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25 Nov 2003

Inside the Outsiders: TMQ Departs

First, the moment you have all been waiting for, the Big Announcement on the future of Tuesday Morning Quarterback.

Dear Friends of Tuesday Morning Quarterback,

Here's my Big Announcement. As of today around noon Eastern, TMQ will find its new home. That home is NFL.com.

I thank the Outsiders for hosting TMQ during its period of exile, and urge all the readers who in recent weeks have found this amazing action-packed site to continue to use FootballOutsiders.com.

A million thanks to everyone who has sent me warm wishes, and I'll see you over at NFL.com.

In haiku,

TMQ on league's
own site? The football gods have
more pull than we knew.


Gregg Easterbrook

Gregg is off to greener (and larger) pastures, but we really would like to thank him for bringing so many people to our site over the past month.  He helped this little site started by a few friends in late July spread its word across the Internet after just a few months.  We would like to also thank all of you who have visited Football Outsiders over the past month, who have sent emails, joined our various discussion threads, and made donations.  We hope that all of the TMQ readers who have come to us because of TMQ will keep checking us out each week for the rest of our football analysis and commentary.

Posted by: admin on 25 Nov 2003