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Jadeveon Clowney Traded to Seahawks, Laremy Tunsil to Texans

The Houston Texans, who had reached so high for Laremy Tunsil, instead settled on dealing Jadeveon Clowney to the Seahawks for a third-round pick, Barkevious Mingo, and Jacob Martin. Mingo was reportedly set to be released, and the Texans were likely to get a third-round compensation pick from Clowney's free agency next season. 

EDIT: The Texans doubled-down in actually landing Tunsil -- sending away what is reportedly two first-round picks and a second-round pick for him and Kenny Stills. 

Bill O'Brien is not a good general manager! 

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31 I can't say I'm all that…

I can't say I'm all that surprised, as I have always viewed O'Brien as a clown. After all, he was hired to fix the QB position, but he went through a nearly endless string of bums before Watson basically landed in his lap. And even then, he seems to have been unaware of what he had, as he chose to start the season with Tommy "Macho Man" Savage as the starting QB, saying he gave the Texans the best chance to win. Of course, when Savage inevitably crapped his pants in the first half, he was "forced" to bring in Watson, who proceeded to play very well, not only in that game, but for the next couple of months. Clearly, anyone with half a brain could see that Watson gave them a far better chance to win. Yet the "QB guru" O'Brien seemed completely oblivious to that obvious fact, despite having seen them both in practice. As I said, he's a real clown.

55 All of this. As a Colts fan,…

All of this.

As a Colts fan, I'm just cackling. This was a franchise that had more than half a decade with the most talented roster in the division but ruined it with horrible decisions, stubbornly bad coaching from supposed QB gurus, and now this, just in time for the roster to start getting weaker with age AND their young probably-a-stud QB to get paid.

Irsay shenanigans aside, I totally get why other fanbases are sick of the Colts and their luck (despite their own mismanagement) and why they'd rightly point at Luck's surprise retirement being entirely fair to that fanbase; Nevermind having Andrew Luck fall into their lap they way they did, this is a complete list of the coaches and show runners they've had in their division in since Tom Coughlin left Jacksonville:

- Gary Kubiak
- Bill O'Brien

- Jack Del Rio
- Mike Mularkey
- Gus Bradley
- Doug Marrone

- Jeff Fisher
- Mike Munchak
- Ken Whisenhunt
- Mike Mularkey AGAIN for some reason
- Mike Vrabel

(Nevermind the parade of overdrafted quarterbacks too... Gabbert AND Bortles. Locker, Mettenberger, Vince Young. Osweiler. Wasting Mariota's talent. Etcetera.)

So even though the Colts themselves had Dungy at his most conservative, an even more conservative than that Jim Caldwell, and the likable joke that was Pagano... their list of coaches still easily tops the division. Who's the best among the rest of this group? We still don't know much about Vrabel, and there's not too much bad to say about Bradley, I guess... Suddenly Jack Del Rio looks pretty good, huh. And just when you thought Bill O'Brien couldn't get any more stubborn about the wrong things, they give him even more power and as his first series of moves, he goes and does this...

Goodness. This is just an absurd bit of fortune for Colts (and Titans, and maybe also Jaguars) fans. Each of the other three teams still has talent and some reason for optimism, but the Colts are absolutely still in the race, even without Luck, and there's very little reason to think that Houston isn't going to descend very rapidly in future years after this one. It seems pretty obvious that Caserio has worn out his welcome in NE after his contract ends, but even with the spot in Houston obviously wide open for him, he'd be wise to turn it down, just as others above have mentioned. What a disaster. I've had some Pats fans get very angry with me when I mention the luck they've had in their division, but if there's a 2nd luckiest team in that regard it is absolutely the Indianapolis Colts. I can't think of any other team with an edge that even comes close, unless you want to just give a huge boost to all three other AFC North teams just for getting to play against the Browns twice a year for 2 decades.

The best part of all this is that they likely still will win 7-11 games, which could keep O'Brien's job safe, which will just further ensure that they'll never be a serious contender for anything. 

57 "Chance favors the prepared mind"

a quote from Louis Pasteur.   The Patriots had some luck in their divisional foes; the Jets not having a good quarterback and a good coach at the same time, Pennington's injuries (which are partially Herm Edwards' fault- he left Pennington in a preseason game when Mawae, the center, was not playing, and of course the back-up center's guy broke Pennington's wrist), Nick Saban not working out in Miami, Buffalo's combination of bad luck and bad management.  But back in the mid 2000s, this idea would have been absurd.  The AFC East had 3 of the top 6 slots in the 2004 DVOA sweepstakes.  The coaches the Pats had to deal with may be worse than your list above; early Jeff Fisher was pretty good, Kubiak won a Super Bowl and Jack Del Rio was part of a Raider resurgence that got submarined by one off year and Mark Davis' foolishness.  The AFC East had Rex Ryan, and, and, and...   That should not take away from the fact that the Patriots are most definitely prepared.

