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21 Jun 2005, 10:56am by Aaron Schatz

Bengals Offense Awesome on Paper

I think this Lonnie Wheeler piece from the Cincinnati Post has the right attitude about the off-season. Wow, our team is good -- on paper, with everyone healthy.

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21 Jun 2005, 12:43am by

Chow, Other Assistants, in the Spotlight

After having fun with Norm Chow's name, which will be the "go-to move" of 95% of all NFL beat writers when they need to fill up column space on slow Thursday mornings this fall (I will admit that I almost quoted a lyric from the late great Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London" to title this Extra Point), Len Pasquarelli notes how Chow is already placing his stamp on the Titans offense. Pasquarelli also takes a look at some other assistants who will be more scrutinized than usual at the start of the season.

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20 Jun 2005, 11:00pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Redskins' Offense Is Put Under the Gun

It looks like Joe Gibbs is finally going to try the shotgun in 2005. What's amazing are the reasons he gave for not using it before now. What's more amazing is that last year's offense was from 1992. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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20 Jun 2005, 01:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Football Commentary: Clock-Management Value of Timeouts

With the help of a lot of math, William Krasker looks to answer the question "How valuable is a timeout, anyway?" The basic summary is that the clock-management value of a timeout is not particularly large in most situations, but is still large enough to call into question some of the common uses of timeouts, such as avoiding delay of game or discussing strategy. For a more advanced look, click on the link.

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18 Jun 2005, 11:25pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Chiefs sign WR Freddie Mitchell

Congratulations Freddie Mitchell, you're the Chiefs' consolation prize after they couldn't sign Az-Zahir Hakim! Last season FredEx actually had a worse DPAR than Hakim (7.2 to 14.1), and he was well behind Kansas City's wideouts (Kennison - 24.7 and Morton - 19.3). After Vermeil's failed attempt to reform Lawrence Phillips, maybe he didn't want to take a chance on Koren Robinson.

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18 Jun 2005, 10:58am by P. Ryan Wilson

When Players Don't Pay

Reader Noah sends along this link from the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, when players are fined in professional sports for rule-breaking, it's rarely the case that they actually end up paying those fines in full (and in some cases they're fully refunded ... with interest). Between leagues quietly reducing a punishment and agents immediately filing appeals to delay the punishment, it's not surprising that that these perceived penalties don't serve as a deterrent.

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17 Jun 2005, 06:06pm by Michael David Smith

Tip Sheet: Turnover on the Offensive Line

This is why I love Len Pasquarelli: No ready-made NFL stories exist in mid-June, so he comes up with one of his own. He's examined every team's depth chart and reports that only two teams, the Chargers and Bengals, are going into this season with the same five offensive line starters that they had for the majority of last season.

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17 Jun 2005, 05:53pm by Michael David Smith

Kirk Reynolds, PR Man of the Year

Every year the Pro Football Writers Association gives its Rozelle Award to the public relations staff that has done the best job during the preceding year. This year the staff of the San Francisco 49ers is one of the five finalists. As you don't need to be remembered, the head of the 49ers staff was, until recently, Kirk Reynolds, who lost his job after his risque training video became public. Thanks to Glenn Stewart for the tip. (Scroll down to the end of the column.)

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17 Jun 2005, 04:14pm by Michael David Smith

Dr. Z: Vick in the Single Wing

In this week's mailbag, Paul Zimmerman revisits the subject of how the Falcons' offense could operate if Mike Vick became a single-wing tailback. I love the idea, but it'll never happen, as Jim Mora seems intent on turning Vick into a dropback passer.

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17 Jun 2005, 02:48pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Complexities Surround Redskins' Taylor

Nunyo Demasio writes an interesting article in today's Washington Post about Sean Taylor. In it he describes a 22-year old kid who spends much of his time with his mother, in the house he grew up in, near the college he attended. Taylor's rookie year in Washington was his first outside of Miami. According to the story, Taylor was homesick, not upset with his contract, when he didn't report to offeason workouts this spring. Still, people who know Taylor from Miami say he is just as much Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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