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10 Nov 2005, 07:10pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Vote T.O.!

Yeah, I'm really sick of the whole T.O. saga too, but this is really funny. Apparently TerrellOwens.com is imploring readers to vote T.O. into the Pro Bowl. Hey, if Catherine Zeta-Jones can win an Oscar, why not? At least he has talent.

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10 Nov 2005, 10:57am by Aaron Schatz

He's No Kenny Rogers

Jeff Ma talks about the Great Dick Vermeil End Zone Gamble of 2005. (TM) Here's the thing: if Larry Johnson had not made it, and then after the game Vermeil had knocked down a cameraman in anger, then he would be Kenny Rogers, wouldn't he?

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09 Nov 2005, 08:11pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Can't Corner the Market

It's not good when your secondary is so abysmal the local paper throws around names like octogenarians Terrell Buckley and Bobby Taylor as possible replacements. It's also worth noting that during a radio interview earlier this week, Rodney Harrison called out Duane Starks for, well, not being very good.

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09 Nov 2005, 06:05pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Steelers Failing on 3rd Downs

The fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers offense only converts 29% of their third downs, while their defense allows opponents to convert third downs at a 44% clip, should slow up the faction of fans voicing their displeasure with the FOX rankings. Still, the Steelers have been very good at keeping opponents out of the end zone, but like Dick LeBeau is fond of saying: "Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you."

If things don't change in Pittsburgh, we could have a whole other "The Edge" situation on our hands.

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09 Nov 2005, 12:15pm by Aaron Schatz

The Lords of Discipline

Slate subtitles this article "Coaches and broadcasters peddle an easy solution to every problem in football." Apparently, discipline and swagger go hand in hand.

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08 Nov 2005, 07:09pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: What Hollywood Can Learn from the NFL

If you were expecting this week's TMQ to applaud the Chiefs for going for it at the end of the game and joke about the Carolina cheerleader story, it turns out you were only half right. Surprise!

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08 Nov 2005, 03:12pm by Michael David Smith

8-0, Not Halfway to 16-0

King Kaufman makes the very sensible point that, although some pundits will label the 8-0 Colts as halfway to an undefeated season, they're really not. Many teams have started 8-0, but no team has finished 16-0. The '72 Dolphins can't break out the champagne just yet, but they shouldn't sweat, either.

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08 Nov 2005, 10:16am by P. Ryan Wilson

Wilford Receives Praise from Jags

It may still be too early to call 2004 first round pick Reggie Williams a bust, but while we wait around to find out, Ernest Wilford, taken in the fourth round of last year's draft, is quickly becoming Byron Leftwich's favorite target. Interestingly, Jacksonville traded Kevin Johnson to the Ravens for the pick they would use to take Wilford. Johnson is now with the Detroit Lions.

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07 Nov 2005, 05:25pm by admin

Andy Reid: T.O. Done for Year

Coach Andy Reid announced at his Monday press conference that Owens has been suspended four games for conduct detrimental to the team and will not be brought back after that suspension.

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07 Nov 2005, 12:50pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: T(otally) O(utrageous)

Peter King says T.O. bears all the blame for his latest problems with his team. I'm a little puzzled by this piece of advice King gives Michael Irvin: "you're looking pretty silly blindly sticking up for a guy who would have thrown you out of the Cowboys locker room in a heartbeat 15 years ago." How would T.O. have had the ability to throw Irvin out of the locker room 15 years ago?

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