard would it be to install a college football playoff? As our fellow FOXSports.com partners at College Football News point out, no team ranked lower than fourth before the bowl games has ever won the national championship. We're never going to end up in a situation where there are more than four unbeaten teams from the major conferences. So why not pit no. 1 against no. 4 and no. 2 against no. 3 in the bowl games, and then add one single game over winter break to determine the champion?

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03 Nov 2005, 09:55am by P. Ryan Wilson

Green Goes Back to Warner

During the Cards quarterback carousel last season, I mentioned that you shouldn't be surprised to see Neil Lomax eventually named the starter. Thanks to Denny Green, it still could happen.

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03 Nov 2005, 12:52am by Aaron Schatz

Making a Number for Themselves

Teen Titans Go! No, I'm not talking about the Tennessee defense, I'm talking about all the wide receivers with numbers in the teens. Essentially, Roy Williams here is saying that number 88 makes you look boxy. What is this, an episode of "Sex in the City?" "Miranda, do I look fat in this number?"

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02 Nov 2005, 06:11pm by Michael David Smith

Indoor Football Team on eBay

The owners of the Ohio Valley Greyhounds, a member of the United Indoor Football Association, have put their team up for bid on eBay. The opening bid is $100,000. The principal owner says he's lost about $35,000 on the team. If anyone knows anything about indoor football (as opposed to Arena Football), I'd love to hear about it in comments.

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02 Nov 2005, 12:00pm by Aaron Schatz

Approval Where It Counts

I'm not saying that the collapse of the Green Bay Packers can be entirely placed upon the shoulders of Mike Sherman. I'm just saying that the players on a 1-6 team probably are way down on the list of people who should be giving advice about hiring or firing a head coach. If I were in the Packers front office, I would be a little more concerned with things like playcalling, improvement of young players, and personnel decisions.

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01 Nov 2005, 10:43pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Carroll Treats Team to a Little Trickery

Let's see Charlie Weis and his revisionist history top this! (free registration/bugmenot required)

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