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28 Dec 2005, 03:30pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Calf-time for Bruschi

Still no word on the extent of Tedy Bruschi's injury during the Monday night game, but the fact that he was hurt while covering a punt again raises the question about having starters on special teams. I know the idea is to have the best players on the field, but there are 53 roster spots.

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28 Dec 2005, 01:39pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Billick Will Be Back With Ravens

The Ravens started the season 3-8, and now have a realistic chance to finish 4-1. I don't know if the teams' recent success has anything to do with owner Steve Bisciotti bringing Billick back, but I'm guessing it didn't hurt.

"We have an ongoing and extensive process to find ways to win," Bisciotti said in a statement released by the team. "This included a thorough evaluation of Brian Billick. Collectively, we concluded that continuing with Brian as head coach gives us the best opportunity to win."

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27 Dec 2005, 03:48pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: Clean Air is an Environmental Menace

In today's TMQ, Gregg Easterbrook points out that the Falcons were right to punt during overtime, informs us that David Carr called his own plays during a 24-point half against the Cardinals (and suggests more QBs should be allow to do the same), and says the Texans-49ers game might actually be worth watching. Also, Stat of the Week No. 2, and Sweet Player of the Week No.

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27 Dec 2005, 12:27pm by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Family Matters

(Sorry for putting this up late, but this is what happens when your wife won't get you a laptop for Christmas.) King has some thoughts on the Dungy family tragedy, lists the Patriots ahead of Seattle and Denver in the Fine Fifteen, thinks Steve McNair should hang it up, and has a really funny quote from a Cardinals fan during the team's last game in Sun Devil Stadium.

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27 Dec 2005, 12:05pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Defense Gone Wild & Timing is Perfect

Yes, the Steelers defense seems to be hitting their stride at exactly the right time, but I found this paragraph from the article particularly interesting:

"The Steelers have reasserted themselves as a dominant defense, ranked No. 3 in the NFL overall (281.9 yards per game) and No. 2 against the rush (84.2). As a team, the Steelers have allowed the third-fewest points per game in the NFL at 15.8, but one touchdown came on an interception return and another on a blocked field goal. There also was a kickoff returned to their 3 that became a touchdown two plays later."

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26 Dec 2005, 11:13am by Michael David Smith

Richard Dent: Racism Mars Hall Selections

Richard Dent says his status as a player from a historically black college makes it harder for him to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. "Guys from black schools seem to have a hard time when it comes down to Hall of Fame situations," Dent told The New York Post.

I criticized the Hall of Fame for its failure to induct the black football pioneer Fritz Pollard, who finally got in this year. But I've never seen any evidence that the college a player attended has any impact at all on whether he gets inducted in Canton.

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24 Dec 2005, 12:49am by Aaron Schatz

History Lesson

Today, instead of his usual press conference, Bill Belichick took all the reporters into a meeting room and showed archival footage of the Great Lakes Naval Station team of the early 40s, commenting on differences between historical football and today's NFL. Then he showed film from a 1941 game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions, featuring a part-time running back and punt returner named Steve Belichick. Raise your hand if you wish you had been a Pats beat reporter today. Yep, me too. This is pretty damn cool.

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23 Dec 2005, 07:53pm by Michael David Smith

Daley Floats Plan for Second Chicago Team

In the time I've lived in Chicago, I've engaged a lot of football fans in a lot of conversations. And do you know something I've never heard anyone say? "We need a second NFL team." But Mayor Daley wants to build a domed stadium that would attract the Olympics to Chicago in 2016, and he thinks the way to get financing for the stadium is to bring another NFL team to the Windy City. I think this is about as likely as the Cubs moving to Albuquerque and changing their name to the Isotopes.

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23 Dec 2005, 10:05am by P. Ryan Wilson

Smith's First Year Hasn't Panned Out

It's not surprising that Alex Smith is experiencing growing pains. He's a rookie, and he's playing on a 49ers team that's well on its way to earning the top draft pick for the second year in a row. Smith has yet to throw a touchdown, has double-digit interception totals, and there are rumors that his hands are too small to hold onto an official NFL football (he also has nine fumbles). If that's true, maybe San Francisco should petition the league to use Nerf balls during all its games next season.

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22 Dec 2005, 03:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Let's Find Miami a Quarterback

One of the most interesting off-season storylines will be Miami's search for a quarterback. Will they stay with Gus Frerotte, or get a veteran who can lead an otherwise strong team deep in the playoffs, or find a youngster? We've suggested Brett Favre, but Favre continues to say he would not play for a team other than Green Bay. David Neal of the Miami Herald suggests Steve McNair, he of the $50 million March 2 bonus.

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