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28 Sep 2015, 08:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Miami Being Held Back By Poor Coaching

I asked Cian Fahey if he would look at the struggles of the Miami Dolphins for Film Room this week. Turns out he already had, in an article he wrote for Bleacher Report. This was a few days ago, but everything Cian says here applies also to Miami's embarrassing loss to Buffalo on Sunday. The offensive playcalling seems to completely ignore what was actually behind the improvement in the Miami offense in 2014. The defense can't do anything to put its best players in position to make big plays. Nor is the Miami defense doing much to hide the weaknesses of its lesser players.

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28 Sep 2015, 05:34pm by Aaron Schatz

Chicago Fire Sale: Jared Allen to CAR, Jon Bostic to NE

The Panthers have found a veteran pass-rusher, something they've been looking for since Greg Hardy was put on the exempt list early last season. Jared Allen never fit into the 3-4 in Chicago and has been sent to Carolina for a conditional draft pick. Allen still has something in the tank; we counted him last year with 27.5 hurries to go with 5.5 sacks and 15 other QB knockdowns.

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28 Sep 2015, 02:47pm by Vincent Verhei

MMQB: A Sleepy Football Sunday

Peter King says that there was plenty to learn about the NFL from Week 3, even if it was a day full of blowouts.

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28 Sep 2015, 02:40pm by Andrew Potter

Week 3 Injury Aftermath

How long will the Steelers be without Ben Roethlisberger?

(Updated 6.30pm EST.)

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28 Sep 2015, 07:34am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Hangover: Vick, Weeden and the NFL Grab Bag of Backup QBs

After mourning Ben Roethlisberger, it's off to talk about "Statement" wins and Kam Chancellor's finances.

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26 Sep 2015, 10:11am by Mike Tanier

NFL Game Previews: Week 3

Featuring scandalous Eagles papal confessionals!

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25 Sep 2015, 02:46pm by Vincent Verhei

Drew Brees Out Sunday

The New Orleans Saints announced on Friday that Drew Brees will miss Sunday's game against Carolina . (Click for more.)

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25 Sep 2015, 01:36pm by Tom Gower

Peyton's Place? Nah-Denver's Defense is Broncos' Best Bet

In this week's column for NBC Sports, I take a look at Denver's defense, the force behind their 2-0 start. Tidbit from the piece: the best pass defense DVOA in Week 1 was the Broncos against the Ravens. The best pass defense DVOA in Week 2 was the Broncos against the Chiefs. I did not take the time to look up the last team had the best pass defense DVOA two weeks in a row, but I'm guessing it's been a while.

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25 Sep 2015, 12:55pm by Aaron Schatz

The Sorry State of Football Analytics

Trey Causey wants to know why football seems to be the one sport -- maybe the one industry -- where data analytics is not having any real impact. He makes some good points. How many times do we need to make the same arguments about fourth-down strategy? On the other hand, I do think analytics are having some under-the-radar impact in front-office decisions. Just because some front offices make bad decisions to trade up in the draft doesn't mean analytics isn't taking hold in other front offices. But yes, it sure seems ridiculous that we're still arguing over obvious things and low-hanging fruit.

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23 Sep 2015, 04:41pm by Vincent Verhei

Kam Chancellor Ends Holdout

The three-time Pro Bowl strong safety missed all of training camp and the first two games of the regular season.

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