Seventh Day Adventure

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7th Day Adventure

Seventh Day Adventure: Susan Returns

Susan Levine again joins the Seventh Day Adventure team to see if she can once more out-prognosticate her husband, Russell, in picking the weekend's biggest college games. Beating her husband was one thing, but this week Susan is gunning for Vinny Gauri as well. This is also the open thread for discussing all of this weekend's college games.

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Seventh Day Adventure: Viva Las Vegas

After a combined 5-15 effort picking college games last weekend, Seventh Day Adventure writers Vinny Gauri and Russell Levine get some added competition from Russell's wife, Susan, who answered a challenge from her husband to see if she could do better. Does a boys' weekend in Las Vegas hang in the balance? This is also the thread for discussion of all this weekend's college action as it happens, Thursday night through Saturday.

Seventh Day Adventure: No Swiping!

It's a Mr. Mom theme in Seventh Day Adventure this week, as Russell attempts to escape Chuck E. Cheese's so he can catch the first absolute must-see Saturday of the college football season. Russell and Vinny discuss the Battle for the Jug, the Red River Shootout, and whatever you want to call the USC-Cal game (The Fredo Bowl?). Guaranteed to be the only college football column on the Internet with multiple Dora the Explorer references, not to mention some unexpected 'Dores references. Vandy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. This is also the thread to discuss all this weekend's college games.

Seventh Day Adventure: You From Jersey? What Exit?

Things are getting a little testy between the Seventh Day Adventure writers after Russell Levine felt the need to point out last week's results to Vinny Gauri. Plus, analysis and picks of the week's big college games (and Rutgers-Syracuse) and Neil Young references aplenty.

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Seventh Day Adventure: Engineering the Picks

Is an engineering degree a help or a hinderence when assembling a Weber Grill? Could Lou Holtz actually be involved in a feel-good story? And how do the Michigan boys feel about the Alma Mater against Iowa on the eve of a big road trip? Seventh Day Adventure has those answers and more as Vinny Gauri and Russell Levine make their college picks. This is also your open thread to discuss college football all weekend.

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Seventh Day Adventure: Things That Are Legal in Provo

The Seventh Day Adventure crew is back for another stab at college football prognostications. Vinny Gauri and Russell Levine attempt to answer the important questions about the upcoming weekend's games, including the LSU-Auburn and Florida-Tennessee clashes in the SEC, as well as offer thoughts on the coach of Team Under Armour and what may or may not be legal in Provo. Also, here's your open thread to discuss this week's college games.

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Seventh Day Adventure: Serna Suicide Watch

Seventh Day Adventure is back for Week 2 as Vinny Gauri and Russell Levine analyze this week's college football slate, ponder the fate of Oregon State kicker Alexis Serna and discuss whether a plentiful supply of Munchos makes one well prepared for a nuclear disaster.

Seventh Day Adventure: Labor Day Weekend

For football fans, there is no rest on the Seventh Day. With apologies to Scramble for the Ball, PTI, and anyone else we may have ripped off, we present our newest weekly column, Seventh Day Adventure. Each Thursday, Russell (you know him from Confessions of a Football Junkie) and Vinny (he's new) will break down the week's biggest college football games in that special Football Outsiders style. No, not the math-heavy Football Outsiders style, the acerbic Football Outsiders style. We have two styles, much like J. Edgar Hoover.