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Football Outsiders Interview: Tom Curran

Hey hey, it's our first interview with someone other than ourselves! Tom Curran talks about covering the league's top team for the Providence Journal-Bulletin. What's it like to try to get information from the secretive Bill Belichick? What should fans of coach-less teams know about Romeo Crenel and Charlie Weis? Who might the Pats face in the Super Bowl if they can get there? And what does the present -- and the future -- hold for football journalism and the Internet?

Stat Analysis

Fun With Sacks, Part II

Last Monday, we took a look at sack rate to determine which teams did the best job of protecting the quarterback. What if the sacks are the fault of the quarterback? We break down four years of sack rates to see if some quarterbacks might be responsible for their own demise. For example, quarterbacks whose names rhyme with "Job Bronson."

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Guest Column: Know Your Playoff History

It's that favorite Late Show game: Know your cuts of meat, know your current events, know your playoff history. Six big ways to win big (in each conference)! Richie Wohlers tells you why Philadelphia will probably not face New England in this year's Super Bowl.


Week 17 TMQ Discussion Thread

Although Gregg Easterbrook has left us for the greener pastures of, we're providing the "unofficial official" discussion thread of Tuesday Morning Quarterback each week. Plus, a new cartoon from Jason Beattie exposes the true reason why Minnesota missed the playoffs.

DVOA Ratings

Final 2003 Team Efficiency Ratings

Here they are, the (unofficial) final VOA ratings for 2003. Every single play of the 2003 season has been compared to league average and added together. Kansas City remains #1, while Tennessee and New England climb to the top of the weighted ratings that give more strength to recent games. Learn here why the Patriots can only beat themselves.


Playoff Fantasy Draft and Roundtable

The Outsiders talk playoffs, complete with our playoff fantasy draft. Plus we talk about who's winning this weekend and who's winning it all. Did Mike Shanahan make a mistake sitting so many starters? Does LaDanian Tomlinson's pass/rush record mean anything? Does anyone care about Dallas-Carolina?


Confessions of a Football Junkie: Bowled Over

Russell takes a look at the best week of football the year can bring us -- plenty of bowl games, wrapped around the BCS controversy, followed by four wild card games. It's Oklahoma vs. LSU vs. evil injury-causing Nokia logos.


Week 17 Scramble/Open Thread

Running back by committee takes over in Philly, Minnesota, and -- for one week -- Denver. Discussion by committee is required to understand the NFL playoff tiebreakers. Lateral by committee gives John Carney the chance to chop wood. Discuss those things and more here, in our thread featuring a running discussion on all of this weekend's games. Check back often!

DVOA Ratings

Week 16 Team Efficiency Ratings

The latest VOA ratings are here, measuring how each NFL team has performed on a play-by-play basis, along with the usual commentary for the math-o-phobic. If the Chiefs are toast because of their poor run defense, why are the Eagles a Super Bowl favorite? Is Denver the team to fear in the AFC? And have the Jets gotten up to the line of scrimmage yet?

Stat Analysis

Are Penalties Overrated?

The Hidden Game of Football says that penalties aren't very important because they even out in the long run. True or false? Michael David Smith has some interesting facts about 2002 numbers as well as 37 years of Super Bowl champions.