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03 Jun 2015, 01:51pm by Andrew Healy

Worst CB Charting Stats (and More on the Best)

A second look at 2014 pass coverage numbers casts the identity of football's best cornerback in doubt, but also exposes the worst corners in the NFL.

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28 May 2015, 02:43pm by Andrew Healy

Best Cornerback Stats 2014

When it comes to No. 1 corners, a familiar name was No. 1 in 2014.

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15 May 2015, 11:32am by Vincent Verhei

Broken Tackles 2014: Defenses

Our look at broken tackles shows that Lavonte David deserves to play in the Pro Bowl and the Patriots were a perfect matchup for Seattle in the Super Bowl, while the Giants experienced wildly different results on either side of the ball.

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13 May 2015, 12:38pm by Vincent Verhei

Broken Tackles 2014: Offenses

There's a good chance that somebody reading this right now tried and failed to tackle Marshawn Lynch last year.

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08 May 2015, 02:52pm by Scott Kacsmar

2014 Incomplete Pass Breakdown: Receivers

The receiver with the most uncatchable targets isn't happy about getting a new quarterback? Our 2014 incompletion study shifts to receivers. Find out who had the most drops and which rookie was missed all over the field.

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07 May 2015, 05:29pm by Scott Kacsmar

2014 Incomplete Pass Breakdown: Passers

One maligned signal caller was still deadly accurate in 2014. Another had the most drops despite his luck. We broke down every incompletion in 2014. Find out where your team's passer is missing the mark.

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05 May 2015, 02:19pm by Sterling Xie

2015 NFL Draft Report Card Report

This year's most polarizing draft belongs to Arizona, whose future will hinge on players like Northern Iowa runner David Johnson. Join us for a look at the best, the worst, and the weirdest picks of 2015.

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28 Apr 2015, 02:29pm by Andrew Healy

Introducing QBASE

Our new quarterback projection system thinks Tampa Bay (and everyone else in the first round) should stay away from Jameis Winston.

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24 Apr 2015, 11:48am by Guest

The Saints, the Draft, and the Winner's Curse

As guest columnist Chris Bouton explains, the New Orleans Saints have spent years trading up in the draft for players like Mark Ingram -- which is why their current roster is such a mess.

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22 Apr 2015, 12:27pm by Scott Kacsmar

Snap-Weighted Age: 2014 NFL Rosters

For the first time in seven years, the Steelers weren't the oldest defense. We look at how another AFC powerhouse aged, plus the cap hell of the Saints. Also: is age just a number in the NFL?

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