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11 Jan 2006, 01:04pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Kitna Says He'll Explore Free Agency

Meet your 2006 Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback! Well, not quite. Carson Palmer has made it known that he'd like the Bengals to try and keep Kitna, but with pretty slim free agent pickins' at the position, it wouldn't be surprising to see Kitna end up in Baltimore. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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11 Jan 2006, 12:12pm by Michael David Smith

Accorsi: No Plan to Ax Lax Plax

You gotta love the headline writers for the New York tabloids. The story is juicy, too: Plaxico Burress didn't show up for the Giants' final meeting of the season on Monday. We all know how Tom Coughlin is about meetings, so this is no way to start the off-season. I really wish I could see every one of the Giants' offensive plays on the coaches' tape because when the TV angles showed Burress against Carolina, he looked like he was dogging it big time. To me, that's a much greater sin than skipping a meeting.

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10 Jan 2006, 03:39pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Please Kneel Before Tom Brady

(Genuflect) No disrespect to the Patriots intended, but this might be the funniest thing I've seen since that whole Kenny Mayne debacle. (/Genuflect)

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10 Jan 2006, 03:19pm by P. Ryan Wilson


In this week's TMQ, Gregg Easterbrook charts every play of every game to prove his contention that blitzing usually favors the offense. He also has some thoughts on wildcard weekend, being pro-topless but anti-gambling, and creating defensive stats that measure more than total yards and points (Hmmmm). Finally, Easterbrook names his TMQ Non-QB Non-RB NFL MVP.

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10 Jan 2006, 10:40am by P. Ryan Wilson

Jets Will Talk to Mangini

Eric Mangini, New England's defensive coordinator, is in the running for the New York Jets head coaching job. He's 34 and has only had the title of coordinator for one season, but he's been with Belichick since 1995. One thing potentially more intriguing than the Jets hiring Mangini away from the Patriots is if New York hires some combination of their other coaching candidates: Mike Tice, Jim Haslett, and Joe Vitt.

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10 Jan 2006, 10:04am by P. Ryan Wilson

Getting Away with It

Michael Wilbon isn't happy with Sean Taylor (or Marcus Vick). He makes the point that Clinton Portis was fined $20,000, "for wearing the wrong socks and a tinted visor," while Taylor only had to give up $17,000 for spitting in another man's face. Maybe that's why Portis wears a visor, although I have no explanation for the socks. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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09 Jan 2006, 09:30pm by Michael David Smith

Palmer not Angry at Hit

Carson Palmer on the Kimo von Oelhoffen hit that tore up his knee:

"I don't know Kimo personally. From what I've heard, he's a classy guy. Football is football. I don't think it was malicious at all. He's a guy with a high motor that plays hard and was playing hard. It just happened. I don't think in any way he was trying to do anything. It's just part of the game."

You're a classy guy, too, Carson.

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09 Jan 2006, 09:25pm by Michael David Smith

Marcus Vick Arrested...Again

This is getting ridiculous. Marcus Vick was charged Monday with pulling a gun on three teenagers during an altercation in a restaurant parking lot. Personally, I never thought Roy Mexico was good enough to play in the NFL in the first place, but when you add in his off-field problems, I can't imagine anyone will draft him.

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09 Jan 2006, 09:14pm by Michael David Smith

All-Pro: Gates Unanimous, 4 Colts, 4 Seahawks

The entire AP all-pro vote totals are fascinating. Seattle and Indianapolis had four first-team players each. Only one player, Antonio Gates, was a unanimous selection. I'm stunned that five voters didn't think Steve Smith was one of the two best wide receivers in the NFL this year. Willie Roaf is a terriffic player, but do you really deserve 11 all-pro votes when you miss half the season? The two people who voted for Larry Foote are going to be getting some angry e-mails.

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09 Jan 2006, 02:45pm by Michael David Smith

Redskins Become the Messenger

The Washington Redskins don't like the way the Washington Post covers them, so they've beefed up their Web site in an effort to give fans news without what they call the Post's "filter." Personally, I enjoy both newspapers and official team sites, although I must say that a lot of the time the information you get is identical in both places. Some newspapers just describe the game and provide quotes from the post-game press conferences, which is pretty much the same thing you get from the team officials.

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