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02 May 2017

Pre-Snap Reads Quarterback Catalogue 2017

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Cian Fahey, author of the weekly Film Room column at FO, has a new book out with a deep dive analysis of NFL quarterback performance in 2016.

More than 17,000 passes were charted to create this year’s book. 33 quarterbacks qualified for the charting numbers and 33 quarterbacks got their own chapters. Any quarterback with at least 200 total attempts during the 2016 season qualified for charting. The majority of those quarterbacks got chapters, but Mike Glennon and Jimmy Garoppolo were swapped in for Case Keenum and Matt Barkley.

Interceptable passes, failed receptions, accuracy percentages and sack analysis all return from last year’s book. Created receptions, play action analysis, depth of throw analysis, screen analysis and YAC analysis have been added.

Accuracy percentage is now broken down to every level of the field and created receptions were added to account for the positive plays receivers made, offsetting the negative sides that come in failed receptions.

The charting results are broken down into season-long numbers and rate stats.

Things you will learn through Cian Fahey's 2016 charting:

  • Andrew Luck was accurate on 73.8 percent of his passes that travelled further than five yards downfield last year.
  • 20 percent of Russell Wilson's passes travelled between six and 10 yards past the line of scrimmage last year.
  • Tom Brady lost at least 317 yards and at least two touchdowns on accurate throws last year because his receivers failed to catch 37 accurate passes.
  • Every 13.0 attempts, Ryan Tannehill threw an accurate pass that his receiver failed to catch.
  • 435 of Derek Carr's yards came on inaccurate throws, four of his touchdowns came on inaccurate throws.
  • One of Ben Roethlisberger's inaccurate throws was caught once every 35.6 attempts, or 2.8 percent of the time.
  • 4.4 percent of Carson Palmer's yards were gained on inaccurate throws.
  • 26.1 percent of Case Keenum's yards were gained on play-action passes.
  • 405 of Jameis Winston's yards came on screen passes.
  • Blake Bortles ran into five sacks.
  • Alex Smith led the league in YAC percentage. (Shocking!!)

You can read a sample chapter on Russell Wilson right here.

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Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 02 May 2017