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06 Jul 2005, 05:30pm by Aaron Schatz

New Generation of Backs Ready To Join NFL Elite

In July, the NFL goes on vacation, but NFL fans do not -- because it is time to start thinking fantasy football. No fantasy football position is more important than running back, and in this article from Friday's edition of the New York Sun, Aaron explains why there will be some new names among 2005's NFL rushing yardage leaders. It's your chance to get a sneak peak at some of our fantasy projections and find out why a certain second-year back is featured on the cover of Pro Football Prospectus 2005.

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30 Jun 2005, 12:29pm by P. Ryan Wilson

A Different Look at the Best Running Backs Ever

When we talk about the greatest runners of all time, we often talk about total yards or yards per carry. But the NFL has seesawed back and forth from a league dominated by rushing to one dominated by passing, and then back again. How can we analyze yardage in the context of the offensive environment of each player's career? Ryan Wilson takes a look.

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21 Jun 2005, 12:01pm by Mike Tanier

Going Long in Kansas City

No matter how bad the field position in Kansas City, you know there's always a threat the offense will score. Of course, that goes for both the Chiefs and their opponents. Mike Tanier takes a look at the numbers for short drives and long drives in 2004, and what that tells us about the specific strengths and weaknesses of the Chiefs. Plus, short drive and long drive stats for every team.

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01 Apr 2005, 03:22am by Guest

A Revolution in NFL Analysis

Here at Football Outsiders, we're committed to the advancement of football research, even if it means giving equal time to a potential competitor. In this guest article, Dr. William Kilgore explains a new statistical method that may change the way football is watched, played, and talked about.

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31 Mar 2005, 02:10pm by Guest

Zone Blocking vs. Man Blocking

Does "the Denver system" really help running backs? What about other teams that switch to a so-called "zone blocking" scheme? In this guest column, Brian Hook looks at the (admittedly limited) data from Denver, Atlanta, and Houston, and tries to discern a trend.

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17 Mar 2005, 12:01pm by Guest

Tight Ends Break Loose

2004 may have been the best year for passing offense in NFL history. Surely the re-emphasis on illegal contact was the reason, right? Actually, maybe not. Guest columnist Michael Horn shows how the 2004 numbers are the natural culmination of recent expansion in the role of the tight end.

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08 Feb 2005, 02:55pm by admin

2004 Patriots vs. History

You've heard a lot in the last week about the Patriots and their standing in history. Now, Football Outsiders presents two takes on the argument that will rage all offseason long. First, Aaron Schatz asks how the 2004 Patriots compare to the teams discussed in Eddie Epstein's book Dominance. Then Ned Macey uses his own criteria to compare the Patriots to the greatest teams of the Super Bowl era.

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19 Jan 2005, 12:30pm by Ned Macey

How Much Should Rookie Quarterbacks Play?

Three first round quarterbacks will be leading their teams this weekend in the conference finals. Ben Roethlisberger was forced into action immediately, Donovan McNabb took over his team at midseason, and Michael Vick didn't take over for good until his second year. Which is the best way to develop a rookie passer? Ned Macey takes a comprehensive look at every quarterback drafted between 1993 and 2002, and offers some conclusions.

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07 Jan 2005, 04:31am by Guest

How Play Selection Affects Touchdown Percentage

Some people say that you have to run the ball to win in the NFL. Others say that you score with the pass. Jason McKinley believes the answer is one or the other, and sometimes both. It all depends on which team you examine. This guest column introduces a new metric that measures how often a team scores when it runs compared to when it throws the ball, and gives a closer analysis of this season's 12 playoff contenders.

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22 Dec 2004, 11:01pm by Mike Tanier

Marino vs. Manning

There's a lot of talk out there about the Peyton Manning breaking the passing touchdown record, but very little talk about how Dan Marino set it. Michael Tanier compares the two seasons to find out if Manning is guilty of padding his stats -- or if Marino was guilty of padding his. Or neither.

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