Seventh Day Adventure

Football Outsiders' weekly preview for people who like their football played on Saturdays

7th Day Adventure

Seventh Day Adventure: Serna Suicide Watch

Seventh Day Adventure is back for Week 2 as Vinny Gauri and Russell Levine analyze this week's college football slate, ponder the fate of Oregon State kicker Alexis Serna and discuss whether a plentiful supply of Munchos makes one well prepared for a nuclear disaster.

Seventh Day Adventure: Labor Day Weekend

For football fans, there is no rest on the Seventh Day. With apologies to Scramble for the Ball, PTI, and anyone else we may have ripped off, we present our newest weekly column, Seventh Day Adventure. Each Thursday, Russell (you know him from Confessions of a Football Junkie) and Vinny (he's new) will break down the week's biggest college football games in that special Football Outsiders style. No, not the math-heavy Football Outsiders style, the acerbic Football Outsiders style. We have two styles, much like J. Edgar Hoover.