Sunday NFL Liveblog: Bills, Dolphins Fight for the AFC East

Dolphins RB Chase Edmonds
Dolphins RB Chase Edmonds
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 3 - No lead is safe! Week 2 saw three different teams erase massive second-half deficits to pull off upsets, and multiple other teams come close. Will Week 3 finally provide some order and logic to the league? Signs currently point to no. The Dolphins and Bills are battling for first place in the AFC East! Two playoff teams from last year, the Titans and Raiders, are playing each other to avoid going to 0-3! Your defending AFC champion Bengals are trying to avoid becoming the fourth team to lose three consecutive games as 6+ point favorites! It's been a crazy season to date, and there's no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

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We have a full set of 13 games happening during the liveblog today:

Early Window

  • Ravens (-2.5) @ Patriots
  • Chiefs (-5.5) @ Colts
  • Texans (+3) @ Bears
  • Lions (+6) @ Vikings
  • Raiders (-2) @ Titans
  • Saints (-2) @ Panthers
  • Bills (-4.5) @ Dolphins
  • Bengals (-6.5) @ Jets
  • Eagles (-6) @ Commanders

Late Window

  • Jaguars (+3.5) @ Chargers
  • Packers (+1) @ Buccaneers
  • Rams (-3.5) @ Cardinals
  • Falcons (+1) @ Seahawks

The night is capped off with the 49ers at the Broncos. We won't be liveblogging that -- I'll shift over the the Discord server for the late night window -- but this will serve as the open thread for discussion of that game, too.

Live updates will begin approximately one hour before game time. You have to refresh to see the latest posts and updates; each will be timestamped so you can quickly find where you left off.

Saturday Night: Early Window Headlines

On paper, it's hard to argue with Bills-Dolphins being the game of the week; the only matchup of undefeated teams this week, winner to take sole possession of first place in the AFC East. The Dolphins haven't actually managed to beat the Bills since 2018, and it hasn't been particularly close most of the time, either. But Buffalo's coming in with a banged-up secondary; Dane Jackson and Micah Hyde are both out, while Jordan Poyer is listed as questionable. That's going to make dealing with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle all the more difficult, as Miami has shown over the first two weeks that they're willing and able to air out the ball, as wobbly as Tua Tagovailoa's passes might be. On the other hand, Miami's currently ranked 31st in pass defense DVOA, which seems less than ideal for matching up with Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Expect fireworks in this one, in other words.

I find myself drawn almost as much to the Ravens-Patriots matchup, with only the winner remaining in playoff position in the jam-packed AFC. Whichever team loses is in some significant trouble, and at least a week's worth of worried headlines. "What's wrong with the Ravens secondary?" the papers will ask if Baltimore repeats the level of coverage that saw Miami throw for 469 yards a week ago. "How on Earth did we let Matt Patricia run an offense?" we'll shout if the growing pains of the Patriots' offense continues. Keep an eye on Lamar Jackson's elbow -- he's cleared to go, but spent one day during open practice conspicuously not throwing. Could be a storyline, there.

Are the Colts really going to enter October without a win? It looks exceedingly likely with the Chiefs coming to town. It's hard to imagine the team who has scored the fewest points in the league matching up against Patrick Mahomes and company coming off of the mini-bye. At least the Colts will get Michael Pittman back, but Shaq Leonard is still out. Mahomes hasn't had fantastic games against the Colts in his career; he was sacked four times in each of his previous two matchups against Indianapolis. But barring a surprise, the Chiefs will likely share the top spot in the conference with the Bills/Dolphins winner, setting up a potential huge matchup in Week 6 between Buffalo and Kansas City.

The NFC has notable games, as well. The Saints and Panthers feature the movable object versus the stoppable force when Carolina has the ball. The Panthers rank 27th in adjusted sack rate on offense, having already allowed six sacks. The Saints rank 32nd in adjusted sack rate on defense, with just one sack to their name. Something has to give here, and the winner of that battle might well be the winner of this game. Something to watch out for is Christian McCaffrey's alignment. Dan Orlovsky claims there's a tell in Carolina's sets - when McCaffrey lines up behind Baker Mayfield, it's a run or RPO; when he lines up next to Mayfield, it's a pass. Matt Rhule calls that absolute nonsense. Pay attention to where CMC lines up when Carolina has the ball to see if there's any smoke to this fire -- I'm guessing it's much easier to rush the passer when you know whether or not a play is going to be a pass.

And, of course, there's the Carson Wentz bowl, with the Commanders hosting the Eagles. Philadelphia has a chance to take sole possession of first place in the conference with a win. Whether that's more or less then thumping their old quarterback or their long-time divisional rivals remains a question for the reader. Seeing as how the Eagles put up tons of explosive plays, and the Commanders give up more than their fair share of explosive plays, I don't like the looks of this one for the home team, but crazier things have, in fact, happens.

Elsewhere, the Titans and Raiders battle to avoid going 0-3 the year after a playoff run; the Bengals try to keep Joe Burrow upright for just 30 seconds against the Jets, the Lions try to turn our Week 3 upset pick into reality against the Vikings, and the Bears and Texans battle in a game that will be watched by dozens.

