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Patriots Trade Demaryius Thomas to Jets

Thomas did not play in Week 1 due to a hamstring injury. The Jets will be his fourth team in the past 10 months or so.


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43 Yes, there is human…

Yes, there is human trafficking. No, Kraft had no reason to think that the women he was paying were being trafficked, and they were not.


34 I've had a pretty dim view…

I've had a pretty dim view of how the Pats have handled various matters through the years, but Kraft's prostitution bust, in terms of the resources expended to establish that an appreciative  Kraft paid some cash to some middle aged appreciative women for some sexual gratification, was just too stupid for words.

49 The police work on that case…

The police work on that case was poor, because they concentrated on charging the women working there.  If you're trying to stop human trafficking, the police have to get the sex workers to turn on their 'employers'.  And you are correct, that it appears to not be a case of human trafficking.  The sex workers from the massage parlor seem to still be dealing with charges though; Kraft hasn't done a damn thing to help them in this case.  The police are just making their lives worse.


All that said, the most idiotic action was Bob Kraft going to Orchid of Asia to get a happy ending massage, on the day of the AFC championship, when he has a model for a part-time girlfriend and oodles of money to invite an escort over to have the same experience or better somewhere he would know wouldn't be under surveillance, his home probably.  This has to be the stupidest thing an NFL owner has done this off-season, and the current Jets owner hired Adam Gase.

6 DT is an iron man

D.T. was the only reason I had to not hate the Pates this year. So much for that!

55 People on the Gang Green…

People on the Gang Green Nation website are saying that Darnold got mono from Thomas; Pats just traded Thomas to Jets, within two days Darnold has mono.

56 I can imagine the…

I can imagine the conversation between Belichick and Thomas.

BB: OK Demaryius, we've decided to trade you to the Jets.  But don't worry; you don't have to actually play for them.  I just want you to get close enough to Darnold to infect him with mononucleosis.  Then, right before Brown gets suspended, we'll trade him to the Jets for you.  Got it?

DT: Uh, coach, I'm not sure this is such a good idea.  I mean, I don't even have mono.

BB: Oh, don't worry about that.  Just stop by the team doctor on your way to the airport.

DT: But...

BB: No more buts! Around here, it's my way or the highway.  Got it?

DT: Uh... Yeah, I guess so.

BB: Good.  That's the Patriot Way!


58 And with the latest text messages

I'd wager we've seen the last of Antonio Brown this season. At this point, I think he's just too stupid to play for Belichick.