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20 Dec 2005, 10:23pm by Michael David Smith

Isn't it Ironic? Tice Angry at Scalpers

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Tice, who was fined by the league last year for scalping Super Bowl tickets, has questioned why Vikings fans would sell their tickets to Steelers fans, thereby diminishing the crowd-noise advantage Minnesota had against Pittsburgh on Sunday. "It confuses me, I guess," Tice said. "Maybe they're not really diehard season-ticket holders or maybe they needed the money for Christmas presents. I don't know. One of the two."

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20 Dec 2005, 10:16pm by Michael David Smith

No Alcohol Sales at Jets' Monday Night Game

The AP reports:

Alcohol won't be sold during Monday night's game between the Jets and Patriots at the Meadowlands in an attempt to quell rowdy fan behavior.

The ban comes after nine fans were arrested during the Jets-Saints game Nov. 27. One man was charged with stabbing two fans in a restroom, and a state trooper broke his leg while trying to eject a fan who reportedly threw a beer bottle.

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20 Dec 2005, 10:10pm by Michael David Smith

Tagliabue Second Most Powerful in Sports

Paul Tagliabue comes in at No. 2 on the Sports Business Journal's list of the most powerful people in sports. (George Bodenheimer, president of ABC Sports and ESPN, is No. 1.) Other NFL names on the list include Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones, Pat Bowlen, and Malcolm Glazer. As Deadspin.com and BlackAthlete.net have pointed out, players union head Gene Upshaw is one of only two African-Americans on the list (NBA players union head Billy Hunter is the other.)

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20 Dec 2005, 05:50pm by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL Matchup Explains X's and O's to a T

Here's an interesting behind-the-scenes look at NFL Matchup, arguably the best show on ESPN. Well, except for anything featuring Mario Lopez. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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20 Dec 2005, 03:38pm by Michael David Smith

TMQ: Go For It!

Tuesday Morning Quarterback opines this week that manly men don't punt. I was especially surprised that Detroit punted with fourth-and-1 at midfield, down 24-7. I mean, you should go for it on fourth-and-1 at midfield almost all the time, but when you're down 24-7 and just playing out the string anyway, what can it possibly hurt to go for it?

I'm always a big fan of the all-unwanted all pros, and this year TMQ reminds us that Rod Smith was unwanted at the start of his college career and his pro career but may very well end up in Canton.

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20 Dec 2005, 01:53pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Boller Outplays Favre

Until last night, the only thing Kyle Boller had in common with Tom Brady was Tara Reid. OK, nothing's changed on that front, but after throwing three TDs on 19 of 27 passing, Boller may have earned the right to return as the starter in 2006. The performance was easily his best as a professional, and at one point John Madden even described Boller's throwing motion as "a thing of beauty." (Must ... fight ... urge ... to leave ... snarky ... comment.)

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20 Dec 2005, 01:16am by Aaron Schatz

Red Zone No Longer a Broncos Bugaboo

According to offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, Denver has improved itself in the red zone by spreading the ball around to different receivers instead of just Rod Smith and Patrick Hape. Oh, I miss Patrick Hape. The NFL ranks the Denver offense sixth in red-zone efficiency. DVOA ranks Denver 11th -- but they were horrible in the red zone during the first three weeks. (Mentioning this was one of the reasons that the Denver fans were so angry at me.) DVOA ranks Denver fifth in the red zone during Weeks 4-15.

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19 Dec 2005, 09:52am by P. Ryan Wilson

Jump-Start in Cold

OK, raise your hand if Rex Grossman was A LOT better than you expected. But hey, like Joe Thiesmann said last night, "[Grossman's] decisions are decisive," and I'm sure that had a lot to do with it. (bugmenot/free registration required)

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19 Dec 2005, 09:44am by Aaron Schatz

MMQB: Living Legend

"Brady again proves he's amazing in win over Bucs," says Peter King. I thought the pressure Brady was getting on the offensive line was very impressive. Alex Smith in particular could not block Brady. New England is up to number two in Peter King's "Fine Fifteen." By the way, that loss to Kansas City apparently never happened.

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17 Dec 2005, 09:10pm by Aaron Schatz

FO in the NYTimes: The Numbers for Numbing Cold

New York Times readers, let me introduce THE SYSTEM. That, of course, is the infamous rule that Southern/dome teams struggle when playing in a colder climate after October 31. But wait, you say, THE SYSTEM hasn't worked very well this year. I've got three words for you: abnormally warm autumn. So instead, we checked out records by kickoff temperature rather than date. Since 2000, dome teams are 15-41 when the kickoff temperature is 50 degrees or below -- and 2-13 when the temperature is freezing or below.
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