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16 Dec 2005, 04:22pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Middle Class has Vanished in 2005

Unlike professional baseball, the have-nots in professional football are usually those teams that are grossly mismanaged or suffering through a bunch of injuries (or recently had their city demolished by a hurricane). Pasquarelli writes:

"The conventional wisdom is that this season of disparity is an aberration, and that things will return to normal in 2006. But watching the abnormal elements at work this season has certainly thrown a lot of NFL observers for a loop."

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16 Dec 2005, 12:32pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Barlow to Niners: I'm the Future, not Bush

The 49ers could go any number of ways in this April's draft. That's one of the benefits of winning four games in almost two seasons -- anybody you draft will most likely be an upgrade. Running back Kevan Barlow (he of the -6.3 DPAR), has let the organization know that he -- and not Reggie Bush -- is the future in San Francisco. The article notes that, "... the 49ers' stick-thin roster arguably is thickest at running back." And when you think about all the problems facing Mike Nolan, I don't think Barlow is anywhere near the top of the list.

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15 Dec 2005, 07:37pm by Michael David Smith

Darrell Russell Dies at 29

The former Raider, one of the most purely talented defensive linemen the game has seen but a player whose off-field problems eclipsed his on-field accomplishments, was in a car crash.

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15 Dec 2005, 03:56pm by Al Bogdan

Culpepper Charged in Sex Boat Scandal

Four Vikings have been charged by local prosecutors in connection with the sex boat scandal. Federal prosecutors have declined to press any charges. The four Vikings are Daunte Culpepper, Bryant McKennie, Fred Smoot, and Mo Williams, who were all charged with indecent conduct, disorderly conduct, and lewd or lascivicious conduct.

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15 Dec 2005, 02:44am by Aaron Schatz

NAACP Leader: McNabb's Mediocrity Belittles the Real Struggles of Black Athletes

OK, this is just absurd. An NAACP leader in Philadelphia is basically criticizing Donovan McNabb for not being black enough. Apparently, by not scrambling as much, he "belittles the real struggles of black athletes." I wasn't aware that a sports hernia is an injury for white people. J. Whyatt Mondesire also blames McNabb for not giving his bonus money to Terrell Owens to keep T.O. in town. I have four words for Mondesire: NO SOUP FOR YOU. See also original article:

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15 Dec 2005, 12:11am by Aaron Schatz

Saints Bench Aaron Brooks

Some people might want to create a conspiracy theory, that Brooks is being benched because of negative comments he made about the owner in an interview. Those people clearly didn't watch Brooks play against Atlanta. This is the end of his career in New Orleans, and likely the end of his career as a starter. He would make a good backup, perhaps for his cousin. (That would allow the Falcons to trade Schaub for a nice draft pick or two.) Brooks finishes the year with 281 yards rushing forward and 1,547 yards rushing backward. Well, that's an estimate, I admit.

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14 Dec 2005, 11:42am by Aaron Schatz

Blame Rests with L.J.'s Ole

Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star blames Sunday's loss on Larry Johnson. What, you say? Johnson, the guy with the three touchdowns? Yes, because Johnson neglected to block Cowboys linebacker Scott Fujita on a play at the end of the first half, leading to a fumble in the red zone which was returned for enough yardage to give the Cowboys a shot at their own touchdown before halftime. So quick, choose option A or B:
A: It's nice to see a columnist paying attention to that neglected part of a running back's job, blocking

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14 Dec 2005, 10:05am by P. Ryan Wilson

Chad Johnson's Side Job

Deadspin periodically does a "run-in with famous athletes" feature, and today it's Chad Johnson, who, after reading this, is certainly one of my favorite NFL players. My only famous run-in was in 1986, as a sixth grader, when I met -- woohoo! -- Mets manager Davey Johnson, before the start of the World Series. My uncle told him to start Mookie Wilson and the rest is history.

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13 Dec 2005, 04:56pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: 13 Down, Three to Go for Indy

This week, Gregg Easterbrook tells us why the Jags never had a chance against the Colts after punting on their first possession, wonders if the Ming Ding Xiong should sit Kyle Orton, and praises Kris Brown for saving the Texans' season. The swinging gate also gets a mention, as does a great holiday gift suggestion: a Brooks Bollinger game worn jersey for the low, low price of $299.

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13 Dec 2005, 01:53pm by P. Ryan Wilson

In Numbers Game, Aikman's Add Up

This sounds like a step in the right direction. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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