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Week 15 Game Discussion Thread

This thread is for discussion of action on the field before, during, and after all this week's games. You can talk about who you think will win or lose before the games start and last-minute news on Sunday morning. Then during the games, discuss strange plays, great performances, and stupid announcers (of which there are plenty). After the day is done, we'll discuss talk the results of the week Sunday night and Monday before our weekly commentary articles appear. Please discuss fantasy football over in Scramble for the Ball. A few other notes:

  • Because of recent illness, my online chat at BaseballProspectus.com was postponed to Friday at 2 p.m. EST. Since I'm pretty behind on both e-mail and comment reading thanks to a house full of sick people, this is a great opportunity to ask me anything about any team. Get your questions in now!
  • This weekend we are having the first-ever Football Outsiders gathering in Chicago, noon CST on Sunday. It is your chance to meet writer Michael David Smith as well as fellow FO readers. The location is The Gin Mill, on Lincoln St. just north of Fullerton. You'll know the bar by the big Michigan State insignia. Since Mike went to Illinois and Vin and Russell are hardcore Michigan guys I'm not sure how this thing ended up at a Michigan State bar but, um, Go Spartans!
  • This weekend I'm in the semifinals of the head-to-head picks contest at Two Minute Warning. My picks will be posted Friday morning.
  • Just a reminder to give twice with your Christmas gifts by ordering them through Football Outsiders, either with our new Football Outsiders Fan Shop brought to you by Football Fanatics, or with our Amazon Associates links found all around the site. Anything you buy through either of these services kicks a small portion of the money to Football Outsiders, which helps me eat and pay the mortgage.
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-- Aaron Schatz