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22 Oct 2012, 05:54pm by Matt Hinton

OFI: Big 12 Bows (Again) to Snyderball

Bill Snyder's efficient outfit is no longer all that quiet after thoroughly trouncing West Virginia in Morgantown.

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15 Oct 2012, 05:06pm by Matt Hinton

OFI: A Defense Grows in Lubbock?

This weekend in college football: Geno Smith and the Mountaineers were ambushed by the Red Raiders secondary, Ole Miss broke an SEC losing streak, and Stanford-Notre Dame ended in controversy.

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08 Oct 2012, 07:23pm by Matt Hinton

OFI: Paper Tigers

The more things change, the more they stay the same at LSU. Plus, the rest of the weekend's college action in review.

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01 Oct 2012, 05:21pm by Matt Hinton

OFI: Freshmen Trample Georgia Tailback Curse

Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley key Georgia's offensive resurgence, on a weekend where pretty much every offense had a resurgence.

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24 Sep 2012, 03:09pm by Matt Hinton

OFI: Returning to Glory (For Real This Time)

Florida State and Notre Dame are back! Again! (Really!) Plus, Matt Hinton's top 25 and the weekly Lowsman Trophy watch.

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17 Sep 2012, 09:52am by Matt Hinton

One Foot Inbounds: The Sack of Troy

The Trojans hit the deck against Stanford, and OFI is here to explain just what went wrong.

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10 Sep 2012, 12:13pm by Matt Hinton

One Foot Inbounds: Texas A&M's Best Imitation of Itself

We remember this Texas A&M squad from last year, says Matt Hinton.

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04 Sep 2012, 05:19pm by Matt Hinton

One Foot Inbounds: Alabama, Equal-Opportunity Oppressor

The Crimson Tide continues to destroy everything in its path, regardless of its conference of origin.

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10 Jan 2012, 09:10am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Bama Beatdown

A retrospective of the decisive BCS Championship game, where Alabama redeemed itself.

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06 Jan 2012, 09:14am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Wrapping Bowl Season

Rob laments the lack of defense and clutch kicking that epitomized this year's college bowl season.

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