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29 Jan 2010, 11:04am by Bill Barnwell

2009 Adjusted Games Lost Totals

Which teams rode a dramatic change in their health to the playoffs? And who might expect to do the same in 2010? We break down the injuries of 2009 with AGL.

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02 Nov 2009, 12:16pm by Guest

Show Them The Money?

Guest columnist Ben Singer takes a look at the "Contract Year" phenomenon, analyzing the impact of free agency on NFL player motivation and performance.

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24 Aug 2009, 03:08pm by Aaron Schatz

Introducing FO Player Pages

FO proudly brings you brand new player pages, featuring all our advanced stats sorted by player -- including full individual defensive stats listed on the site for the first time.

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07 Aug 2009, 11:28am by Bill Barnwell

Receiving Plus/Minus, Part II

We offer an apology to a long-standing FO target after getting closer to finding the root causes of incomplete passes.

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04 Aug 2009, 01:00pm by Bill Barnwell

Receiving Plus/Minus, Part I

We all know deeper throws are less likely to be caught. How much less, though, forms the basis for a new method of analyzing the catch rates of receivers.

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03 Aug 2009, 03:26pm by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom of Crowds: Projecting 2009 TE

There's a Curse of Ditka, we're sure. We just can't figure out which weird trend we noticed in this week's Wisdom of Crowds to assign it to.

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31 Jul 2009, 02:00am by Bill Barnwell

Fantasy Risers And Fallers

The old PFP feature didn't make it into FOA 09, so we're providing it here for free. All aboard the Joneswagen?

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27 Jul 2009, 02:29am by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom of Crowds: Projecting 2009 WR, Part III

The final Wisdom of Crowds on WRs checks in with subjects of devotion and derision.

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22 Jul 2009, 11:26am by Guest

Testing the Third-Year WR Rule

Guest writer Nick Higgins explores whether wide receivers really break out in their third seasons.

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20 Jul 2009, 11:05am by Bill Barnwell

Wisdom of Crowds: Projecting 2009 WR, Part II

This week's Wisdom of Crowds feature tries Randy Moss, Michael Crabtree, and others in the court of public opinion.

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