66 " there's not too much bad…

" there's not too much bad to say about Bradley, I guess. "


Did you say what you meant to say?  Bradley has a .226 career winning percentage with double-digit losses in all 4 seasons as head coach.  Which is even more impressive when you see that his final season was only 14 games.

58 I don't get how the league…

I don't get how the league can clown Hue Jackson for not starting Baker Mayfield, but Bill OB gets a pass on all of his QB blunders, the most recent of which, as you pointed out, was leaving Watson on the bench until events forced his hand.  


But, in truth, I've spent much of the last 5 years watching Bill make decisions and asking my GF "How do they not just fire him for this?"  

59 The reason Hue Jackson is…

The reason Hue Jackson is rightly pilloried is his two year record with the Browns was an amazing 1-31! Bill O'Brien, rightly or wrongly, has at least made the playoffs three times in his tenure, something Hue Jackson never came close to doing.

Now I get it. Hue had a weaker team, the front office was intentionally tanking while O'Brien got the crappy afc South plus he had a talented roster...I'm not here to proclaim BOB a better coach than Hue(though frankly, what evidence suggests Hue isn't the worst coach of all time?), only to say why BOB has escaped the Hue Jackson level parody. 

67 Hue DID have an 8-8 season…

Hue DID have an 8-8 season with Oakland.  Something guys like Gus Bradley, Dave Shula and Marion Campbell can only dream of.  (Not counting the one-and-done guys like Cam Cameron and Steve Wilks.)

60 Good coaches can fail…

Good coaches can fail because if bad luck, because their system doesnt fit the time or nfl, because they are better coordinators than head coaches, and many other reasons.

Then there are bad coaches who succeed because they get a talented roster put together by the previous coach, because they have a good management and organization around them (Tomlin).

But then there are bad coaches who dont have luck, dont fit the nfl, cant lead, dont have an organization around them and are just completely clueless. That was Hue.


37 Jesus wept. Presumably Cal…

Jesus wept. Presumably Cal McNair is on board with this insanity, which implies he's really committed to O'Brien. What a clusterfuck.

46 I was thinking about the…

I was thinking about the Texans a bit a few weeks ago and just how talented I thought they were. They have some really good Frontline talent and a lot of holes elsewhere. Then you remember why. They traded a 2nd rounder to get rid of Osweiler and then traded 2 first for Watson. Those moves paired with today's are indicative of a team that either doesn't value first rounders much or is always believing they are one star away from a title.

And yet the furthest they got was a drubbing by the Patriots in the divisional round after beating the Derrick Carr less Raiders.

50 Texans thoughts

It's like O'Brien looks across town and thought "Man, those Astros are always trading for players and this city loves them for it. I'll bet if I trade for players they'll love me too!!!"

51 Texans thoughts

It's like O'Brien looks across town and thought "Man, those Astros are always trading for players and this city loves them for it. I'll bet if I trade for players they'll love me too!!!"

52 Texans thoughts

It's like O'Brien looks across town and thought "Man, those Astros are always trading for players and this city loves them for it. I'll bet if I trade for players they'll love me too!!!"

53 Texans thoughts

It's like O'Brien looks across town and thought "Man, those Astros are always trading for players and this city loves them for it. I'll bet if I trade for players they'll love me too!!!"

61 A long year for Miami, but that's every season it seems so meh

The word is Miami just got an offer they couldn't refuse and took it. Fans seem pleased that they got a lot for one of the teams few assets. They have no NFL caliber LT on the roster. But they already had no NFL caliber RT on the roster so ouch to whomever QBs this team (My guess is there will be multiple starters due to QB injuries). The biggest worry if you're a Miami fan is the massive post camp cuts. It's pretty clear Miami had the wrong guys in camp to run whatever it is the new coach wants to run. Now the team has tons of new faces that didn't spend time in camp and will have to learn the schemes and calls. Look for a dreadful start. If the injury bug hits and these new guys need to see the field early, particularly on the Oline, we might see epic failure. Now I get tanking, but you have to wonder if the new coach understands 0-16 head coaches tend not to survive no matter what's in the plan. There's taking an offer you couldn't pass up, and then there's looking like you were clueless on player acquisition Feb through July and have to make up for it one week before opening day! If that's the new direction of the team, the team must really, really suck. I've never been less ready for some football than this season. That's for sure.

71 Agree that they need Ross to be patient;

The only coach to survive a 1-15 tankathon and make it out the other end was Jimmy Johnson.  Hue did survive 1-31, but the Browns did can Sashi Brown.  I'm also disappointed because I was hoping for a couple of years of Darnold and Rosen going against each other like O'Brien and Marino, and I doubt Rosen is surviving this year in Miami.