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08 Jul 2005, 10:54am by Aaron Schatz

Jackson Hires Agent of Change

Grady Jackson, long a FO favorite, has hired agent Drew Rosenhaus and is now threatening to hold out of camp because he wants a new contract -- just like his teammate Javon Walker and that other famous Rosenhaus client, Terrell Owens. Now, we're known around here as big supporters of Jackson, even saying that he was deserving of MVP consideration in 2003.

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07 Jul 2005, 11:41am by Michael David Smith

Tim Brown to Retire as a Raider

Tim Brown will sign a ceremonial contract with the Raiders and end his Hall of Fame career today. A few thoughts:

Although receiving numbers have been hugely inflated in recent years, I think Brown definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame. His numbers fall short only of Jerry Rice's, and the quality of the quarterbacks who threw him passes doesn't come close to Jerry Rice's.

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06 Jul 2005, 02:14pm by Russell Levine

Steeler Fan Celebrates 'Final Home Game'

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has this (depending on your perspective) amusing/touching/sick story of the funeral service for Steelers fan James Henry Smith, who was laid out lying in a recliner, a pack of cigarettes and a beer by his side, a Steelers blanket across his lap, and Steelers higlights playing on an HDTV nearby.

I've heard of sports-themed weddings, and even attended one at a Mets game a few years back, but never a sports-themed funeral service.

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05 Jul 2005, 11:54am by Michael David Smith

Did Little Train Commit Big Fraud?

I always liked Lionel "Little Train" James when he played with the Chargers. I don't like him so much after reading this article. James just lost a lawsuit against the Chiefs over whether they owed him disability payments, as he worked for the Chiefs as an assistant coach before he was diagnosed with acute necrotizing pancreatitis. Here are some details, as reported by Dan Margolies:

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05 Jul 2005, 10:00am by P. Ryan Wilson

Replay Specialist, Redskins Part Ways

In theory, hiring a former NFL official to serve as a replay specialist is a good idea. The only problem was that Joe Gibbs would often overrule him. (the Redskins lost five of their first six challenges in 2004) As it stands, only the Miami Dolphins will have a full-time replay official on the payroll next season. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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05 Jul 2005, 09:20am by Aaron Schatz

Hank Stram Dies at 82

We'll never matriculate the ball up and down the field without thinking of you, Hank.

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04 Jul 2005, 05:53pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Third WR Could Mean Playoffs for These Five

NFL.com's Pat Kirwan makes the argument that adding a viable third WR should give teams like the Texans, Cardinals, Bengals, Lions, and Raiders a real chance to turn things around this season. According to DVOA these teams ranked 14th, 15th, 17th, 20th, and 27th on defense, so that may have something to do with it too. Still, having a healthy Peter Warrick or 6'5" Mike Williams line up in the slot puts a little more pressure on the defense than the fullback trying to catch a pass coming out of the backfield.

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01 Jul 2005, 03:42pm by Michael David Smith

Tip Sheet: Winston, McNeill are top Prospects

After touching on it a bit last week, Len Pasquarelli goes into more detail about the best prospects for the 2006 draft. Offensive line will be a strong position, and Matt Leinart isn't a sure thing for No. 1 overall.

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01 Jul 2005, 03:22pm by Michael David Smith

Kings Invite T.O. to Summer League

Len Pasquarelli reports: "In the latest twist to Owens' offseason saga, the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver has been invited to play for the Sacramento Kings' summer league team. The invitation to join Sacramento draft choices, free agents, younger veterans and music mogul Master P on the roster was confirmed Friday by agent Drew Rosenhaus and a Kings spokesman."

But it will only happen if the Eagles give permission, which makes it, says Len, "a longer shot than a 3-point buzzer-beater from half court."

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30 Jun 2005, 04:28pm by Michael David Smith

Tice Fined $100,000 for Scalping Tickets

Vikings coach Mike Tice was fined $100,000 by the NFL today for scalping his Super Bowl tickets. Running backs coach Dean Dalton and special teams coach Rusty Tillman were each fined $10,000 for scalping their tickets. I'm very curious whether these coaches reported their scalping activities to the IRS. If they didn't, they're going to learn that the wrath of Paul Tagliabue is nothing compared to the wrath of Uncle Sam.

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