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28 Aug 2012, 04:13pm by Danny Tuccitto

SITE NEWS: 2012 Wisdom of Crowds

Unless you get sadistic pleasure out of watching Richard Bartel short-arm out routes, last night's Hall of Fame game lacked entertainment. Not to worry, loyal FO reader, NFL entertainment returns today in the form of our "Wisdom of Crowds" feature. Over the next four weeks, we'll use our @fboutsiders Twitter account to get your fantasy projections for a player or two each day.

At the end of each week, I'll compile the responses, and have a post the following week about what our readership had to say. Last year, you were pretty darn prescient.

So, if you want to participate, make sure to follow us on Twitter, and check in every day for the next month.

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16 Jan 2018, 03:52pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Premium Update: 1-16-18

Hello FO subscribers.

Our picks for the AFC/NFC conference championships are now posted.

Aaron Schatz

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16 Jan 2018, 02:55pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Jaguars Over Steelers

Wow, an underdog upset the Steelers? Get out of town -- then, head to New England, for the AFC Championship Game.

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15 Jan 2018, 03:23pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Divisional Round

Stefon Diggs saves the Vikings after one of the greatest touchdowns in NFL history. Also: Atlanta's horrific red zone sequence, and Pittsburgh's odd history of high-scoring playoff losses.

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15 Jan 2018, 03:22pm by Andrew Potter

Injury Aftermath: Divisional Round

All four remaining teams are close to full health as we approach conference championship weekend, but the Titans may start next season without their outstanding young right tackle.

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15 Jan 2018, 02:49pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 19 DVOA Ratings

Weighted DVOA ratings after the divisional round show that No. 1 New England and No. 2 Minnesota have been trending up while Philadelphia and Jacksonville have been trending down.

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15 Jan 2018, 11:22am by Tom Gower

Titans Part with HC Mike Mularkey

First reported by Field Yates of ESPN and subsequently confirmed by the team, the Tennessee Titans have parted ways with head coach Mike Mularkey. Mularkey became the interim coach following the firing of Ken Whisenhunt mid-season 2015 and was named the permanent head coach after a rubber-stamp process that offseason because of the work he did in going 2-7. He posted a record of 9-7 both seasons and went 1-1 in the playoffs this year. (Click to read more.)

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15 Jan 2018, 10:22am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Digest: Can Any of These No-Name QBs Take Down Tom Brady?

Three dramatic games and a Patriots beating: a divisional playoff round tradition.

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15 Jan 2018, 07:15am by Vincent Verhei

Divisional Round Quick Reads

If this year's playoffs have taught us anything, it's that there is a huge difference between Good Blake Bortles and Bad Blake Bortles, and you can never be sure which will show up in a given week.

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14 Jan 2018, 10:29pm by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Divisional Round

The NFC playoff teams have spent the entire season serving up engrossing, entertaining games, but nothing could prepare us for the final play of this weekend's playoff slate.

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