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03 Nov 2009, 12:58pm by Bill Barnwell

Week 8 Quick Reads

This week was big for Brett Favre, Miles Austin, and a surprising Ryan Moats. Plus: Bill Barnwell has more on the Year of the Bad Quarterbacks.

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27 Oct 2009, 01:38pm by Bill Barnwell

Week 7 Quick Reads

Surprise! Carson Palmer is still very good.

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20 Oct 2009, 01:55pm by Bill Barnwell

Week 6 Quick Reads

This week, one of the NFL's top quarterbacks sets the all-time single-game DYAR record... but it may not be who you expected.

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13 Oct 2009, 12:02pm by Bill Barnwell

Week 5 Quick Reads

The first MNF quarterback to lead Quick Reads in passing DYAR this year is an unexpected name, outshining big games from a couple of Falcons.

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06 Oct 2009, 11:34am by Bill Barnwell

Week 4 Quick Reads

Kevin Smith reminds us that fantasy football and real football are not the same thing, while Matt Forte shows that three weeks do not determine a season.

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29 Sep 2009, 12:51pm by Bill Barnwell

Week 3 Quick Reads

This week: Kevin Kolb and Joe Flacco continue to mature, Peyton Manning is his usual amazing self, and Pierre Thomas shows who is really the Saints' big-play back.

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22 Sep 2009, 11:41am by Bill Barnwell

Week 2 Quick Reads

Big weeks from big running backs highlight our list of this week's best and worst players according to FO stats.

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15 Sep 2009, 11:27am by Bill Barnwell

Week 1 Quick Reads

After five years, Quick Reads finally makes its FO.com debut with our usual warning about National Jump to Conclusions Week. Plus: Drew Brees joins the very exclusive 300 DYAR Club -- for now.

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