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29 Jul 2005, 11:56am by Michael David Smith

Jerome McDougle Recovering from Gunshot

Eagles defensive end Jerome McDougle has been hospitalized after being shot while sitting in his car in Miami. McDougle played at the University of Miami and his brother, Stockar, is an offensive lineman with the Dolphins.

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28 Jul 2005, 12:16pm by Michael David Smith

Surprise! Walker Shows up at Packers' Camp

What if Drew Rosenhaus threw a big party for all his holdouts and no one came? First TO says he'll be at camp, now Javon Walker shows up. I wonder if the Rosenhaus strategy has changed, and now players will participate in camp but threaten to walk before the first game if their demands aren't met. I can't think of any players who have done that, although I remember Priest Holmes threatened to do it before the Chiefs re-did his deal.

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28 Jul 2005, 09:46am by P. Ryan Wilson

Ward Turns Down Steelers' Offer

Even though training camps starts Sunday, it's probably too early to start worrying about the Steelers re-signing Hines Ward before the regular season gets underway. Still, Ward has already turned down one offer from the Steelers, and maybe for good reason. Pittsburgh's offer would have made Ward the highest paid player in their history, but would put him "among a tier of receivers just below several of the highest paid in the league."

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28 Jul 2005, 08:58am by Aaron Schatz

Training Camp Postcard: Falcons

No, it is not our intention to link every one of these Peter King postcards, but this one is interesting because somehow Peter King and Len Pasquarelli both wrote about the Falcons on the same day. And yet, they seem to be reporting on two entirely different teams. (The Pasquarelli article is ESPN Insider content.)

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27 Jul 2005, 10:26am by P. Ryan Wilson

Rookie Breaks Down During Practice

When did Evelyn Gardner start playing for the Dolphins? This really isn't news, but given that most of the NFL doesn't officially start training camp until next week, it'll have to do. What's interesting is that Manuel Wright literally joined the team a few weeks ago because Miami got him via the supplemental draft. It's not like he's actually had to go through minicamp and all the off-season conditioning programs that usually lead to grown men crying. On the bright side I guess, at least he didn't end up in Dallas.

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26 Jul 2005, 03:24pm by Michael David Smith

Michaels Signs with ESPN for Monday Nights

My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.

The ESPN team of Mike Patrick, Joe Theismann and Paul Maguire will no longer plague our airwaves in 2006 when Al Michaels becomes the play-by-play voice for ESPN's Monday Night Football.

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26 Jul 2005, 11:07am by Aaron Schatz

Winning Formula

Wesleyan kid goes to Australia on a semester abroad and somehow stumbles his way into coaching an amateur American football team called the Kew Colts. 10 years later he's defensive coordinator for the two-time defending Super Bowl champs. Here's a pretty interesting feature on Eric Mangini from the Boston Globe. Among other things, it suggests that the Pats D will become more aggressive with blitzes this season.

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26 Jul 2005, 10:06am by P. Ryan Wilson

Manning's 2004 Season Is Only No. 2

The Indianapolis Star gives Football Outsiders and Pro Football Prospectus a mention in today's paper. And even though Peyton Manning didn't top the list of quarterbacks to have the best season ever, according to the paper, at least FO kept it in the Colts family.

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25 Jul 2005, 01:37pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Still Picking the Patriots

Peter King is back. I know I've missed him. He says he's still going with the Patriots to win the Super Bowl even though they've lost Tedy Bruschi, who he describes as the second-most important player on the team. Peter also informs us that he'll be blogging from training camps this year. Why do I have a funny feeling that the honchos at SI.com just think "blogging" is a cooler way to describe King's stuff than "postcards from training camp," but the substance will be the same?

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25 Jul 2005, 10:03am by P. Ryan Wilson

Meyer Uses Behavior Modification for Florida Players

There's a new sheriff in, uh, Gainesville. Urban Meyer is taking a zero tolerance approach to law-breakers on his team and he's using former UCLA coach John Wooden as inspiration. According to the article, to keep players out of trouble Meyer relies on, "peer pressure, a strong investment of assistant coaches in players' lives and a reward system that allows the coach to essentially spoil the players he likes."

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