11:12 AM: Jaguars at Chargers

The biggest question mark as we approach game time is the status of Justin Herbert. Still reeling from his rib injuries from Thursday night, Herbert is a true game-time decision. He'll decide during pregame warmups whether or not to take a pain-killing injection to allow him to try to play against the Jaguars.

The last time a Chargers quarterback took a pain-killing injection, Tyrod Taylor had his lung pierced by the Chargers doctors, and some backup named "Justin Herbert" had to come in to save the day. I'm sure the odds against that happening again are about a zillion to one, but still.

11:30 AM: Bills at Dolphins

This isn't great against any team, of course, but against someone with a background from as creative of an offense as Mike McDaniel, it's significantly less than ideal -- a lot of motion, a lot of confusion, and not a lot of experience in your secondary to keep everything clean and clear. We're just going off of one big Tua Tagovailoa week here, but if there was ever room cleared for an upset, it's here.

11:42 AM: Early-Window Inactives

Among the bigger names out in the early window are Saints TE(QB?) Taysom Hill, Patriots WR Jakobi Meyers, Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow, Titans WR Kyle Phillips, Bills S Jordan Poyer.

Honestly, a lot more to watch out for in the late window, though the Saints' offensive situation is worth watching.

12:10 PM: Eagles at Commanders

Plenty of Philly fans have made the trip to Washington to watch their former quarterback.  Let's see how they're treating him.

...To shreds, you say?  Well, how will the Washington secondary hold up today?

...To shreds, you say?

12:12 PM: Football Outsiders Staff

Dave Bernreuther: This might be the first time since I moved down here that I actually agree with the locals (and Bryan) about this [Dolphins-Patriots] being the game of the week. I'm actually very eager to watch it closely, although the Colts-Chiefs may still inhabit my main screen, at least until it gets out of hand. There was a giant Bills Mafia gathering up the road in Fort Lauderdale yesterday along the ocean. Had I known in advance, I might have headed up there. I own a pair of Bills shorts from back home so I could've blended in.

More people should agree with me; it would save me a bunch of time. Though, actually, I'm a little more interested in watching the Ravens-Patriots game.  Aaron's there in person to get the lay of the land.

12:27 PM: Ravens at Patriots

There was much concern earlier this week when Lamar Jackson showed up at practice in a sleeve and didn't throw at all in the public portion of warmups. John Harbaugh's response to how Jackson was feeling was along the lines of "he'll play" without any further details.

Well, Jackson's in New England and looks ready to go, at least. Bullet dodged for the Ravens?

Getting JK Dobbins back for the first time in over 600 days should help, too.

12:36 PM: Discord Jokes

In the FO Discord, things are getting a little punchy after NFL Network reported that Zac Taylor and the Bengals were looking to get Ja'Marr Chase involved today.

The Possum: Maybe they’ll involve Joe Burrow too. It’s not reported anywhere though so I doubt it.

TroublesomeCadaver: That noodle armed game manager? You kidding me?

The Possum: You’re right. Only Chase has been reported so I think it’ll just be a lot of direct snaps to him\

TroublesomeCadaver: Have they mentioned who will be taking the role of the five ineligibles on the line?

The Possum: A coach has got to hold something back from the media. Fielding a center is just the kind of trickery and subterfuge that’ll get the Bengals back on track.

The over/under for total sacks in the Jets/Bengals game is 5.5, by the way. Take the over.

12:41 PM: Think of the Children!

Tom Brady continues to influence the league.

The NFL surely can't afford to buy a new tablet. I mean, do they think they're made of money?

1:03 PM: Texans at Bears

We'll probably spend about three seconds talking about this game today, but the Bears are in their throwbacks, and I love them, so there.

If you can't play good, at least look good.

1:06: Chiefs at Colts

Dave Bernreuther: 0-2-1 here we come!

A lot of Colts fans spent the last week crying for heads to roll at 0-1-1, and while anything can happen, this defense isn't ready to stop Mahomes just yet. This isn't going to be another one of those 19-13 games like a few years ago unless Gus Bradley breaks years of tendencies. In Vegas last year, they barely slowed the Chiefs.

The Colts started slowly in each of the last two games, and of course finished slowly last week too. To have any prayer today they need to come out of the gates quickly... so naturally the first play is a dropped pass, the predictable 2nd down Taylor run leaves 3rd-and-long, and the Colts will punt it away immediately after a Justin Reid blitz left Ryan without any options. Great start!

But wait, Dave -- the Chiefs muff the punt, and the Colts get an immediate red zone opportunity!  Ryan finds Jelani Woods in the back of the end zone for a score, and it's 7-0 Colts early in the first!

1:13 PM: Triple Box

The battle of 0-2 teams sees first blood go to Tennessee.

Derrick Henry had 45 of the Titans' 75 yards on that opening drive, and I'd imagine that ratio should continue throughout this game.

And while I'm typing all that up, we see scores in two more significant games -- both the Bills and Bengals end up scoring, on 4th and 3rd down respectively. Tee Higgins looked like he had one of the best catches of the year, but his heel came down just a tad too early. No worries, the Bengals will just score on the next play.

