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18 Jan 2006, 02:20pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Cowher Calls Porter's Remarks 'Ridiculous'

I'm sure Bill Cowher calls Joey Porter (or his comments) ridiculous at least once a week, so nothing surprising there. What's interesting however, is that the NFL said they will not fine Porter for suggesting the officials were conspiring against the Steelers during Sunday's game. Let's see, Clinton Portis gets slapped with a $20K fine for wearing mismatched socks, Sean Taylor loses $17K for spitting in another player's face, and Joey Porter gets off clean for saying the fix was in.

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17 Jan 2006, 11:33pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: The Football Gods Go Mainstream

In the latest TMQ, Gregg Easterbrook sees the football gods get famous, the Redskins blitz too much, the Steelers outthink the Colts, and the Patriots completely collapse.

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17 Jan 2006, 09:40pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Boycotting the BCS

And no, I'm not referring to college football teams. In this issue of the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, Hal Stern writes that all statisticians should boycott the Bowl Championship Series because, in part, the quantitative ratings used in the computer ranking have never been clearly defined and the inputs used are limited (for example, neither score nor site of game is currently used).

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17 Jan 2006, 09:16pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Mangini Hired as Jets Coach

Eric Mangini: the new HC of the NYJ. Does this mean that Bill Belichick will now serve as offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and head coach?

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17 Jan 2006, 03:47pm by Russell Levine

Source: NFL Network Gets New Play-by-Play Deal

BenMaller.com is reporting that the NFL will award its new late-season game package (probably Thursday and Saturday nights the last four weeks of the season) to .... itself. Or, more properly, to the NFL Network.

If accurate, this is a very interesting development, with ramifications all over the place. For one, if your cable company doesn't carry the NFL Network, it will. For another, it means that Comcast probably won't form an all-sports network to challenge ESPN.

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16 Jan 2006, 07:55pm by Michael David Smith

NFL: Ref Wrong on Polamalu Pick

The NFL has acknolwedged that Troy Polamalu's interception should not have been overturned. Anyone think they'd have made this acknowledgement if Vanderjagt's kick had been good and the Colts had won in overtime?

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16 Jan 2006, 03:48pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Hey Peyton, Need Some Help?

This week DJ Gallo has some thoughts on Peyton Manning throwing his team, uh, under the bus, explains why Troy Polamalu's apparent interception wasn't, discusses the Belichick Face, thinks the Steelers-Broncos game should be officially dubbed the Beard Bowl, and takes a look this morning's headlines from around the NFL.

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16 Jan 2006, 01:14pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Making Sense of the Weekend

Peter King muses on the losses of the Patriots and Colts.

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16 Jan 2006, 12:12am by Aaron Schatz

Don Banks' Snap Judgments

Consider this an open thread to talk about the Final Four until Audibles goes up tomorrow. I really don't care about what Don Banks wrote, I just wanted to point one thing out.

He ranks the four remaining teams in order of their chances to win the Super Bowl like this: Carolina, Denver, Pittsburgh, Seattle. Why Carolina? "The Panthers are the only team that has managed to put two very impressive games together."

Can you tell where that reasoning breaks down?

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14 Jan 2006, 10:02pm by Aaron Schatz

FO in the NYTimes: Dungy Finally Has a Defense to Match the Colts' Offense

The Indianapolis Colts blitz less often than any other defense in the NFL. How much less? The team ranked 31st blitzed THREE TIMES as often as the Colts. I got to use STATS Inc. numbers on team blitzes because the NY Times pays for those rights, but the tackle breakdowns for Bob Sanders and Gary Brackett come from the FO individual defensive stats.
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