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08 Dec 2009, 11:31am by Rory Hickey

The Week in Quotes: December 8, 2009

This week: The fall of Tebow, a controversial Big 12 championship, Al Michaels with too much information, and a Charlie Weis explosion.

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07 Dec 2009, 11:56am by Vincent Verhei

Audibles at the Line: Week 13

Michael Vick burns his old team. Robert Meachem burns the Redskins. Bruce Gradkowski burns the Steelers. Brandon Jacobs burns the Giants. The FO crew throws gasoline on the fire.

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06 Dec 2009, 11:50am by Vincent Verhei

Audibles at the Line: NCAA Championships

A special Audibles takes on the SEC and Big 12 Championship games, highlighted by a Florida meltdown and a Boy Named Suh.

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04 Dec 2009, 02:16pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: SEC Title to Be Decided in Red Zone

This week, Bill looks at Alabama-Florida, Nebraska's upset chances, "gotcha" journalism, and some champion-level hip hop.

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04 Dec 2009, 10:03am by J.I. Halsell

Under the Cap: Top Ten ILB/MLB

When do contracts give teams the option to elect to exercise options to carry over options? When they're for aging superstar inside linebackers.

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03 Dec 2009, 02:17pm by Bill Connelly

SDA: Championship Week Finally Arrives

We'll admit it -- the college football season was a little lacking. You'll forget all that with this weekend's five conference title games, highlighted by the Florida-Alabama collision in the Georgia Dome.

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03 Dec 2009, 12:37pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: December 3, 2009

It's all concussions, all the time in this week's Report. Will Carroll looks at the stars suffering from concussion symptoms, how their teams are handling them, and the small effect of the league's new concussion guidelines.

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02 Dec 2009, 07:10pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Tackle Politics

Jon Runyan runs for Congress. Drew Brees hits the president on a drag route. Don't worry, readers. It's not really politics. It's Walkthrough.

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02 Dec 2009, 05:36pm by Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower

Scramble for the Ball: Heck of a Guy

Your Scramble writers debate the importance of Pro Bowl nominations for Olde Tyme Foot-Ball Players, dodge Bill Belichick's nefarious contraptions, and marvel at cars that can manipulate time.

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02 Dec 2009, 01:11pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-1: What's Wrong with Jay Cutler?

In this single-subject analysis, Doug Farrar gets to the root of Jay Cutler's current issues with help from NFL Films' Greg Cosell.

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