And the Bills now have scored an opening drive touchdown in eight straight games, as both teams take early 7-0 leads.

Tons of early action.

1:19 PM: Ravens at Patriots

Live updates from our man on the scene, Aaron Schatz:

Aaron Schatz: The Ravens motioned a guy out of the backfield on their first three plays (Dobbins twice, Likely once) so I wonder if they'll just keep doing it this drive.  Lamar Jackson escaped from two sacks on that last series, one a dropped pass by Mark Andrews and the other a scramble to convert third-and-5.

Cale Clinton: Missing Ronnie Staley has to hurt this Ravens team, but I didn't think it would be this bad. Baltimore's adjusted sack rate through two games is 3.6% (4th-best in NFL) through two games. New England's been in the backfield on what feels like every Ravens dropback. If Judon or someone could get home, this would be a lot worse for Baltimore. Credit to Jackson for his elite pressure avoidance.

Still 0-0, with a fumble and a punt being the action early on.

1:20 PM: Eagles at Commanders

Mike Tanier: Wentz update: I feel like I am being pandered to

Wentz has already been sacked three times.  There's 8:19 left in the first quarter.

1:21 PM: Lions at Vikings

Dan Campbell walks the walk.  4th-and-5 from the Vikings 31?  Look for Amon-Ra St. Brown!

They score a play later, and it's 7-0 Lions.  Upset watch...

1:24 PM: Ravens at Patriots

Aaron Schatz: Daniel Faalele, the fourth-string left tackle, now in for Ravens. Just gave up a sack to Deitrich Wise.

That is definitely something to watch going forward, but Lamar Jackson is still Lamar Jackson.

Cale Clinton: Is there an uptick in goal line shovel passes? Lamar Jackson hits Mark Andrews with one for the touchdown. Maybe the Mahomes Week 1 shovel to CEH is still stuck in my mind, but I feel like I've seen it as a more prominent goal line play call this year

7-0 Ravens, late in the first quarter.

1:27 PM: Texans at Bears

We were talking in Discord about how the Bears are averaging just 14 pass attempts per game, by far the lowest in the league. Well, they're on pace for 40 today, albeit with only 20 completions.  But who needs completions when Fields can scramble out of trouble?  Or, for that matter, when you're playing the Houston Texans. Just run it down their throats.

10-0, midway through the first.

1:29 PM: Saints at Panthers

Carolina is going to need some lucky breaks to keep up with the Saints today.

That'll count, for sure. Remember that Alvin Kamara is banged up, though I don't know how much that effected him on that play.

1:33 PM: Bills at Dolphins

Big defensive play to get Miami the ball in the red zone; intense pressure forces a Josh Allen fumble in the worst part of the field.

A few plays later, Miami punches it in to tie at 7.  Game, joined.

1:36 PM: Chiefs at Colts

And speaking of games being joined, the Chiefs have found the end zone.

Mike Tanier: Colts offense is once again an Arrested Development meme.

Dave Berenreuther: Sky Moore not being able to see the football has certainly not helped, but so far, this is the Colts team that the optimists among us thought we could see. Plus I laid down just an epic reverse jinx with my earlier comments, so you have me to thank as well. Let's. not get too far ahead of ourselves though. Absent that muffed punt, this is a scoreless game. The Colts offense has a few first downs, but they're still several steps shy of what I'd call "good." With that fourth down play being a prime example.

That "fourth down play" involved the Colts deciding not to do any pass protection whatsoever; Matt Ryan was absolutely destroyed.

Cale Clinton: This was the Cols team I thought we'd see as well, it's just such a far departure than what was on tape last week that I'm just taken aback. I'm just waiting for Reid/Bienemy to run one play action pass and have 8 of 11 Colts defenders bite on it

Well, it's not play action, but, well, you can't leave Travis Kelce this open.

The extra point is missed (remember, backup kicker!), so the Colts still have a lead, 7-6.

1:44 PM: Bengals at Jets

Cale Clinton: Sauce Gardner on Ja'Marr Chase has been an awesome matchup so far.

Not quite as an awesome a matchup: anyone covering Tyler Boyd today. After getting a toe-tip touchdown overturned earlier in the game, Boyd makes up for it by just turning on the gas.

Cale Clinton: Just bad, bad tackling by the Jets on that Tyler Boyd touchdown. Whitehead tried to lean his shoulder into the guy, Boyd just rolls off it and carries it to the house. Whitehead practically pulled Carter II off the play too. The Franklin-Myers flag is really felt on a play like that one.

1:47 PM: Too Many Touchdowns.

What do you do when you're 0-2?  You pull out the bottom of the playbook.

That leads to a touchdown, and cuts the lead to 14-10, Titans.

But while that is happening, Carson Wentz gets sacked for the fifth time today, fumbles, and the Eagles end up turning that into points.  10-0 Eagles.

Vince Verhei: That’s now FIVE sacks for Wentz not even a minute into the second quarter, with a funny-looking fumble on this one to boot. Dallas Goedert then takes a screen pass 20-some yards for the score, putting the Eagles up 10-0.

