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David Andrews is Latest Lineman Dealing with Blood Clots

New England Patriots starting center David Andrews has been released from the hospital after suffering blood clots in his lungs, but his status for the season remains in jeopardy. As Christopher Price of the Boston Globe notes, this is not an isolated incident -- a number of NFL offensive linemen have been dealing with blood clots this year:

  • Antonio Garcia, a third-round pick of the Patriots in 2017, was sidelined his entire rookie season because of blood clots in his lungs. He was released the following spring, and never played a game with New England. He is now with the Colts, but is suspended for the first four games of the 2019 season for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substance policy.
  • Chargers left tackle Russell Okung suffered a Pulmonary embolism because of blood clots in June. Okung's status for the season remains uncertain.
  • Bengals left guard Clint Boling retired because of a blood clot this offseason after eight seasons in the league.
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1 Off-topic, I know...

...but at least it might be seen.

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One more FO site whine...
It now seems to create a new page of comments after only about ~50 comments (used to be ~100) which means for any heavily commented article it is impossible to find new comments (which are just the types of articles where you want to be able to find new comments) because clicking on the article take you to page 1 which may well have few new comments, but the act of going there resets the comment highlighting, so when you go to pages 2, etc. nothing will be highlighted and you have no idea what's new :(

This has always been a problem, but the paginating coming at ~50 instead of ~100 exacerbates it.

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3 I agree with the thrust…

I agree with the thrust. When you get long and interesting discussions, the keys that indicate new comments disappear after the first screen on the thread is viewed.  This means that later screens with additional comments always appear as “read” preventing you from easily finding new comments.

Otherwise, I love the site. ♥️

6 Agreed, and as long as we're…

Agreed, and as long as we're shaking firsts at clouds, I miss the "Tracking" feature in My Account where you could see if there were new comments in a thread you'd posted in.

12 That's not a very useful…

That's not a very useful method for looking for new comments.  First, it's not available for "Extra Points".  Second, it requires me to memorize how many comments there were the last time I read them.

15 It does work for Extra…

It does work for Extra Points and you don't have to memorize how many comments there were. It tells you how many new ones there are since you last looked at the article, and they are marked in yellow. However, if there is a second page of comments, in that page they are no longer marked.

2 Anyways, as to the subject…

Anyways, as to the subject at hand, that's horrible news for Andrews and scary as hell. I hope he can have a healthy life after this. I think "season in jeopardy" is a done deal; everything I've read says one needs to be on anti-coagulants for 3-6 months, so forget about the season. I just hope he'll be able to continue his career if he wants to.

Well, another challenge for Scar -- hopefully he'll be up to it. Rumors up here seem to be that the new center will be Ted Karras (G). So they'll need a new guard and another backup center.

4 But why?

I'm unclear about why offensive linemen would be at high risk for pulmonary embolism. Is there something in the training or recovery routine that predisposes to DVT? Is it just thrombocytosis due to steroid use (which seems most likely)?

5 (Background, I've had a DVT …

In reply to by Dr. Mooch

(Background, I've had a DVT & complicating PE). Suffering significant bruising along venous blood vessels is a risk factor for DVT's, so are many performance enhancing (and recreational) drugs - two things I suspect are pretty common. Larger people tend to have less stable clots which makes DVT's more likely to become PE's like has probably happened here. I'd be surprised if his season isn't gone3-6 months of blood thinners to treat the clot(s), after that it depends how much damage was done to the lung(s).

7 Well, they released him from…

Well, they released him from the hospital after a day, so hopefully it wasn't too bad.

But yeah -- everything I've read says 3-6mo of anti-coags are standard after something like this, so I can't see how he can possibly play this year.

8 I, too, had a DVT and PE. …

I, too, had a DVT and PE.  That is surprising that he would be released from the the hospital after just one day.  It seems unlikely that a PE would clear so quickly, and would the hospital let him go with an existing PE in his lungs?  I was in the hospital for 4 days under observation.  Some people just drop dead from PE with little warning. 

9 It really depends on the…

It really depends on the placement of the PE, generally if it's in the large vessels you can't leave until it clears, if the clots are in the small vessels they send you home. The fact that he went home after a day indicates it's probably a best case scenario and doesn't involve a complication like a plural effusion that would damage the lung in the long term - if that's the case I guess there's a chance he plays this year. If he does it will be another reminder that pro athletes recover way better than I do; I had a PE at 28 and it was a full year before I walked 18 holes of golf again.

11 My PE was pretty.  The…

My PE was pretty bad.  The doctor said they usually see that many clots in the morgue.  But I think doctors like to exaggerate how bad things are to make themselves look like saviors.  But I guess I was lucky, because I felt as good as normal after a week or two.  But I have to take anticoagulants for life.

13 It's the complications that…

It's the complications that hit the recovery time - if you get a plural effusion or complicate by bleeding inside the lung it really changes the recovery period. Apparently some people that have PE's are barely aware of them - but if things don't go right it can be a big issue.