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03 Sep 2005, 05:24pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Deion Challenges All Pros to Donate

I like making fun of Deion Sanders as much as the next guy, but I couldn't agree with him more on this one. (Thanks to reader BDelblanc for the pointer.)

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02 Sep 2005, 07:26pm by Aaron Schatz

Saints to Open in New Jersey

Obviously, there's no way to make this season normal for the New Orleans Saints. But is it heartless for me to say that this is unfair to Philadelphia, Dallas, and Washington? They couldn't find a neutral location for this game? I guess they don't want to make it look like the Saints are leaving Louisiana for good to move to San Antonio or Los Angeles, even though we've known for months, long before the devastation of this hurricane, that the Saints were probably leaving Louisiana for good to move to San Antonio or Los Angeles.

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02 Sep 2005, 02:30pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Forbes Ranks Skins No. 1 Again

For the sixth straight year, the Redskins are atop Forbes magazine's annual list of NFL franchise valuations at $1.26 billion, and their value has increased 15 percent since last year. This news led reader Jebmak to ask the following question: "[The Redskins] have over 100,000 people on the waiting list for tickets. Why oh why are people paying to see this team in action?" My guess is the post-game fireworks.

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02 Sep 2005, 11:18am by Aaron Schatz

Defenders Insist Ugly Stats Not a True Sign

I think this article from the San Diego Union-Tribune brings up something that people often forget when discussing preseason results. Yes, the Chargers defense seems to be struggling in the preseason, but there is no game planning. Nobody schemes the opposing quarterback, nobody studies film tendencies, they just throw guys out there and run vanilla strategies to see how they look on the field.

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01 Sep 2005, 03:11pm by Michael David Smith

Owners Cancel Meeting, Cite CBA

I can't imagine an NFL labor stoppage. There's just too much money to be made for the sides not to come together on a deal. Having said that, it sure seems like the current collective bargaining agreement talks are hitting a lot of stumbling blocks. The latest is that the owners have cancelled their upcoming meeting because there's no CBA progress to discuss.

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01 Sep 2005, 01:21am by Aaron Schatz

Corey Simon to Colts

Holy Perfect Match, Batman.

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31 Aug 2005, 05:30pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Pope Suspended Year for Violating NFL Drug Policy

Wow. LB Kendyll Pope can't practice or play with the Colts until August 2006 because he's tested positive for a banned substance at least three times. Considering he's a second-year player, it sounds like Pope's been pretty busy. The NFL's substance abuse policy is a wee bit more stringent than some of the other professional sports leagues.

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31 Aug 2005, 03:45pm by admin

SITE NEWS: Game Charters Needed

Many readers have asked about plans to chart games to gather stats not available from standard play-by-play. We've been experimenting in the preseason, we have a system that takes about four hours per game, and if we get enough volunteers we may split it by half so we would just be asking for two hours a week of your time. Everyone will get access to all the charting data from all 32 teams, plus access to game-by-game DVOA and other FO stuff. But we need more volunteers to make this work. If you are interested, please email Aaron using the contact form.

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31 Aug 2005, 12:25pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Fantasy Chat at AuctionPlayers.com

Here's the archive of the fantasy football chat I did last night for the website auctionplayers.com. Questions in here about Daunte Culpepper, Matt Hasselbeck, Tiki Barber, LaMont Jordan, and how to deal with our projections when everyone else in your league is using a more standard cheat sheet. Plus, Trent Green's low projection explained.

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30 Aug 2005, 07:52pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: The Lost Episode of NYPD Blue!

In this week's TMQ, Gregg Easterbrook wonders how soon until the 400-pound lineman becomes the norm (Bill Walsh has some ideas); gives us his annual thoughts on professional basketball (Boring); points us to a scientific study on the two-point conversion that basically says teams should go for one during the first three quarters, but then start going for two during the last quarter (Allegedly, this is the Belichickian strategy); and in between, the usual random observations we come to expect from TMQ during the preseason. (Thanks to reader RichC for reminding me that today is, uh, Tuesday ...

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