But while that is happening, the Lions punch it in again -- 17 consecutive quarters with a touchdown, thanks to yet another Dan Campbell fourth-down conversion.  14-0 Lions, as the upset watch continues!

1:52 PM: Bills at Dolphins

Ian McKenzie is beginning to heat up. On that last Bills drive, he had three receptions for 42 yards and a touchdown;  he's now leading this game in receiving yards early in the second quarter. Raise your hand if you had THAT in a game with Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle and Stefon Diggs.  14-7 Bills.

1:54 PM: Various Football Outsiders Thoughts

Catching up on some of the content from the Discord.

Dave Bernreuther [IND-KC]: Everyone noticed that Michael Pittman Jr was back for the Colts, but the rookie Alec Pierce also missed last week and returned today, so it shouldn't be too surprising that the Colts can actually pick up a first down here and there today.

Their pass protection still leaves a lot to be desired, though, and I think they know it, because they're calling an awful lot of immediate and behind-the-line passes so far. The latest one, like those before it, went nowhere, and Chase McLaughlin makes his first attempt as a Colt, so they at least got some points on the board on a drive that covered a decent portion of the field

Vince Verhei [DET-MIN]: D’Andre Swift appears to run for a first down on third-and-4, but the Vikings challenge and actually win the spot reversal, and it’s fourth-and-1. Lions bring in the sixth lineman, but it’s a play-action pass and Goff hits Josh Reynolds for a 17-yard gain. That sets up Goff’s red zone touchdown to T.J. Hockenson and the Lions go up 14-0. Our favorite upset pick is looking good so far!

Cale Clinton: [DET-MIN]: The thing is: Jared Goff isn't even playing poorly. 11th in DYAR and DVOA so far (but 25th in EPA+CPOE composite). He's really benefitting from the group around him, but he's hitting his shots.

Dave Bernreuther [CAR-NO]: Baker Mayfield is throwing short passes over guys' heads and averaging 2.5 yards per attempt and the Panthers are still up two scores. I am not regretting picking the Saints as an underachieving team ten quarters into the season.

Vince Verhei [BUF-MIA]: One thing’s clear in this Bills-Dolphins game: Miami is content to live and die by the blitz. Jevon Holland was unblocked on the third-down sack-fumble that set up their only touchdown so far. Next drive, they’re sending every Miami resident since Crockett & Tubbs at Josh Allen, but he’s finding the open short games and patiently marching down the field. That includes the third-and-goal touchdown to Isaiah McKenzie that puts Buffalo up 14-7.

1:57 PM: Raiders at Titans

The death of Derrick Henry has been erroniously reported.  11 rushes, 64 yards and a touchdown already for Henry, with 42 more yards through the air, as the Raiders have no answer for him. Of all the players in the NFL, he's probably the one I'd least want to try to stop, and the Raiders defense seems to agree with me on that.  It's 21-10 Titans, as maybe Tennessee will find a way to give the AFC South another win.

2:05 PM: Everything Everywhere All At Once

Alright, let's try to keep up with what's going on:

  • The Vikings score with Kirk Cousins throwing a touchdown from the 1 yard line.  Cousins over 2.5 touchdowns was my prop bet of the week -- no way he could throw as many interceptions as he did last week at the goal line, right? Well, he almost threw another one, but the Vikings have cut the lead to 14-7, Detroit.
  • The Bengals are stopped inside the red zone, and have to settle for a scardy-cat field goal to extend their lead to 17-3.

Cale Clinton: Burrow is doing a much better job evading pressure than he did the last two weeks. It certainly helps not playing a DPOY candidate, but the Jets defensive linemen are no slouches

  • Tua and the Dolphins march right back down the field, with Tagovailoa throwing an absolute bullet into the end zone to tie this game back at 14 in a game that's living up to its billing
  • The Ravens continue to have injury problems. Again. This time, it's Michael Pierce being taken off the field.  To add insult to injury, Lamar Jackson throws a pick, and the Patriots are able to run all over the now-depleted Ravens front to take a 10-7 lead.
  • Injuries to receivers around the league -- Garrett Wilson and Tee Higgins both look to be out, and Amon-Ra St. Brown also has left the game.  Eesh.
  • The Texans feed Damien Pierce over and over and over, and they now have a 14-10 lead over the Bears.
  • In Carolina-New Orleans, well...

Dave Berenreuther: Shaq Thompson just dropped what might have been a pick-6 on a ball Winston threw blindly due to an unblocked Damien Wilson in his face. Saints punt it away instead.

Vince Verhei: From what I have seen of this, Winston has been leaving the pocket almost immediately a lot today. Haven’t been watching closely enough to see if it’s pressure, designed rollouts, or if he’s just bailing out of the pocket as soon as the ball is snapped.

Taking some deep breaths as we try to keep track of all this.  Hectic early window so far!

2:18 PM: Eagles at Commanders

Well, Mike Tanier is having a good day.  Six first half sacks already on Wentz.

The Eagles turn that into points, and it's 17-0.  Commanders need to get things straightened out and soon.

2:19 PM: Chiefs at Colts

Dave's trying to chat through the pain.

