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02 Nov 2009, 01:25pm by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: The Kelly Gang

After replacing successful coaches, Brian Kelly and and Chip Kelly have brought Cincinnati and Oregon to the forefront of college football. Robert Weintraub takes you through both teams' BCS runs and reviews the Saturday action.

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26 Oct 2009, 11:03am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Do it for Johnny!

The Gators and Tide survived upset bids by Mississippi State and Tennessee, respectively, but they were aided by some questionable calls from the referees, writes Robert Weintraub in his weekly review of college football.

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19 Oct 2009, 01:43pm by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Winning Matters Most

Should Alabama jump Florida in the rankings after Florida's close call against Arkansas? Robert Weintraub answers that question in his weekly review of everything college football.

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12 Oct 2009, 11:48am by Robert Weintraub

OFI: Florida, Alabama Rule SEC

The overhyped SEC double-header of Alabama-Mississippi and Florida-LSU wasn't very exciting, but it did pave the way for the SEC Championship Game and the BCS Championship Game, writes Robert Weintraub.

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05 Oct 2009, 01:10pm by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Excessive Celebration Calls are ... Excessive

Robert Weintraub offers some suggestions to fix excessive celebration penalties as part of his college football weekend wrap-up.

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28 Sep 2009, 02:45pm by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Big Man on Campus

Robert Weintraub reflects on a road trip to Florida, and the three best schools in the state. Sorry FSU fans, but no school from Tallahassee makes the list.

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21 Sep 2009, 12:26pm by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Upset Weekend

Last year, Washington didn't win a game. This week, they beat USC. Toss on losses for BYU and Georgia Tech, and it was a BCS-busting weekend all over -- except in the Swamp. Rob Weintraub has the details.

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14 Sep 2009, 01:41pm by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: The Battle of Midway

Ohio State had the game in its grasp until a freshman quarterback led USC to victory. Another freshman quarterback came of age as he led Michigan over Notre Dame. Robert Weintraub examines the weekend in college football.

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07 Sep 2009, 10:36am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Opening Weekend

Robert Weintraub's regular Monday column kicks off with an opening weekend wrap-up, including ranks for first-time starters at quarterback and the debut of the OFI Top 25.

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02 Mar 2009, 11:11am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Meet The New Boss

FO's newest college football writer introduces himself with a look back at which schools have enjoyed the most success over the past four years. Do the wins match their 2005 recruiting ranks?

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