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25 Oct 2005, 09:40am by P. Ryan Wilson

Miller Gives Rare Production at TE

For a team that throws the ball something like eight times a game, having a pass-catching tight end only makes Ben Roethlisberger's job easier. Heath Miller is Pittsburgh's first real threat at the position since Eric Green played in the mid-90s. With the departure of Plaxico Burress, Miller now provides Roethlisberger a big target, but with the added benefit of also being able to block.

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24 Oct 2005, 04:35pm by Michael David Smith

Martz Blocked from Calling Plays

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Mike Martz called a team official during Sunday's Rams-Saints game and instructed him to give a play to offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild. But president of football operations Jay Zygmunt blocked the team employee's attempts to get to Fairchild in the coaching booth. That Rams front office sure seems disorganized.

Update 3:45pm: The Rams now say Martz will not be back all season.

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24 Oct 2005, 12:15pm by Aaron Schatz

MMQB: The Bus Is Still Rolling

Jerome Bettis in the Hall of Fame? Peter King says yes. The remarkable thing about Bettis' career is that he was burnt out with too much usage and yet came back with big seasons not once but twice -- first in 2001, then again in 2004. There's a lot of work ethic and intelligence involved in that kind of longevity. Peter's also got his "Fine Fifteen." Like our DVOA ratings, Peter refuses to give up on San Diego.

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24 Oct 2005, 10:17am by P. Ryan Wilson

Good Enough

Jeff Garcia and Steve Mariucci are together again, which means that Joey Harrington is currently out of a job. But now what? At 35, Garcia's obviously not the long-term answer, so what do the Lions do going forward? Trade Harrington? Give Orlovsky a chance to win the job in 2006? Draft another QB?

In the meantime, all Detroit needs to do is go 8-8 and they'll probably win the division. And from some of the comments in this article you get the impression that Lions players feel they have a much better chance of getting to the playoffs with Garcia instead of Harrington.

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21 Oct 2005, 03:14pm by Michael David Smith

Pro Bowl Balloting has Begun

Have I ever mentioned that I don't think the fans should vote for the Pro Bowl? I'd love to see each team's personnel director, or the assistant coaches, make all the decisions. But if they are going to let fans do it, I have some suggestions for improvement. For one, don't start so damn early. The season isn't even half over. For another, put a little thought into who belongs on the ballots. Is there any reason that Justin Fargas should be on the ballot, but not Kelly Holcomb?

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21 Oct 2005, 02:10pm by Aaron Schatz

Eagles Expect Better Play on Special Teams

FO ranks the Eagles special teams from 2000-2005: 6, 1, 4, 3, 3, 32. Which number does not belong? It's not just about Akers being injured and then absent -- the entire Philadelphia special teams has imploded with the exception of punter Dirk Johnson. The shuffling of players better work, because here comes Darren Sproles.

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20 Oct 2005, 01:44pm by Aaron Schatz

Chiefs-Dolphins Moved to Friday

Because of Hurricane Wilma, the Kansas City at Miami game has been moved to 7pm on Friday night. TV details still being worked out, but I assume the game will be on CBS in those two cities and unavailable elsewhere. I seem to remember complaints that Sunday Ticket did not show last year's two hurricane-affected Miami games.

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20 Oct 2005, 01:34pm by Al Bogdan

Bootsy Collins - "Bigg Cats" and "Fear Da Tigers"

In the same tradition of such classics as "Super Bowl Shuffle," and other terrible songs featuring athletes, the great Bootsy Collins has gotten together with some Cincinnati Bengals to record two songs in honor of the team's success this year.

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20 Oct 2005, 01:20pm by Michael David Smith

Dr. Z: No More DirecTV Blackouts

Great news for my fellow Sunday Ticket subscribers: Beginning in 2006, DirecTV will be permitted to show games carried by the local affiliate on its Sunday Ticket channels. That means if your local affiliate switches away from the game you were watching, you'll still be able to see it on Sunday Ticket. It should also solve problems like the one I had in Chicago on Sunday: Patriots-Broncos was on the local CBS affiliate, which means Sunday Ticket should have blacked out Patriots-Broncos and given us Raiders-Chargers and Jets-Bills. Instead, it blacked out Raiders-Chargers.

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20 Oct 2005, 08:54am by P. Ryan Wilson

Maddox Doesn't Deserve Vicious Fan Abuse

I was at the Steelers - Jags game last week, and it was certainly painful to watch Maddox try and complete a pass. But at some point you have to let it go ... unless you're Robert DeNiro in The Fan, and then you just kidnap your favorite professional athlete. But for everybody else who took Maddox's performance as a personal affront and were so ill they had to miss work on Monday, I might suggest you find a hobby. Like stamp collecting, or long nature walks -- anything to help you calm down.

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