Dave Bernreuther: Punting to the end opposite the Lucas Oil Stadium window has been a huge edge so far in this game. In the first quarter, Moore muffed the one and lost the other, which was downed inside the one, and now with the directions flipped, the Chiefs do the same, downing the ball at the one after what appeared in this case to be more the result of a great punt than a visibility issue.

Alec Pierce outjumps Jaylen Watson on a pretty poor throw down the sideline from Ryan to get the Colts out of the end zone. I don't think Pierce is going to be a star or anything, but he's a big dude, and if he can go up and get them like that then he could definitely be a problem.

Every time you start thinking that Matt Ryan still has the mind even as his body slows down... he does something like that, rolling to his left and just not sensing the defender at all. Turned his body right into him and made it into about the easiest forced fumble you'll ever see. That's his second of the game (the first was on a 4th down, so slightly less damaging). And now the Chiefs are at the goal line, and just for good measure, Gilmore just went to the locker room for the Colts.

My expectation for Ryan this year was that he could roughly resemble Philip Rivers from two years ago. So far... he's been a lot closer to Wentz.

The Chiefs score a touchdown during all that to make things 12-10, Chiefs. They go for two, and it's ruled good on the field, but it looks like that will be overturned here.

2:21 PM: Quarterback Problems in Miami and Los Angeles

Tua Tagovailoa has hit his head on the ground and is down.  Teddy Bridgewater is in while Tagovailoa is going to be in the concussion protocol.  We'll see what happens coming out of the locker room at half.

Aaron Schatz: You can make all the rules you want about how guys hit each other and you'll never change the fact that ground is hard.

And for the Chargers, it's officially the Chase Daniel show, as Justin Herbert will not be starting today after his rib injuries on Thursday night.

2:23 PM: Lions at Vikings

Live by the fourth-down conversion; die by the fourth-down conversion. The Lions try play action and fail on 4th and 1 at midfield, and the Vikings are able to convert a fourth down of their own to march the ball down the field. Dalvin Cook scores, and we're knotted at 14 as the second quarter winds to an end.

2:27 PM: Ravens at Patriots:

Aaron Schatz: Halftime for the Patriots and Ravens, 14-13 Ravens. It's close because so many injuries for the Ravens. Calais Campbell, Justin Houston, Michael Pierce, Patrick Mekari. Jackson looks a little bit discombobulated but the Patriots can't cover Mark Andrews. And the Ravens running game finally started getting some yardage in the second quarter, including a sweet zone-read keeper from Jackson. The injuries for the Ravens make this feel like a very balanced matchup. I don't think it would be if all those players were in the game.

Jose21Crisis: Lamarball do be fun to watch. Macball works, it moves. And there were ... like ... 20 Ravens injuries per play, on both sides.

Cale Clinton: I will never understand Kendrick Bourne's absence through the first two weeks. Back-to-back catches in this game for 32 yards help New England get into field goal range with 1 second left in the half. So far, he's got 6 catches on 7 targets for 89 yards through 3 games. Played FIVE offensive snaps through the first two games.

2:28 PM: Saints at Panthers

Vince Verhei: At halftime, Baker Mayfield is 7-of-13 for 44 yards and has given half that yardage back on three sacks. Panthers still lead by two scores.

2:33 PM: Eagles at Commanders

Dave Bernreuther: I think I'm going to do Eagles fans a favor and turn off that game. I swear... I've watched seven plays with them on offense and it's all seven of Hurts's incompletions. When I'm not paying attention, he's piling up the yards and points.

Vince Verhei: It worked!

And on fourth down, Smith pulls down a fourth-down contested catch for the score.  I know what we saw last week, but I'm calling this one over.

2:37 PM: More Football Outsiders Thoughts

Dave Bernreuther: So, the good news: The Colts scored ten points in the first half. Progress! The bad news: the touchdown came on a 4-yard drive, and they're down 14-10 and missing two starting DBs (although Gilmore did at least come back to the bench, so maybe he might get back in there).

Cale Clinton: Morbidly curious what this Jets team looks like with Zach Wilson back at starter. Jets O looks anemic today, and while Wilson can throw deeper and improvise a bit with his legs, how much has his accuracy improved since last season? Range of outcomes as wide as the Grand Canyon

Vincent Verhei: Wow, that’s an amazing fourth-down go by Philadelphia. Ball’s at the 2, half is about to end, you’re already up 17-0. But they turn down the field goal and it pays off. 24-0 and we’re over by halftime.

Mike Tanier: Slim Reaper Skinny Batman bailing Coach Dudebro out

...No, I have no idea what that last one refers to, either.

2:39 PM: Bills at Dolphins

This was probably not an intentional fake spike -- the Bills are working with a backup center, and the snap was botched here. Still, you'd like to see Allen have the presence of mind to throw this one at the feet of Diggs so they could get a field goal attempt.  Instead, it's 14-14 in the Game of the Week.

2:41 PM: Eagles at Commanders

Vince Verhei: HALFTIME WENTZ REPORT: 24 yards gained on three completions; 40 yards lost on six sacks.

Cale Clinton: Washington with more sacks allowed (6) than first downs earned (5) in this first half

PVBurton: So what your reporting is 0 INTs this far?

Way to keep it positive.

