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05 Oct 2005, 05:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Alive and Kicking

Whatever became of Martin Gramatica? After surgery to repair tears in his lower adductor muscle and lower abdomen, he says his struggles are behind him, and he's ready to return to the NFL.

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05 Oct 2005, 02:09pm by Ned Macey

Colts Enter Soft Spot of Schedule

This relatively normal look at the first quarter of the Colts' season ends with the following: "The Colts find themselves in the comparatively soft part of their schedule. Their next five opponents consist of the 49ers, St. Louis (2-2), Houston twice (0-3) and New England (2-2). The next team on the schedule with a winning record is Cincinnati (4-0)." I think people may be slightly overreacting to the Patriots' struggles.

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05 Oct 2005, 10:06am by P. Ryan Wilson

Vikings Hire Consultants: Foge Fazio, Jerry Rhome

When you're hiring consultants four weeks into the season, I don't think it's a vote of confidence for the incumbent coordinators who, along with Mike Tice, have the Vikings off to a rollicking 1-3 start.

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05 Oct 2005, 12:51am by Aaron Schatz

The Price of Penalties

Over at PROTRADE, a look at exactly how many points each penalty cost the Kansas City Chiefs in their loss to Denver two weeks ago. The numbers certainly highlight how penalties can hurt a team. The one problem with this, shown in an article by Michael David Smith from two seasons ago, is that over the long haul of a 16-game season there is no correlation between wins and net penalty yards.

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04 Oct 2005, 01:50pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: The Law of Comebacks

Okey doke, here's the latest from Gregg Easterbrook. And remember, report cards are going out next week and I want to be able to tell your parents that, "(insert your name here) plays well with others, and has also stopped eating paste." So play nice.

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04 Oct 2005, 10:28am by P. Ryan Wilson

Arrington 'Not a Starter' in Redskins' Great Start

I'll conservatively set the over-under at three weeks until LaVar Arrington really starts making noise about his reduced role in the Redskins' defense. Interestingly, Gregg Williams has made this unit one of the best in football with only a few recognizable names and a lot of guys who can execute his complex schemes. Despite losing CB Fred Smoot and LB Antonio Pierce, the defense hasn't missed a beat, and could end up being the 2005 version of the 2000 Ravens.

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04 Oct 2005, 10:20am by P. Ryan Wilson

Nolan Ponders QB Change

The only reason not to throw Alex Smith into the fire is if there's a chance he could end up like David Carr -- punch drunk from too many sacks to the head. Otherwise, what does San Francisco have to lose?

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03 Oct 2005, 09:01pm by Michael David Smith

Charles Rogers Suspended Four Games

For Lions fans, this is great, great news. For the next four games they won't have one of their receiver positions taken up by a guy who gives up on routes, can't go over the middle, and wouldn't know a downfield block if Hines Ward and Rod Smith wrote him an instruction manual. Plenty of people got on my case last year when I called Charles Rogers a bust, but let me phrase it to you like this: Like Ryan Leaf, Rogers was the second player chosen in the draft. What has Rogers accomplished that separates him from Leaf?

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03 Oct 2005, 02:56pm by Aaron Schatz

Morning After: Questions Continue to Surround Harrington

Someone asked us to start linking all of Len Pasquarelli's Morning After columns in Extra Points, so who are we to say no? On the other hand, I don't think Morning After is anywhere near as good as Tip Sheet on Fridays, because Morning After is a lot less reporting (Pasquarelli's strong suit) and a lot more opinion (not, shall we say, his strong suit).

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03 Oct 2005, 11:39am by Aaron Schatz

MMQB: They Was Robbed

Well, we need somewhere to debate the Marcus Pollard call. I thought his knee was over the line. Peter King disagrees. But he may be right that, whether Pollard's knee was over the line or not, there wasn't indisputable evidence that Pollard was out of bounds, and thus Detroit should be 2-1 this morning. Peter also hops on the Eli Manning bandwagon with everyone else -- he's been much better this season, but let's be honest, St.

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