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14 Sep 2015, 02:03pm by Guest

OFI: Superstars Shine

Florida State's Dalvin Cook is one of many running backs who have grabbed the spotlight early in the college football season.

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08 Sep 2015, 01:47am by Chad Peltier

OFI: New Beginnings

Many new quarterbacks, head coaches, and defensive coordinators all head stellar Week 1 debuts, while preseason wisdom was challenged for a few would-be contenders.

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13 Jan 2015, 01:20pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Ohio State Runs Over Oregon

The Buckeyes overcame four turnovers by using incredible rushing efficiency, timely explosive plays, and critical defensive stops on third down and in the red zone to claim the first College Football Playoff Championship.

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02 Jan 2015, 02:29pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Ducks and Buckeyes Advance

After three Big Ten upsets to start the day, the Oregon Ducks demolished the defending champion Seminoles and the Buckeyes held on over Alabama to advance to the Playoff Championship.

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08 Dec 2014, 12:16pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: The First Final Four

All of the Playoff contenders won this week, but the Buckeyes jumped the Horned Frogs to make the Playoff cut. Do the advanced statistics agree with the Committee's decision?

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01 Dec 2014, 03:21pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Prepare Your Resume

Florida State is the only undefeated team left, and even they need to get their resume ready for the Committee to review after Rivalry Weekend.

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24 Nov 2014, 02:17pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Who Needs Style Points?

The Playoff picture likely remained unchanged as the contenders all had unimpressive wins in Week 13.

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17 Nov 2014, 01:54pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Only One Remains

Mississippi State fell from the undefeated ranks, leaving Florida State as the only undefeated team. And Melvin Gordon gained some yards. Lots and lots and lots of yards.

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10 Nov 2014, 01:59pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Meeting Expectations

The conferences are beginning to sort themselves out, but the four College Football Playoff spots are still very much up for grabs.

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03 Nov 2014, 02:58pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: More Close Shaves

Several top-ten teams went down to the wire last week. Which teams impressed in narrow victories and who was exposed?

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