2:42 PM: Jaguars at Chargers

Contradicting earlier reports, it looks like Justin Herbert WILL, in fact, start. Keep an eye on this one.

2:46 PM: Patriots at Ravens

The Patriots are beginning to jump all over the injured Ravens. They are targeting whoever Brandon Stephens is targeting, usually DeVante Parker, and its working. They dodged a bullet when Patrick Queen dropped what looked like a sure pick-six, but that just means it's a 14-point swing as they score a play later to make it 20-14, Patriots, early in the third quarter.

2:49 PM: Injury Reports

Tua Tagovailoa is back in for the Dolphins, which seems hard to believe seeing how woozy he was when he left at the end of the first half.

Meanwhile, Jarvis Landry has gone into the blue medical tent as injuries to receivers keep piling up today.

2:56 PM: Texans at Bears

Justin Fields is just 5-for-12 for 65 yards, but Khail Herbert has 119 yards on the ground, so he's bailing out his passing game just a tad here. 

The Bears are back on top, 19-17, in arguably the least important game of the early window.

2:58 PM: Ravens at Patriots

The Ravens do answer the Patriots' score, marching right back down the field with a big pass to Devin Duvernay and a gashing run by Justice Hill. Lamar Jackson throws his third touchdown of the day -- all to tight ends -- and Baltimore regains the lead, 21-20.

3:00 PM: Chiefs at Colts

Dave Bernreuther: Clyde Edwards-Helaire now has three catches out of the backfield for more yards than the entire team has produced on the ground. I am enjoying the fact that the Chiefs routinely run plays with three-hyphenated last names, but it makes me sad that they no longer employ guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. Re-signing him would be worth it for the comedy. For good measure, the Chiefs ought to come out for warmups one of these weeks with everyone on the team sporting a hyphenated last name. Lots of work for the equipment manager, I'm sure, but it would entertain me, so clearly it'd be worth it.

Gilmore is back, and on consecutive plays he and Ngakoue make themselves known and affect Mahomes' throws. No matter, though, as the Chiefs go for a 4th-and-1 and convert on a fullback dive. The Colts really need to keep them to a field goal here or else this could get away from them.

The Colts do, in fact, keep Kansas City to a field goal, so it's just 17-10 midway through the third. Closer than a lot of us would have had it!

3:04 PM: Bengals at Jets

Not closer than a lot of us would have had it? Bengals-Jets. A Trey Hendrickson strip-sack of Flacco sets up a touchdown pass to Ja'Marr Chase, it's 27-9, and this one's over. I mean, what are the odds the Jets can make a miracle comeback over a team from Ohio? Never happened in history, I'm sure.

3:11 PM: Ravens at Patriots

Have a day, Devin Duvernay. Duvernay had a 43-yard punt return to set the Ravens up in great field position. Then Lamar Jackson runs for 38 yards up the middle, Duverney takes the ball around end to set up a goal lineplay, and Jackson hits Duvernay for his league-leading fourth touchdown of the year.  28-20 Ravens, late in the third.

3:13 PM: Lions at Vikings

Make it 18 straight quarters with a touchdown for the Detroit Lions, with Jamal Williams scoring just before the end of the third to take a 24-14 lead.

And while we're talking about streaks, Amon-Ra St. Brown 'only' had five receptions; he'll need a few more in the fourth quarter to keep his NFL-record eight-reception streak alive.

Vince Verhei: Vikings have a fourth-and-12 at the Detroit 38, and they miss a 56-yard field goal. Now it’s Detroit’s turn to capitalize on a short field, and they do — five plays, 54 yards, seven points. Reynolds with the big play again, this time a 26-yarder, and then they go extra-lineman again, and Jamaal Williams runs in the touchdown for a 24-14 lead. Last year, Detroit was the good-bad team; this year, they are simply good. Like, “make the playoffs” good.

All hail Dan Campbell.

3:20 PM: Saints at Panthers

New Orleans finally managed to find the end zone! Jameis Winston finally put together a full, complete drive, going 7-for-8 for 83 yards before handing it off to Mark Ingram for the score.  The Saints have done nothing on offense all day...and are only trailing 13-7, as the Panthers only have 162 yards of offense.  Wellity, wellity, wellity...

3:23 PM: Texans at Bears

Dave Bernreuther: Justin Fields does not look good, and in this case I don't think it's just that I'm jinxing him when I look at that TV.

Fields threw his second ugly, ugly interception of the day.  He's 5-for-14 for 65 yards and two picks.  He's not cooked, but Fields' quality looks about the same as Soldier Field's quality back in Week 1.

3:25 PM: Ravens at Patriots

Aaron Schatz: The Patriots just feel like such an 8-8 team right now and it sucks we can't say that anymore, we have to say "9-8" or "8-9." But you know what I mean. This team doesn't suck but it just isn't good enough to beat the best teams in the league on your usual Sunday. It does some things well, some things badly, the QB is good but limited, it all just adds up to beige.

It's 31-20 Ravens, and things are getting bleak for the Pats.

3:26 PM: Saints at Panthers

And just when the Saints look like they have life, their top-projected defense ends up doing THIS to Laviska Shenault.

