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13 Aug 2012, 10:16am by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds 2012: QBs and RBs

Wisdom of Crowds returns for 2012. Our readers have an optimistic view of quarterbacks, but are ready to injure all the running backs.

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06 Aug 2012, 03:58pm by Danny Tuccitto

The Plexiglass Is Half Full

Does a massive DVOA improvement under a new head coach mean that team will decline less than otherwise expected the following season?

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01 Aug 2012, 10:30am by Danny Tuccitto

2011 Pressure Plays, Offense

Why some young quarterbacks are more promising than others. "The Sanchize" vs. "The Teborganization." Philip Rivers vs. Philip Rivers. It's time for 2011 pressure stats for quarterbacks!

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24 Jul 2012, 01:26pm by Danny Tuccitto

2011 Pressure Plays, Defense

Al Davis on pass defense, a clue into how New England and Green Bay won 29 games despite being bad at it, and one reason why Jared Allen WAS it in Minnesota.

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09 Jul 2012, 10:35am by Rivers McCown

2011 Formation Analysis: Number of RBs Part II

How big of an impact do linebackers have in the use of multiple-back sets against their team?

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24 Jun 2012, 08:08pm by Rivers McCown

2011 Formation Analysis: Number of RBs Part I

Vonta Leach giveth, Vonta Leach taketh away. Plus, the Lions are the new single-back crown holders.

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18 Jun 2012, 11:37am by Rivers McCown

2011 Play-Action, Defense

Seattle and Houston draw accolades for their work against the play-action pass while Carolina's "work" against it helps explain their horrendous defense last year.

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12 Jun 2012, 03:59am by Rivers McCown

2011 Play-Action, Offense

We dive again into the world of game charting statistics, this time looking at play-action. Who ran it the most often? Who ran it the most effectively?

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23 May 2012, 11:16am by Aaron Schatz

2011 Defeats

Who had the most Defeats in 2012? Well, nearly setting the all-time sack record puts you in a pretty good position to claim that crown.

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21 May 2012, 12:11pm by Aaron Schatz

2011 Special Teams Tackles

A look at Heath Farwell, Akeem Dent, and the other top special teams playmakers of 2011.

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