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07 Aug 2015, 01:26pm by Scott Kacsmar

Predicting the 2016 Hall of Fame Class

Brett Favre is a first-ballot lock for the Hall of Fame, but what about Terrell Owens? We predict the 2016 class and find a recent inductee who cut in line to beat the normal voting process.

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04 Aug 2015, 11:31pm by Scott Kacsmar

The Breakout of a Late-Round NFL Receiver

Antonio Brown is a late-round steal, but which active WR has beaten the odds of the draft and his QB? We studied the breakout seasons of the 20 all-time leading receivers and recent hidden gems. How important is QB play in developing a WR?

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30 Jul 2015, 12:29pm by Scott Kacsmar

2014 YAC+

Which receivers were truly most effective with the ball in their hands last season? We look at the leaders in YAC+ for 2014 and the last nine years.

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23 Jul 2015, 02:32pm by Guest

Quarterbacks and Salary

Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL, and should be the highest-paid. We can all agree on that. But this guest column by Kevin Kolbe explains why salaries for other quarterbacks are all out of whack.

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21 Jul 2015, 10:15pm by Scott Kacsmar

2014 Receiving Plus-Minus

Which receivers caught more or less passes than expected based on where the ball was thrown? We look at the best and worst from 2014 and some historical data.

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17 Jul 2015, 12:27pm by Sterling Xie

2014 Run Defense by Number of Backs

While Peyton Manning and the offense got all the headlines, few noticed how good Terrence Knighton and the Denver run defense were last year.

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13 Jul 2015, 12:09pm by Sterling Xie

2014 Rushing by Number of Backs

The St. Louis Rams are doing all they can to keep 1970s football alive.

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01 Jul 2015, 01:55pm by Sterling Xie

2014 Pressure Plays: Defenses

No defense generated more pressure last year than Connor Barwin and the Eagles, but did that pressure do them any good?

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24 Jun 2015, 11:26pm by Sterling Xie

2014 Pressure Plays: Quarterbacks

Ben Roethlisberger's ability to perform under a heavy pass rush remains critical to Pittsburgh's offensive success.

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23 Jun 2015, 01:47pm by Sterling Xie

2014 Play-Action Defense

We look at pass defense against play-action compared to defense against other passes in 2014. Is a strong pass rush key to a good defense against the play fake?

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