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09 Dec 2014, 02:25pm by Vincent Verhei

Browns Make Move To Manziel

The Brian Hoyer era in Cleveland is over. The Cleveland Browns announced today that Johnny Manziel, the 22nd overall pick in this year's draft, will start at quarterback for the rest of the season.

The Browns are 7-6, just 1 game out of a wild card spot and 1 1/2 games out of the division lead with three games to go. They host Cincinnati this weekend, then finish on the road against Carolina and Baltimore.

By DYAR, Hoyer has been below replacement level for four games in a row, and six times in the last eight games. Manziel's bar for success has been set awfully low.

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09 Dec 2014, 02:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Cam Newton in Serious Car Accident

Cam Newton was injured in a major car accident in Charlotte today as his truck crashed into another automobile near I-277 and flipped over. UPDATE: The Panthers say Newton is in fair condition and was taken to the hospital as a precaution more than anything else. That's nice to hear.

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09 Dec 2014, 02:01pm by Aaron Schatz

Flipper Anderson's Receiving Record

Alan Siegel talks to a number of late-80s Rams about the night Flipper Anderson set the all-time NFL record with 336 receiving yards. It still has never been surpassed.

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08 Dec 2014, 03:05pm by Vincent Verhei

MMQB: Can J.J. be MVP?

Peter King ponders the MVP candidacy of J.J. Watt., and also runs down the Looney Tunes NFC South race, the league's hottest head coaching candidate, and the competition for the league's first overall draft choice (which King says will be Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota).

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08 Dec 2014, 02:58pm by Andrew Potter

Week 14 Injury Aftermath

Season-ending injuries for Arizona's top rusher, Miami's top safety, Chicago's top receiver, and San Diego's top punter.

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08 Dec 2014, 08:55am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Hangover: Playoff Miracles Need a Hand

My annual Santa Claus rant, plus musings on Salt 'n' Pepa and the College Football Selection Spectacular. Also, lots of NFL.

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06 Dec 2014, 10:24am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's Week 14 Game Previews

I particularly enjoyed creating this week's Dolphins diagram.

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04 Dec 2014, 04:39pm by Vincent Verhei

The Suppliers of the NFL's Painkiller Addiction

If you've ever wondered how easy it would be to get busted supplying prescription painkillers to multiple sports leagues (including at least one NFL club) and then disappear without penalty or punishment, well, turns out it's pretty easy after all.

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04 Dec 2014, 04:27pm by Vincent Verhei

Haloti Ngata Suspended for Four Games

The NFL has suspended Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata for four games for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing substances. The timing of the suspension will keep Ngata on the sidelines for the rest of the regular season, and he will be eligible to play in the playoffs.

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01 Dec 2014, 03:22pm by Andrew Potter

Week 13 Injury Aftermath

Is this the end of the line for Brett Keisel?

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