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14 Nov 2005, 11:30am by P. Ryan Wilson

One Catch, but Rogers Grinning

For the first time in a long time, Joey Harrington didn't have to answer questions about the struggling Lions offense. Sunday, he completed 69% of his passes, and threw three TDs with no interceptions. Charles Rogers, on the other hand, is fresh off a four game suspension (and was inactive for another one), and had one catch for a whopping four yards yesterday. Given that he hasn't really done anything since being drafted, I'm not exactly sure why he was grinning after the game. Oh right, the $14 million signing bonus.

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13 Nov 2005, 09:51am by Michael David Smith

Carr's Dad Barred from Texans Practice

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle criticizes Dom Capers for closing practices to outsiders, which means David Carr's dad can no longer watch his son, which he has done as long as David has played football. I'd criticize Capers, too -- for not doing this years ago. What on earth was he ever doing there in the first place? Quick question for Mr. Justice (whose work I usually like): If a young reporter for the Chronicle brought his dad with him to the newsroom every day for four years, would the editors have a problem with it?

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12 Nov 2005, 08:39pm by Aaron Schatz

Brown Clinches Ivy League Championship

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new Official Favorite Player of Football Outsiders, running back Nick Hartigan. Now we all have a reason to pay attention on the second day of the draft!

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12 Nov 2005, 10:56am by P. Ryan Wilson

Show Clemson-USC Game or be Deported

Remember when Peter King said:

"I think the one thing you can't understand unless you live somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard between Washington and Boston -- or unless you once lived there -- is the intensity of a big sports event."

Yeah, I don't recall any legislators between Washington and Boston ever threatening to send people to Gitmo for not televising a football game. (Thanks to Trogdor for the heads-up)

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11 Nov 2005, 09:39pm by Al Bogdan

NFL, L.A. Coliseum Reach Preliminary Deal

The NFL has reached an agreement with Los Angeles to bring professional football back to the L.A. Coliseum. That agreement, however, doesn't specify when exactly this team will be playing in L.A. or which team that will be. It's doubtful the NFL will go to 33 teams and screw up the eight, four-team division format the league currently has. So, who's going to move to L.A.? The Saints are the obvious choice, but I'd put my money on the Jaguars.

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11 Nov 2005, 05:46pm by Michael David Smith

Will Rosenhaus' Clients Leave Him?

This story doesn't sound like good news for Drew Rosenhaus:

"Two sources, one an agent, the other a league executive, indicated that some of Rosenhaus' clients already are in the process of seeking new representation."

Does anyone honestly think Terrell Owens is going to end up with more money than he would have if he had just kept quiet and played hard? Owens created this mess himself, but his agent sure didn't help him any.

Free registration or bugmenot required. Hat tip: Deadspin.

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10 Nov 2005, 09:28pm by Michael David Smith

Steve Courson Dies in Freak Accident

Former Bucs and Steelers lineman Steve Courson, best known for becoming one of the first NFL players to acknowledge using steroids, died Thursday when a tree he was cutting fell on him. He was 50. Courson was using a chain saw to cut down a dead 44-foot tall tree with a circumference of 5 feet when it fell on him.

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10 Nov 2005, 07:10pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Vote T.O.!

Yeah, I'm really sick of the whole T.O. saga too, but this is really funny. Apparently TerrellOwens.com is imploring readers to vote T.O. into the Pro Bowl. Hey, if Catherine Zeta-Jones can win an Oscar, why not? At least he has talent.

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10 Nov 2005, 10:57am by Aaron Schatz

He's No Kenny Rogers

Jeff Ma talks about the Great Dick Vermeil End Zone Gamble of 2005. (TM) Here's the thing: if Larry Johnson had not made it, and then after the game Vermeil had knocked down a cameraman in anger, then he would be Kenny Rogers, wouldn't he?

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09 Nov 2005, 08:11pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Can't Corner the Market

It's not good when your secondary is so abysmal the local paper throws around names like octogenarians Terrell Buckley and Bobby Taylor as possible replacements. It's also worth noting that during a radio interview earlier this week, Rodney Harrison called out Duane Starks for, well, not being very good.

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