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11 Dec 2011, 11:59am by Aaron Schatz

2011 In-Season Receiving Plus/Minus

As teased earlier this week in an ESPN piece on Jordy Nelson, here's a look at the best and worst players in receiving plus-minus, based on some slightly-adjusted in-season baselines.

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05 Sep 2011, 04:13pm by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds 2011: The Leftovers

In the final episode of Wisdom of Crowds, we look at crowdsourced projections for an ex-con, an ex-diva, a real beast, a fantasy beauty, and a KUBIAK crush.

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02 Sep 2011, 05:37pm by Danny Tuccitto

2010 AGL Winners and Losers

In this supplement to FOA 2011, we take a look at our Adjusted Games Lost injuries metric for the 2010 season.

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31 Aug 2011, 12:30pm by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds 2011: WRs Part II

This time in Wisdom of Crowds, we have reader projections for two rookies, one veteran in a bad situation, one in a good situation, and one in a holding pattern.

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30 Aug 2011, 12:25pm by Danny Tuccitto

2011 KUBIAK vs. ADP

In our yearly look at the good and bad of fantasy draft values, we identify six players you can wait for, and six more you shouldn't reach for.

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23 Aug 2011, 01:53pm by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds 2011: WRs Part I

Readers predict a diva expected to underwhelm, a diva expected to excel, a Viking past his headaches, a Bronco causing fantasy headaches, and a Buccaneer hoping to break the Michael Clayton jinx.

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18 Aug 2011, 07:04am by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds 2011: RBs

This week's Wisdom of Crowds focuses on five enigmatic running backs, and has enough running jokes -- both literally and figuratively -- to follow the enigma theme.

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17 Aug 2011, 12:10pm by Guest

The Air Coryell Ravens

Guest columnist Chris Berney tests his theory that the Ravens were mishandled by offensive coordinator Cam Cameron last season. Was the problem the play calling, or was it the players?

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10 Aug 2011, 11:26am by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds 2011: QBs

Wisdom of Crowds returns for 2011, with the first installment focusing on quarterbacks. Four of the five are new signal-callers for their teams. The one that isn't happens to have the best average reader projection. Coincidence? We think not.

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03 Aug 2011, 12:40pm by Danny Tuccitto

Formation Analysis: Number of RBs Part I

In 2010, three run offenses separated themselves from the rest of the NFL. Our latest dive into last season's charting stats shows all three were particularly efficient running from one-back sets.

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