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06 Jan 2006, 03:09pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Show Me the Playoffs!

Bill Simmons isn't sure who he likes this weekend, but we at Football Outsiders hope to have our Crazy Playoff Stat That Figures Out Round 1 Games (CPSTFOR1G for short -- and it's pronounced "Cupstuffer-1G") up later today.

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06 Jan 2006, 02:37pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Signs of Progress on NFL Sidelines

Four words: Bring back Lisa Guerrero. Just kidding. In fact, I think the four women mentioned in the article are all pretty good. I've decided that Bonnie Bernstein is my new favorite sideline reporter, but just narrowly better than my previous favorite, Eric Dickerson (and yes, unlike Bernstein, he was a favorite for completely comedic reasons).

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06 Jan 2006, 11:23am by P. Ryan Wilson

McNair Open to Being a Dolphin

This could be interesting. Steve McNair would help a Dolphins team that won nine games this season, and Miami could have a couple of years to groom his replacement. Plus, McNair will probably cost the Titans $16.4 million against the cap in 2006, and the team could use that money to help pay Pac-Man Jones' legal fees. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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05 Jan 2006, 06:50pm by Ned Macey

Mystery Team

Overall, this is a harmless article discussing the Jaguars with some insight. However, it raises a pet peeve of mine. In Pro Football Prospectus we wrote in the Byron Leftwich comment, "There is an unwritten rule prevalent in sports journalism, one that prescribes that African American players can be compared only to other African Americans and whites only to other whites." Here, Don Banks says David Garrard is Leftwich's "near clone." Other then the fact that they are African American and strong, they have nothing in common. They do not look alike.

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05 Jan 2006, 05:39pm by Aaron Schatz

Alexander Wins MVP over Manning, Brady

Whoo-hoo! Pacific Northwest Media Bias! Shaun Alexander wins the 2005 NFL MVP award with 19 votes. Peyton Manning had 13, Tom Brady 10, Tiki Barber 6, and Carson Palmer 2. This should make the Alexander contract debate even more fun. Just remember, Seattle, you aren't paying him for the past. You're paying him for the future. Of course, his future is probably going to be pretty good for a while.

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05 Jan 2006, 01:29pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Texas' Young Leaning Toward Dodging NFL Draft

This is actually kinda surprising. Usually after a game like Young had last night (and into this morning), players end up on stage shaking hands with Tags in late April. Part of the reason Young might stay is because he doesn't look to be a top-five pick, and many of the teams in the top 10, "have invested heavily in quarterbacks in recent years, and they might not be ready to give up on those picks or inclined to use another high choice on the position."

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05 Jan 2006, 10:54am by P. Ryan Wilson

Goal-Line Gambles

Bill Krasker takes us through the hows and whys of going for it near the goal-line. In Week 9, the Chiefs were right to do so; in Week 10, the Bucs ... well, that's a little more complicated.

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04 Jan 2006, 09:37pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Chiefs, Jets Talk Compensation for Edwards

Let's see, an aging offensive line and quarterback, and now it looks like the Chiefs are going to have to use some of their draft picks to get Herm Edwards as their new head coach. Who knows, maybe Edwards can block.

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04 Jan 2006, 04:37pm by Aaron Schatz

Bad Year to Be a Dog

In his final power rankings of the regular season, Dr. Z points out how few big upsets there were in the NFL this year. I don't feel like arguing Dr. Z's rankings vs. mine, but I had to link this, because Dr. Z may have set an all-time record for strange asides, metaphors, and non sequiters in this week's comments. And having read Dr. Z for a long time, that's really saying something. You gotta stay away from the reds while you are writing, Doc.

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04 Jan 2006, 04:29pm by Aaron Schatz

The Real Pro Bowl

Think there will be a lot of future NFL players on the field in tonight's Rose Bowl? Peter Schrager remembers the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, which featured 51 future NFL players (and counting). That includes two Ohio State punters. Two Ohio State punters??? Plus, it's always nice to see Craig Krenzel's name again. I remember this game very well because I watched it on a little TV at the end of the bar at the Middle East Downstairs, waiting for Versus to play. I think that was their last tour before they broke up. Damn, did they rock.

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