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03 Oct 2005, 02:56pm by Aaron Schatz

Morning After: Questions Continue to Surround Harrington

Someone asked us to start linking all of Len Pasquarelli's Morning After columns in Extra Points, so who are we to say no? On the other hand, I don't think Morning After is anywhere near as good as Tip Sheet on Fridays, because Morning After is a lot less reporting (Pasquarelli's strong suit) and a lot more opinion (not, shall we say, his strong suit).

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03 Oct 2005, 11:39am by Aaron Schatz

MMQB: They Was Robbed

Well, we need somewhere to debate the Marcus Pollard call. I thought his knee was over the line. Peter King disagrees. But he may be right that, whether Pollard's knee was over the line or not, there wasn't indisputable evidence that Pollard was out of bounds, and thus Detroit should be 2-1 this morning. Peter also hops on the Eli Manning bandwagon with everyone else -- he's been much better this season, but let's be honest, St.

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03 Oct 2005, 10:29am by P. Ryan Wilson

No Offense Taken

In what had to be the most boring game of the season, the Ravens beat the Jets 13-3. The game might as well have been 130-3 because there was no way New York was scoring 10 points in a half. And it wasn't all because of Brooks Bollinger. Jets receivers decided that catching the ball was optional, and leaving Bollinger in a lot of third-and-long scenarios didn't help things either. Two questions: If you're the Jets, do you continue with Bollinger, or was he a one-game stopgap for Vinny? After looking at their schedule, will the Jets finish last in the AFC East?

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01 Oct 2005, 11:46am by Michael David Smith

Brent Jones Leaves CBS

Just days after e-mailing our own Russell Levine, Brent Jones decided he no longer wants to be a TV broadcaster. I hope Russell's criticism had nothing to do with the decision, as we like Jones around here for his interest in unconventional stats. According to Jones, the decision is about wanting to spend more time with his family. Steve Tasker will now take Jones's place in the booth alongside Gus Johnson.

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30 Sep 2005, 01:40pm by Aaron Schatz

The NFL's Smartest Team

In today's Wall Street Journal, Sam Walker looks at Wonderlic scores to see if he can tell which NFL team is the smartest, and which is -- there's no other way to put this -- the dumbest. The smartest team, apparently, is St. Louis, followed by Oakland. Clearly, they are measuring players, and not fans. The dumbest teams? Your 0-3 Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals. (Hat tip: Deadspin)

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30 Sep 2005, 09:17am by P. Ryan Wilson

Football Isn't Just for Kicks

Well, Skip Bayless has just disrespected Adam Vinatieri. Which means he indirectly disrespected Rodney Harrison. Bayless thinks kickers should be abolished because, well, he doesn't really give a good reason. Of course, that doesn't stop him from using 1,200 words to make his case, however weak.

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29 Sep 2005, 11:01pm by Benjy Rose

Jets and Giants Agree to Share New Stadium

I guess this makes them domestic partners. As a lifelong Jets fan and former Long Islander, I feel dirty. It's nice that they'll get a permanent home, but, um, IT'S IN NEW JERSEY! The oddest quote from the article had to be from Patricia Dolan, president of the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Conservancy, which had opposed the Queens stadium plan: "I am delighted that the Jets made the right decision and will be staying in New Jersey where they belong." Huh?

Wonder who they'll bury in the end zone of the new stadium.

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29 Sep 2005, 06:03pm by Aaron Schatz

Dr. Z: Giant Mistake

Dr. Z is sick of Jeremy Shockey whining to the media. Who isn't? The good doc also points out the similarities between last week's Patriots-Steelers game and the one that broke the New England winning streak in 2004, and he's a big fan of the New England defensive line. Also feel free to discuss his latest power rankings. Doing these myself this year, I realize how silly it is to base things on win-loss records this early in the year. I mean, really, does Dr.

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29 Sep 2005, 11:41am by Aaron Schatz

QBs Under Pressure

Over at the PROTRADE site, Ben Alamar takes a look at the best and worst quarterbacks of 2004 in a variety of situations: 3rd downs, blitzes, and red zone. (You may remember Ben as the guy who helped us create the DVOA-based win projection system.) The moral of the story: blitz Marc Bulger but not Peyton Manning, and try to trap Tom Brady in third-and-long.

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29 Sep 2005, 09:37am by P. Ryan Wilson

Rivers Expects to Start Somewhere in '06

Here's an interesting article from the other Michael Smith on Philip Rivers and his plight as a backup quarterback. He's in his second year with the Chargers, a team that found their quarterback of the future about the time Rivers decided to end his holdout. I saw this headline that suggested the Jets should trade for Rivers, but that might end up costing them more than what the Giants paid to get the other Manning.

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