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20 May 2008

Year of the Scab

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Year of the Scab:
The True Story of the 1987 Players Strike and Replacement Games

Journey back with Mike Tanier to the wild and wooly days of the 1987 replacement games. Relive the near-riot outside Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, the day Cowboys fans booed Tony Dorsett, the short, strange NFL career of Mike Hohensee, and much more. Year of the Scab is a 56-page mini-novella filled with unforgettable games, quotes, and anecdotes about NFL legends and obscure strike breakers. From Mike Ditka tirades to Buddy Ryan barbs, from picket line skirmishes to the "fake kneel" play, Year of the Scab captures all of the best moments from a turbulent turning point in NFL history.

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Posted by: admin on 20 May 2008