Embarrassing. 19-7, Panthers, and they need a response now.

3:29 PM: Chiefs at Colts

Vince Verhei: If you are the Detroit Lions, and your quarterback is Jared Goff, than the occasional fake field goal makes sense. If you are the Kansas City Chiefs, and your quarterback is Patrick Mahomes, you should never try a fake field goal. You have one of the best quarterbacks in the world! Let him throw it instead! The fake field goal fails, and the Colts take over.

Dave Bernreuther: They ran a flea flicker earlier in the drive too. This doesn't seem like the opponent or situation to necessitate either of those calls.

Still 17-13, early in the fourth quarter.

3:30 PM: Ravens at Patriots

More DeVante Parker on backup corner violence; he's up to five receptions for 156 yards.  The Patriots march back down the field, but it involves a panic-scramble-dash from Mac Jones on fourth down, and then a fumble to Jones on the two-point conversion.

Mike Tanier: Patriots gonna build a whole offense out of non repeatable events?

Windt: Mac jones, improvising scrambling chaos maker, as we all knew

That will make it 31-28 in what's been a bizarre game.

3:37 PM: Bills at Dolphins

Oh, sure, build an entire offense out of third-and-forever bombs. That'll work.

Dolphins re-take the lead, 21-17.

3:41 PM: Ravens at Patriots

Rashad Bateman fumbles, putting the Patriots into prime field position. Mac Jones looks for the end zone, fires...

Marlon Humphrey, saving the day.  Oh, and by the by, all four Mac Jones interceptions this season have come on targets to DeVante Parker.

Cale Clinton: That's what happens when you land the "contested catch guy." You're basically always throwing into a tight coverage

3:46 PM: Lions at Vikings

Vince Verhei: Lions punt on fourth-and-1 from their own 27. It’s not a good punt, and the Vikings start at their own 43. They quickly march 57 yards, helped out by a couple of defensive penalties. Cook gets his second rushing touchdown of the game, and the lead is cut to 24-21, not quite halfway through the fourth.

3:52 PM: Ravens at Patriots

The Patriots keep having chances to come back here, and keep giving it away. This time, it's a big strip by Kyle Hamilton, and a recovery from Marcus Peters on what would have been a huge pickup.

That hurts.

3:56 PM: Lions at Vikings

Vince Verhei: Lions drive after that Vikings touchdown: five runs in a row, pass to convert a third-and-8, run-pass-run to bring up a fourth-and-1 at the 30. They do NOT kick the field goal to turn a one-score lead into a one-score lead … but Jamaal Williams cuts to the right, where he has one blocker against three defenders, and he is stuffed. Minnesota now 70 yards away from the lead, probably 45 or so from the tie.

Win probability favors the Lions going for it, though obviously this will hurt if the Vikings come storming back.

3:59 PM: Texans at Bears

Best quarterback of the day for the Bears? Davis Mills.

Interceptions puts the Bears in field goal range, and they win, 23-20.

4:00 PM: Chiefs at Colts

The special teams failures for the Chiefs have officially come back to haunt them. The Colts take a 20-17 lead with 24 seconds remaining.

Vince Verhei: Amazing drive by Indianapolis. Get the ball back with 8:38 to go, drive 64 yards in 15 plays, take the lead, leave just 24 seconds for the Chiefs to tie. Ridiculous (in a good way!) clock consumption.

Dave Bernreuther; We've seen what the Chiefs can do in 24 seconds though...

4:03 PM: Chaos!

Mac Jones throws another interception, effectively ending this one.  But he goes straight to the locker room; he's hurt -- monitor THAT going forward.

For Buffalo, Josh Allen has a fourth-down and goal -- but he massively underthrows his receiver, and the Dolphins get the ball back with the lead!

And the Chiefs pick up a huge gain on their first play, but Patrick Mahomes ends up throwing his first interception of the season!  The Colts are 1-1-1 in one of the oddest lines we'll ever see.

Cale Clinton: The Witching Hour is challenging everything I thought I was certain of through two weeks. The Colts hold on, the Chiefs and Bills offenses were well-contained, Cincy only allowed two sacks so far without their starting tackle. Now all we need is for Denver to score 30+ points and not draw any delay of game penalties!

4:08 PM: More Chaos!

The Dolphins take that Bills four-and-out, and go three-and-out themselves.  They line up for a punt deep in their end zone---and kick it into their own man!  Safety!  That makes it 21-19, and a field goal would win the game for Buffalo.

And the Lions miss a field goal, so it's just a three-point lead; and the Raiders very nearly tie the game, but fail on the two point conversion.  Deep breaths, everyone.

4:11 PM: Lions at Vikings

Worst possible time for the Lions to have a blown coverage, as the Vikings take the lead with 45 seconds left!


4:14 PM: Chaos Ending

Wild, wild ending!  Josh Allen Houdinis his way out of pressure and completes a pass to McKenzie, but he can't get out of bounds!  Time runs out, the Dolphins win and are the only 3-0 team in the AFC. Wow.

Ken Dorsey is not happy.

And, meanwhile, Jared Goff improvises, throws a Hail Mary...and it's intercepted. A come-from-behind win for the Vikings! Wow.

