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Ye Gods! Tuesday Morning Quarterback Returns!

Say it loud, he's back and proud. Football Outsiders is proud to be the temporary home of TMQ, and today Gregg Easterbrook returns to deliver his unique insights on the NFL. This week: officials act odd, the Browns give up, and Mike Williams stands around. Plus, haikus and babes!

DVOA Ratings

Week 10 Team Efficiency Ratings

Out of last week's top ten teams, five lost and two more were on bye. So you can imagine that the VOA ratings have gone through some changes. Kansas City's still in the top spot, and they are pulling away from the rest of the NFL. Plus, comments on St. Louis-Baltimore and Miami-Tennessee, and a detailed discussion of what statistics can and cannot tell you.


Week 10 Scramble/Open Thread

This week Ian and Al dissect the battle for the Northern New Jersey, continue the discussion of overtime rules begun in the Week 9 Open Thread, and ooze plasma outta' their cerebellums. Plus, the Falcons suck. Comment here on this week's Scramble, or anything else related to this week's games, including your office pool and your fantasy start/bench decisions.

DVOA Ratings

AFC Midseason Report

Aaron breaks down every team in the AFC, complete with DVOA ratings split into pass and rush, special teams ratings split five ways, and projections of every team's final win-loss record. All the stats are ranked 1-32 to help you figure out where your team tops the league and where it comes up short. Plus, obnoxious commentary for the math-o-phobic, featuring pop culture references of Milleresque randomness.

Stat Analysis

Maroon Zone vs. Scarlet Zone

In the final TMQ, Gregg Easterbrook introduced the idea of The Maroon Zone, the area between the 30 and 40-yard lines that often is the barrier between punting and scoring. Or is it? We compare performance all over the field to winning and scoring and discover an even more important new area: The Scarlet Zone.


Update from Gregg Easterbrook re: TMQ

The latest news on TMQ's future. Plus, Gregg just can't help himself. The man has to comment on mistakes by the Marine Mammals' coaches and the Indigenous Persons' front office. Note: Next Tuesday, November 11, Tuesday Morning Quarterback will appear at Football Outsiders. Long-term future is still to be decided.

DVOA Ratings

Week 9 Team Efficiency Ratings

KC stays at #1. Topics for this week's commentary include the Patriots' intentional safety, the turnstile that is Wade Smith, the true purpose of ESPN NFL Matchup, and why an unexplained change at will limit the information you get from this website. No, that has nothing to do with TMQ.


Week 9 Scramble/Open Thread

With the season half over, Ian and Al play "Oasis or Mirage" to determine who will make the 2003 playoffs. Plus, the Scramble Mailbag addresses Arena Football, Al attempts to rebound with his Best Bets picks, and Drew Bledsoe sucks. Comment here on this week's Scramble, or anything else related to this week's games, including your office pool and your fantasy start/bench decisions.


<strike>Tuesday</strike> Thursday Morning Quarterback: Flash Mob Rule

Have you been missing Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback? Have no fear, the Football Outsiders readers are here with an entire TMQ column composed of entries to our Homage to TMQ Contest. There are even a few words from the man himself, and we announce the winners of two rare TMQ hats.

DVOA Ratings

Week 8 Team Efficiency Ratings

Kansas City tops our ratings, just like they top everyone else's. Tampa puts the Dallas offense in its place. Buffalo messes everything up. Plus, who will be the infamous Second Half Team? All the VOA stats that break down the season play by play, with the usual commentary for the math-o-phobic.