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18 Oct 2005, 12:45pm by Al Bogdan

Map of NFL Team Fan Areas

"The CommonCensus Map Project is redrawing the map of the United States based on your voting, to show how the country is organized culturally, as opposed to traditional political boundaries." As part of this, they are also attempting to map the popularity of pro sports teams. So far, their NFL results show that the Cowboys and Broncos have the largest fan base. There are some obvious weaknesses that appear to be the result of fans for specific teams not voting yet -- where are the Raiders? -- but it looks like it could be an interesting project if enough people contribute.

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18 Oct 2005, 11:21am by Aaron Schatz

Matt Leinart's Big Score

Josh Levin of Slate argues that Matt Leinart will be a failure as an NFL quarterback. "Leinart looks more like Jason White or Danny Wuerffel—a gutsy Heisman winner who doesn't have the physical ability to succeed when the guys on defense get bigger and faster." I respectfully disagree. Personally, I'll take pocket presence, decision-making skills, and the ability to thread a perfect fade pass on fourth-and-8 to save an undefeated season over a stronger arm and shifty scrambling.

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18 Oct 2005, 10:25am by P. Ryan Wilson

Lions May Bench Harrington

I can't say this is surprising news, other than the fact that the current backup is a rookie who is, as Mariucci describes, "very under-practiced." If history is any guide, I'm guessing Matt Millen will address the quarterback position this offseason by using Detroit's first round pick to draft another wide receiver.

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17 Oct 2005, 09:15pm by Tim Gerheim

Hamlin Hospitalized After Nightclub Fight

This one sounds heinous. Hopefully he'll be OK, but it sounds like Hamlin could miss the rest of the season. (That's purely speculation on my part.) Usually when you read one of these stories, you assume that the player has misbehaved, to say the least. It doesn't sound like Hamlin did anything wrong, aside maybe from being short-tempered. That makes me feel a lot worse for him.

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17 Oct 2005, 04:16pm by Michael David Smith

Gruden: Griese Could Miss Season

Jon Gruden says nothing is definitive, but he raised the possibility that Brian Griese could be out for the rest of the season after hurting his knee Sunday. Tampa Bay appeared headed toward the playoffs, but I'm not a believer in Chris Simms at all. If Griese is done, they're in trouble. Is a Rich Gannon comeback possible?

Elsewhere, Kevin Mawae, perhaps football's best center, is finished. As are the Jets.

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17 Oct 2005, 11:20am by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Top Picks Don't Always Pan Out

Peter King today explores the way teams often pay huge money to high first-round picks, only to find that they're not worth the salary cap space. This won't exactly come as news to regular Football Outsiders readers, but King does a good job of exploring how much the Redskins are paying LaVar Arrington and how little they're getting out of him, and examining the way the second round of the draft in 2000 was almost as good as the first round, and at a fraction of the price.

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17 Oct 2005, 10:40am by P. Ryan Wilson

Pick Six

So much for thinking the Steelers had a capable backup in Tommy Maddox. Maddox, who replaced an injured Ben Roethlisberger, had four turnovers -- two in overtime -- and struggled throwing the ball (at least to Steelers players) all day. Maybe he's not really this bad, but I don't think anyone would've complained if Cowher had pulled him in favor of Charlie Batch.

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15 Oct 2005, 06:52pm by Aaron Schatz

Batman vs. The Patriots

As we all know, Batman is a master strategist who can defeat any challenge. Therefore, IGN Comics has a regular feature asking readers to explain how Batman would defeat a series of opponents: the sun, the IRS, menopause, Jessica Alba's no-nudity clause, and so forth. Anyway, how would the ultimate loner superhero defeat the ultimate ego-free football team? Check out the surreal diagram from reader number three.

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14 Oct 2005, 09:13pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Bruschi To Return To Practice Soon

Commence speculation. (Thanks to Rich C. for the pointer)

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14 Oct 2005, 06:01pm by Michael David Smith

PFLAG Honors Paul Tagliabue

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays has saluted NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue and his wife with its 2005 Stay Close award. Tagliabue, whose son, Drew, is gay, has supported the organization financially. New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft, former NFL player Esera Tuaolo, and former high school football player Corey Johnson all attended the awards ceremony.

Hat tip: Deadspin

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