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14 Oct 2005, 02:18am by Aaron Schatz

What's Wrong with the Saints?

Everything, actually. Saints weblog "Marchin' In" (written by a FO reader) takes a look at the 52-3 loss to Green Bay and why the conventional wisdom about blame (100% Aaron Brooks, 0% Everyone Else) is a little off.

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13 Oct 2005, 06:26pm by Michael David Smith

Dr. Z: The Odds are Against You

Paul Zimmerman writes this week about why sportswriters have such a lousy record of picking games. Why are these experts unable to do any better than 50-50?

"Because they're not experts," says Zimmerman's source within the betting industry. "They're just people pretending to be experts. Sportswriters are notorious for not being able to pick games. We, and by we I mean the professional handicappers, are in a different universe out here." Interesting stuff.

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13 Oct 2005, 05:59pm by Michael David Smith

Romo Cops to Cheap Shots, Roids

Plugging his new book, Bill Romanowski will appear on 60 Minutes after Sunday's games and acknowledge that he broke Dave Meggett's finger on purpose and took steroids. He says he regrets hurting Meggett, but he's still proud of the hit that broke Kerry Collins's jaw. He also says he suffered many concussions and has cognitive impairment as a result.

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13 Oct 2005, 03:05pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Week 5: Ask Jerry Markbreit

OK, here's Jerry Markbreit's latest mailbag from Week 5. Unfortunately, no one asked him about umpire Doug Eddings pulling a "Don Denkinger" in Game 2 of the ALCS. (bugmenot/free registration required)

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13 Oct 2005, 02:05pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Week 5: On the Record

Add Rich Eisen's name to the list of people who now have a weekly column. I like Eisen, and I think "Total Access" is probably the best sportscast that doesn't involve video game-diagramed plays, commentators yelling at each other, or segments where hosts re-enact plays on green carpet made to look like a football field. But that's just me. (Thanks to reader Rich C. for the link.)

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13 Oct 2005, 01:53pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Smart, Fast, Physical

It used to be the case that making fun of the Bengals went hand-in-hand with the start of the NFL season. Not any more. And part of the reason is that Marvin Lewis and his coaching staff have done a solid job of turning recent draft picks into starters. In the past two years, only the Titans (11) and Colts (11) have used more draft picks on defensive players than the Bengals (10), but neither team starts as many of those players as Cincinnati (4).

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13 Oct 2005, 12:27pm by Michael David Smith

Shockey Earns a Giant Raise

I don't get the rationale for this. The Giants and Jeremy Shockey have agreed to a new five-year contract that gives him a $3 million bonus now and a $7.5 million bonus in March. Here's what Ernie Accorsi says:

"Jeremy Shockey is one of those rare players who don't come along very often in your career. He should play his entire career for the New York Giants. At all-star games, the combine and bowl games he is the player that other clubs ask most about. And the answer is always no."

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13 Oct 2005, 11:30am by Michael David Smith

Dr. Z's Power Rankings: Colts Riding High

Paul Zimmerman has the Colts on the top, as you'd expect. Thanks to reader Vern for explaining how to link to the printer-friendly version, but I guess it doesn't really make any difference when SI.com makes the printer-friendly version two pages, too. SI.com, you're lucky you have Peter King and Dr. Z, because otherwise I'd never link to you as punishment for your annoying policy of spreading everything across multiple pages.

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12 Oct 2005, 10:29am by P. Ryan Wilson

Coaches Lack Game Plan for Own Health

While we all hope that Mike Martz makes a speedy recovery, it's pretty surprising more coaches don't suffer job-related health problems. Coaching staffs routinely work 100 hours a week, and when you couple that schedule with a diet of Big Macs and milkshakes, bad things can happen.

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11 Oct 2005, 11:58pm by Al Bogdan

Officials Investigate Alleged Sex Party on Boats

Things just keep getting better for the Vikings. Minnesota authorities are investigating allegations that at least 20 members of the Vikings went out on some charter cruises last week where the primary recreational activity wasn't whale watching. At least one of the boats were allegedly rented by cornerback Fred Smoot.

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