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06 Feb 2006, 02:26pm by P. Ryan Wilson

The Beauty of Super Sunday

DJ Gallo has this morning's headlines, only mentions the officiating once, and makes the astute observation that the NFL could've saved a few bucks by having Shaun Alexander and Casey Hampton sing the national anthem instead of Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin. Alexander could've "done a fair interpretation of Neville's voice," while Hampton would've been "an almost exact body double for Franklin." Nice.

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06 Feb 2006, 11:55am by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Ward the Warrior

Peter King praises Hines Ward and also calls this "one of the worst Super Bowls I've ever covered."

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06 Feb 2006, 09:11am by Michael David Smith

ABC Edits Rolling Stones' Lyric Malfunction

Many years ago, when the Rolling Stones played on the Ed Sullivan Show, Mick Jagger was forced to change "Let's Spend the Night Together" to "Let's Spend Some Time Together." The world has changed in many ways, but the Stones still can't sing their songs on national television. ABC bleeped two words from two songs at last night's Super Bowl halftime show. If the Rolling Stones' lyrics are offensive, why were they booked?

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05 Feb 2006, 09:14pm by Michael David Smith

Montana Asks for $100K, Skips MVP Ceremony

Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and Jake Scott weren't included in the pregame introductions of previous Super Bowl most valuable players. Bradshaw wanted to be with his family and Scott was traveling in Australia. Montana, according to Newsday, skipped the introduction because the NFL wouldn't pay him a $100,000 appearance fee.

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04 Feb 2006, 04:05pm by Michael David Smith

Carson, Madden, Moon, Wright, Aikman, White Enter Hall

You knew Troy Aikman and Reggie White would make it. The other new members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame are Harry Carson, John Madden, Warren Moon and Rayfield Wright. Art Monk was eliminated on the first round. I know Redskins fans won't like this, but I think we should all acknowledge that he's just never going to make it.

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04 Feb 2006, 12:39pm by Michael David Smith

James Brown Jumps Ship from Fox to CBS

James Brown is leaving the Fox pregame show for the CBS pregame show next season. Greg Gumbel will move from the pregame show to the booth, where he'll team with Dan Dierdorf as the No. 2 pairing. Dick Enberg will be demoted to a lower-level game, which means Colts-Steelers was probably the last NFL playoff game in Enberg's storied career.

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03 Feb 2006, 07:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Top Tackles in Super Bowl History

I thought that every "Best Ever in Super Bowl History" list had been done. Thanks, Elliott Kalb, for proving me wrong with an article that does not suck. Tennessee fans should consult a doctor before clicking this link.

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03 Feb 2006, 06:19pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Tale of Two Cities

Bill Simmons picks his Super Bowl winner and with this column makes his 200th "the Bus is really fat!" joke. We get it, Jerome Bettis has a weight problem. Simmons also wonders if his Page 2 colleague, Skip Bayless, is on crack after his latest diatribe (see below).

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03 Feb 2006, 05:01pm by Michael David Smith

Reporter Fired for Award Vote

A day before sportswriters vote for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and two days before they vote for Super Bowl MVP, take a look at this story about a high school sportswriter in Florida. The Tampa Tribune fired the writer for manipulating the results of a high school football award. The writer voted Marcello Trigg first on her ballot, then voted Trigg's chief rival eighth in an attempt to ensure that the rival wouldn't get enough points to win the award. Sure enough, Trigg won the award by two points.

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03 Feb 2006, 12:40pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Super Hawks or Sea Frauds?

You know, after read this, I almost want Seattle to win. That's what Skip Bayless does to people. Thank god for Kevin Jackson, who should get some kind of lifetime achievement ESPY for his efforts.

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