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11 Dec 2005, 12:37am by P. Ryan Wilson

USC's Bush Wins Heisman

I know people have mixed feelings when discussing Bush as the Next Great NFL Running Back, but he's now a Heisman Trophy winner. The two biggest surprises of the proceedings were that Matt Leinart finished a distant third to Vince Young, and 11 people cast third place votes for Bush.

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10 Dec 2005, 01:02pm by Aaron Schatz

Heath Shuler Wants to Return to Washington

Comments are disabled on this, because I don't want to get into a political discussion, but I thought this was interesting. Did people know that Heath Shuler is running for Congress in North Carolina? Not only is he running, but he's leading the incumbent in fundraising. It's also interesting that he's running as a Democrat -- most ex-athletes in politics are Republicans.

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09 Dec 2005, 05:31pm by Aaron Schatz

Welcome to Perpetual Putridity

The latest from Bill Simmons addresses this year's bad teams. Lots and lots of bad teams. By Bill's count, 13 of them that just plain suck. I both agree with him and disagree with him. I agree that it does seem like there are a ton of bad teams, although Buffalo and St. Louis can be frisky at home and Oakland is a lot better than people realize.

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09 Dec 2005, 03:51pm by Aaron Schatz

Lil' Ronnie's "Super Bowl Bound"

Oh, Colts fans. Poor, poor Colts fans. I'm not sure if a perfect season is worth the ridicule you're going to be receiving from the rest of us. Lil' Ronnie is a 12-year-old white kid from "the SouthSide of NAP," and here's his video for "Super Bowl Bound (2005 Colts Theme)." I'm not sure if the best part is when he drives up in a low rider, or when he calls Reggie Wayne his "homie."
(Hat tip to Deadspin. Oh, thank you, thank you Deadspin.)

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09 Dec 2005, 03:47pm by Michael David Smith

League Fines Kreutz, Miller $50,000 Each

Bears center Olin Kreutz broke teammate Fred Miller's jaw as a visit to an FBI firing range ended in fisticuffs. Now the NFL has fined each player $50,000 for violating the league's personal conduct policy. The FBI is also conducting an internal investigation.

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09 Dec 2005, 11:19am by Aaron Schatz

Who is Bro Sweets?

OK, people, you have to check this out. Washington apparently archives all team press conferences on its website. You know what that means, don't you? All of Clinton Portis' Thursday dress-up days! This week, he was "Bro Sweets," a four-armed guy giving out candy and bling to all the children and reporters in the Washington area. Make sure you hear him tell the story about how he lost his eye fighting a snake the last time he played in Arizona.

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09 Dec 2005, 07:33am by Michael David Smith

Elias Eliminates Roye's Sacks

I think sacks are overrated, not because I don't think tackling the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage is important, but because sacks get so much more attention than other tackles behind the line of scrimmage. A good example is what happened to Orpheus Roye this week. On Sunday he tackled Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard behind the line of scrimmage twice. He was initially credited with two sacks. Then the Elias Sports Bureau decided that Garrard was trying to run on both plays, and those sacks were taken away from him.

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08 Dec 2005, 07:00pm by Al Bogdan

Bills Suspend Moulds for Game Against Patriots

Eric Moulds has been officially suspended for Sunday's game after a week of speculation on his status. Allegedly, Moulds is suspended because of an argument Moulds had during last Sunday's game with receivers coach Tyke Tolbert. Moulds claims the disagreement began when Moulds came to the sidelines get his ankle looked at by the medical staff but Tolbert instead told Moulds to get back on the field. Moulds said no, and was benched for the rest of the game.

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08 Dec 2005, 06:15pm by P. Ryan Wilson

For Texas High School, Not Your Ordinary Opponent

This is a few weeks old, but I just read about it this afternoon when I was thumbing through the December 5th issue of Sports Illustrated. Rick Reilly devoted a column to it, and here's an article from the Austin American-Statesman. I suspect this will be made into a movie, and if I had to guess, Will Ferrell will star as "Herc Palmquist: player/coach." (free registration/bugmenot required)

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08 Dec 2005, 11:23am by P. Ryan Wilson

Blinkered America is Already Among the Thugs

Reader Ian H. sends along this email:

"[This is] an interesting article comparing 'soccer houliganism' in the UK/Europe to violence at football games in the U.S. [It] seems very Philly-centric, but the author essentially claims the media downplays violence at football games (and sporting events in general) in the U.S. while condemning the UK/European fans for their unruly activities."

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