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02 Aug 2010, 11:29am by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom Of Crowds 2010: QB Part II

Another week of crowd-sourced fantasy football projections analyzes Aaron Rodgers' impending decline and Tony Romo's questionable KUBIAK projection.

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28 Jul 2010, 03:36pm by Bill Barnwell

Adjusting Plus-Minus For Team, Part II

We fully remove the lid from team-adjusted plus-minus, looking at both the record-holders and 2009 aberrations alike.

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26 Jul 2010, 11:41am by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom Of Crowds 2010: QB Part I

Our Wisdom of Crowds feature returns with a look at projecting five prominent quarterbacks, including the star man in New England.

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23 Jul 2010, 12:40pm by Bill Barnwell

Adjusting Plus-Minus For Team, Part I

We introduce team-adjusted plus-minus for receivers by breaking down four years of Colts' offenses.

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19 Jul 2010, 12:04pm by Bill Barnwell

Scaled Plus-Minus

We detail our new receiving metric in FOA 2010, but in this free addendum to the book, we scale plus-minus to compare players with different usage rates.

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12 Jul 2010, 02:26pm by Aaron Schatz

Oddities of 2009

What made this year different from all other years? Aaron Schatz looks at the year offenses didn't change but the accuracy of FO projections did.

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24 Jun 2010, 02:02pm by Aaron Schatz

Counteracting the Draw Play

FO continues rolling out numbers from the 2009 game charting project with this look at which teams played the best defense against draws.

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18 Jun 2010, 12:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Dallas Likes to Draw

We continue to take a look at our game charting data from 2009. Today, learn which offenses ran the most draw plays, and which offenses ran them well.

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14 Jun 2010, 11:38am by Bill Barnwell

Offensive Drop Rate 2009

Which players led the league in Drop Rate in 2009? Did Braylon Edwards go back-to-back in most drops? And which disgruntled running back should teams never throw a pass to?

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08 Jun 2010, 02:17pm by Bill Barnwell

Defensive Drops 2009

Did the trends in defensive drops from 2008 hold in 2009? Which players induced the most drops? And what happened to last year's leaders?

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