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24 Jan 2013, 05:04pm by Danny Tuccitto

Introducing Snap-Weighted Age

Who had the oldest special teams in 2012? How much older was the Steelers defense in Week 10 than Week 1? Thanks to a fortuitous NFL decision last offseason, we can now answer these questions using a new measure: snap-weighted age.

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07 Dec 2012, 12:59pm by Guest

The Schiano Rule

How would proposed changes eliminating kickoffs impact the game? Keith Goldner of Drive-By Football and numberFire crunches the numbers.

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02 Nov 2012, 01:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Most Defensive Plays per Snap, Weeks 1-8

Sean Lee is out for the year, but while healthy, nobody made more defensive plays per snap this season. Our look at plays per snap also features Luke Kuechly, Ryan Clark, and of course J.J. Watt.

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04 Sep 2012, 07:54pm by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds 2012: WRs II

Just in time for opening night, the last Wisdom of Crowds focuses on four veteran wideouts playing for new teams in 2012.

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27 Aug 2012, 03:56pm by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds 2012: WRs

Peyton Manning's fingerprints are all over this week's WoC: Two former targets, one current target, and the rookie hope for one of his old rivals.

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21 Aug 2012, 06:25pm by Danny Tuccitto

2012 KUBIAK vs. ADP: The Overrated

In the second installment of KUBIAK vs. ADP, we detail 10 players being drafted far higher than they should be, including a familiar FO punching bag and two familiar FO favorites.

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20 Aug 2012, 06:21pm by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds 2012: RBs

This week's WoC focuses on two types of running back uncertainty: rookies and guys coming off of injury. Pictured: a rookie who would benefit if a guy got injured.

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14 Aug 2012, 08:31pm by Danny Tuccitto

2012 KUBIAK vs. ADP: The Underrated

In our yearly comparison of KUBIAK vs. ADP, we start with eight criminally underrated players. Dwayne Bowe's falling stock is looking more and more like a fantasy football felony.

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13 Aug 2012, 10:16am by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds 2012: QBs and RBs

Wisdom of Crowds returns for 2012. Our readers have an optimistic view of quarterbacks, but are ready to injure all the running backs.

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06 Aug 2012, 03:58pm by Danny Tuccitto

The Plexiglass Is Half Full

Does a massive DVOA improvement under a new head coach mean that team will decline less than otherwise expected the following season?

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