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Introducing Leader Ratio

Michael David Smith with a new statistic to help us compare today's stars to players from the past in an easy fashion. Learn just how dominant Jim Brown was before he went off to star in such films as I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka! Plus, the first and probably only time mediocre mid-80's running back Greg Bell is mentioned at Football Outsiders.

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Dream Job Week 3

OK, it's not strictly football, but we're having fun with it anyway. This week in Patrick Laverty's Dream Job review, that guy who looks like Mick Foley gets a haircut. Now if only we could see Socko interview Terrell Owens...

DVOA Ratings

The Misunderstood Rams

Football Outsiders' DVOA statistics say that the Rams had an average offense in 2003, and the second-best defense in football. Huh? Aren't the Rams an offensive juggernaut? Aaron goes through the season game by game to show how the Rams' 12-4 season was driven by the Most Ignored Show on Turf, the St. Louis D.


Confessions of a Football Junkie: Troubled Times at CU

In his first column of the offseason, our resident college football commentator addresses the worst headline in a bad offseason for the NCAA. What went wrong at Colorado? Is that school an exception, or just the school that happened to have its situation brought to light? How much was Gary Barnett responsible for the situation there?


ESPN Gets Real: Dream Job Week 2

Patrick Laverty reviews the second week of ESPN's "Gotta stick something on between the Super Bowl and Opening Day" reality show Dream Job. This week we learn how hair can hurt you and why wild cards aren't necessarily a good idea.

Strategy Minicamps

Guest Column: The Cover 2 Explained

You hear it over and over again: teams are playing more of the Cover 2. What the heck is the Cover 2? How does it work? Chris Miraglia enlightens us with a basic discussion of how to play Cover 2, its strengths and weaknesses, and the changes made by Tony Dungy. Complete with (very simple) illustrations.

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Stat Analysis

2003 Schedule: The Rich Get Richer

No, not an article from the Dennis Kucinich campaign website, but an analysis of the strange phenomenon that was the 2003 NFL schedule. Our schedule strength rankings say that all the best teams had easy schedules, and all the worst teams had hard schedules. We thought that was strange too, until we looked at 2003 strength of schedule using just regular old wins and losses.

Stat Analysis

QB Ratings Reconsidered

It's one of the most debated statistics in sports: The NFL's passer rating. It's a pain to calculate and confusing to understand. Can't we do better? Yes, we can. In fact, we can three times over. Let the debate begin: The NFL's PASSER RATING vs. Brian Hook's HOOK QUARTERBACK VALUE vs. Anthony Brancato's QUARTERBACK RATING vs. Aaron Schatz's POINTS ABOVE REPLACEMENT.


ESPN Gets Real: Dream Job Week 1

What's the verdict on ESPN's new reality show Dream Job? Do any of these candidates have what it takes to gain sportscaster fame? Patrick Laverty takes a look. (This show is, of course, not strictly football-related, but we thought a weekly summary would be fun. Let us know what you think of the idea.)

DVOA Ratings

2002 and 2003 DVOA Ratings Refined

A review of changes to how DVOA ratings are computed, including a new improved baseline that combines 2002 and 2003 plays and changes to the importance of special teams.