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07 Oct 2011, 04:19pm by J.J. Cooper

Under Pressure: Our First 2011 Data

Who is more to blame for St. Louis' league-leading 19 sacks allowed this year: Sam Bradford, or the offensive line?

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30 Sep 2011, 01:01pm by J.J. Cooper

Under Pressure: The Meaning of Mobility

Are scrambling quarterbacks more likely to lose more yardage on their sacks than their less mobile brethren? The answer might surprise you.

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23 Sep 2011, 12:33pm by J.J. Cooper

Under Pressure: The Short of It

While long sacks tend to be more the fault of the quarterback, quick sacks say more about the players who pick them up and who they play with.

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16 Sep 2011, 01:38pm by J.J. Cooper

Under Pressure: Splitting Seconds

J.J. Cooper's sack project makes its Football Outsiders debut. How much good is Ben Roethlisberger doing by holding on to the ball?

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