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07 Sep 2010, 03:01pm by Bill Barnwell

FO Basics: Regression Towards The Mean

Our FO Basics series concludes with a look at how we use regression towards the mean in projecting teams and dispels some common myths about what it means.

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06 Sep 2010, 11:04am by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom of Crowds 2010: WR Part II

Our Wisdom of Crowds series finishes up with four receivers that should inspire plenty of second-guessing.

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30 Aug 2010, 11:22am by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom of Crowds 2010: RB/WR

In a transitional week, the panel looks at a couple of KUBIAK darlings from Pittsburgh.

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27 Aug 2010, 02:35pm by Bill Barnwell

Introducing YAC+, Part III: Quarterbacks

What does YAC+ say about quarterback consistency? And which awful quarterbacks make the leaderboard? The YAC+ saga ends with Part III.

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26 Aug 2010, 11:40am by Bill Barnwell

Fantasy Risers And Fallers 2010

Bill Barnwell breaks down Matt Forte's chances of a rebound season, Matt Ryan vs. Joe Flacco, and other players whose fantasy value should change in 2010.

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23 Aug 2010, 12:48pm by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom of Crowds 2010: RB Part II

How do our Twitter followers project Adrian Peterson to perform this season? Wisdom of Crowds is back with the second installment of the running backs.

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16 Aug 2010, 01:44pm by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom of Crowds 2010: RB Part I

What do our Twitter followers think of Chris Johnson's chances of hitting 2,000 yards in 2010? Our latest Wisdom of Crowds feature looks at that and four other backs.

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10 Aug 2010, 04:10pm by Bill Barnwell

Introducing YAC+, Part II

How does YAC+ fluctuate from year-to-year? And which receivers have been -- and will be -- subject to its whims? Yes, a familiar FO whipping boy takes his turn yet again.

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09 Aug 2010, 11:01am by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom of Crowds 2010: QB Part III

Our final stop in quarterback projections looks at four new players, including the (possible) replacement for You-Know-Who.

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03 Aug 2010, 04:59pm by Bill Barnwell

Introducing YAC+

On the heels of our research into catch rate comes YAC+, offering further insight into which players are actually effective once they get the ball in their hands. To start: Darren Sproles.

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