FO Radio Hour: The Gang Visits Louisville

An all-new stream of the FO Radio Hour hosted by Aaron Schatz with featured guests Mike Tanier, Scott Spratt and Vince Verhei. The FO writers were all together in one spot for the first time EVER. They discuss their travel stories from the week in Louisville and talked about news from the NFC West. They also get into the Josh Allen Third-Year Jump Drinking Game (TM).

Jul 22, 2021

The 49ers and Positional AGL

As you may have heard, the San Francisco 49ers were pro football's most injured team in 2020. But which of those injuries hurt them most—those suffered by Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback, or the myriad of ailments they suffered on defense?

Jul 22, 2021

DVOA Ratings

Through Week 17


1 NO 33.3%
2 TB 31.5%
3 GB 25.8%
4 BUF 23.8%
5 SEA 20.1%


1 GB 29.1%
2 KC 23.9%
3 TB 19.8%
4 TEN 18.4%
5 BUF 15.6%


1 PIT -20.2%
2 NO -19.0%
3 WAS -18.3%
4 LAR -17.0%
5 TB -14.6%

Our Metrics Explained

What is DVOA?

Defense-adjusted Value Over Average

Measures a team's efficiency by comparing success on every single play to a league average based on situation and opponent.

What is DYAR?

Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement

Compares the performance of each player, in terms of DVOA, to a replacement-level baseline rather than the league average for that position.

What is DAVE?

DVOA Adjusted for Volatility Early

Used early in the year with the goal of getting the best idea of how good a team will be over the entire season without jumping to conclusions based on one or two good or bad early games.

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Legends of DVOA: The Life and Times of Charlie Garner

Charlie Garner played a minor role in some major controversies, from an all-time Super Bowl blunder to one of the most regrettable post-game quotes in NFL history. He was also among the best running backs of his era on a per-carry basis. Mike Tanier looks back on the rise of Jon Gruden, the fall of Rich Kotite, and the career of an outstanding but enigmatic individual.

Jul 08, 2021

Pigskin Principia

Former Baltimore Ravens analyst Sean Clement explores the opposing viewpoints of old-school football coaches and modern-era data-driven observers, and how the two must find a way to work together to get the most out of players such as Lamar Jackson.

Jul 07, 2021