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16 Jan 2006, 03:48pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Hey Peyton, Need Some Help?

This week DJ Gallo has some thoughts on Peyton Manning throwing his team, uh, under the bus, explains why Troy Polamalu's apparent interception wasn't, discusses the Belichick Face, thinks the Steelers-Broncos game should be officially dubbed the Beard Bowl, and takes a look this morning's headlines from around the NFL.

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16 Jan 2006, 01:14pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Making Sense of the Weekend

Peter King muses on the losses of the Patriots and Colts.

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16 Jan 2006, 12:12am by Aaron Schatz

Don Banks' Snap Judgments

Consider this an open thread to talk about the Final Four until Audibles goes up tomorrow. I really don't care about what Don Banks wrote, I just wanted to point one thing out.

He ranks the four remaining teams in order of their chances to win the Super Bowl like this: Carolina, Denver, Pittsburgh, Seattle. Why Carolina? "The Panthers are the only team that has managed to put two very impressive games together."

Can you tell where that reasoning breaks down?

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14 Jan 2006, 10:02pm by Aaron Schatz

FO in the NYTimes: Dungy Finally Has a Defense to Match the Colts' Offense

The Indianapolis Colts blitz less often than any other defense in the NFL. How much less? The team ranked 31st blitzed THREE TIMES as often as the Colts. I got to use STATS Inc. numbers on team blitzes because the NY Times pays for those rights, but the tackle breakdowns for Bob Sanders and Gary Brackett come from the FO individual defensive stats.
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14 Jan 2006, 09:55pm by Michael David Smith

Colts Cornerback Questionable after Injury

The Colts' best cornerback, Nick Harper, injured his knee in a car accident today and is questionable for tomorrow's game against the Steelers.

UPDATE: The car accident story was bogus. Harper was actually stabbed by his wife. As of Sunday morning, six hours before game time, he's still questionable.

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14 Jan 2006, 02:11pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Colts to Start Tee Martin

Well, he did win a national championship at Tennessee. Martin had this to say about his unexpected return to the NFL: "Yeah, my career has kind of worked out like that ... Peyton sets them up and I knock them down. I don't mind though. I kind of enjoy it, actually. He's always been a bit of a dork and it's fun to see him get all frustrated and down on himself again. It's what keeps me going." (hat tip to Honest Wagner)

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13 Jan 2006, 04:37pm by P. Ryan Wilson

My Name Is Bill

This week, in addition to his picks, Bill Simmons has some thoughts on Jerome Bettis's ever-expanding waistline (as well as a bunch of other stuff). In other news, Matt Hasselbeck is bald, New Mexico has Happy Meal issues, Dick Vermeil cries at press conferences, and Tom Brady has been disrespected at least twice in the time it took you to read this.

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13 Jan 2006, 12:11pm by P. Ryan Wilson

You Wanna Coach the Raiders....

Ever wonder what an interview for an NFL head coaching position might be like? (free registration/bugmenot required)

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13 Jan 2006, 12:10am by Aaron Schatz

The NFL All-Triple Word Score Team

Some people just have too much time on their hands.

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12 Jan 2006, 10:27pm by Russell Levine

Palmer Knee Injury "Potentially Career Ending"

The doctor who operated on Carson Palmer's knee called the injury "devastating and potentially career-ending," although he went on to express optimism about Palmer's prospects for recovery.

Why, exactly, is the doctor giving an interview about this injury that discloses far more information than the team had made public? Doesn't that violate doctor-patient privileges?

Update: Check out this article on the Bengals' site, which puts quite a different spin on the doctor's assessment of the injury.

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