Deep breath.

4:18 PM: Late Game Storylines

Injuries are already the primary story of the late slate.

Sean McVay has called the Rams' injury situation "COVID-esque", referring to their game against the Seahawks last season were they were missing 25 players. That's not the ideal vibes you want when going into a divisional matchup. The Rams will be missing Van Jefferson, Brian Allen, Cobie Durant and David Long for sure. They're down to five healthy cornerbacks -- Jalen Ramsey, Robert Rochell and Derion Kendrick will likely be the starting corners. The offensive line is piecemeal, they've signed rotational defenders off the street who are gong to play significant roles, they've brought back old faces like Malcolm Brown and Kendall Blanton to fill out the roster -- it's bad times for Los Angeles at the moment. In other words, the Cardinals have no excuses; this is their best possible chance for knocking off the defending Super Bowl champions.

Elsewhere, Justin Herbert's rib injury against the Chiefs isn't quite bad enough to keep him out, so he'll start for the Chargers against the Jaguars. Both the Packers and Buccaneers will be trying to overcome depleted receiving corps and offensive lines in their head-to-head matchup. And anyone who wants to see logical, understandable football will get hurt if they watch too much of the Seahawks and Falcons.

4:40 PM: Jaguars at Chargers

As if the Chargers didn't have enough injury worries. Joey Bosa went down on a non-contact play, spiking his helmet in frustration on the sideline. He was able to walk off under his own power, but that doesn't look good.

4:43 PM: Packers at Buccaneers

The Packers have receiving corps problems, but you wouldn't notice it from their first drive.  Rodgers went 5-for-5 for 60 yards, with Romeo Doubs going 3-35-1 on their way to give the Packers an early 7-3 lead.  Worth watching just how the Packers' young receiving corps holds up over the course of the afternoon.

4:45 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

Someone told the Falcons they needed to get Kyle Pitts involved.  He had a pair of receptions for 35 yards on the Falcons' first drive, one that ended in a Marcus Mariota touchdown after about three minutes of replay review.

Vince Verhei: I hope you bet the over in Falcons-Seahawks. Seattle takes the opening drive 61 yards in 11 plays, settling for a field goal. Rashaad Penny with 35 yards already. Falcons then answer, going 75 yards in seven plays for the score. They remembered they have Kyle Pitts today — open for a touchdown but overthrown on the first play, he comes back to catch two passes for 35 yards, both for first downs. He picks up a third first down on a penalty in the end zone, which sets up Marcus Mariota’s 1-yard scoring run. He was clearly over the goal line, but the refs called him down, forcing the Falcons to challenge. They did, and they won, and it’s 7-3.

4:51 PM: Rams at Cardinals

Perhaps Cooper Kupp decided he wanted some of that Deebo action?

That was just too easy.  10-0 Rams late in the first.

Vince Verhei: Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but the Cards look like garbage in the first quarter. Two three-and-outs have led to a blocked punt (in turn leading to a Rams field goal) and now a long L.A. touchdown drive, Cooper Kupp taking an end around 20 yards for the score and a 10-0 lead.

4:53 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

Vince Verhei: Seattle gets their first offensive touchdown in seven quarters … and just like the last one, it’s built on the tight ends. 36-yard gain by Colby Parkinson sets up Will Dissly’s 18-yard score, and the Seahawks go up 10-7.

5:01 PM: Rams at Cardinals


5:03 PM: Jaguars at Chargers

Not a great start for the injured Justin Herbert -- 3 for 7 for 22 yards, an interception, and now a fumble.  The Jags pick it up, and this time, manage to turn it into points, jumping out to a 13-0 lead early in the second quarter.

Per the CBS broadcast, the Jaguars already have more points off of turnovers this year than they did in all of 2021.

5:09: Packers at Buccaneers

It's all short, controlled passes for the Packers so far; they're not asking their receivers to do anything too challenging, just catch and run. That works when you have Aaron Rodgers distributing the ball, right?  Rodgers starts 12-for-13 for 120 yards and a pair of scores, hitting Allen Lazard in the end zone to go up 14-3 midway through the second.

5:11 PM: Jaguars at Chargers

Maybe it just took a quarter for the pain-killing injections to kick in for Justin Herbert. After a terrible start, Herbert goes 7-for-8 for 75 yards to march down the field.

Vince Verhei: Great back-shoulder catch by Mike Williams for the L.A. touchdown. Herbert, honestly, looks fine. The incompletions I have seen have been defended or well covered. It’s not like he’s missing wide open guys.

Now just 13-7, Jacksonville.

5:15 PM: Rams at Cardinals

Cardinals repeating their strategy from the first half of last week, namely looking like they'd never played football before.

Vince Verhei: Arizona’s third straight three-and-out: incomplete swing pass to a running back who wasn’t looking for it, blitz for a sack in the pocket, incomplete curl on third-and-long that would not have picked up a first down anyway.

5:21 PM: Dolphins at Bills

Tuagate? Tagovailoa came back in after suffering an apparent concussion in the first half. There's now a story that there's a back injury, but, well, people aren't buying it.

We'll see if anything comes of this.

5:22 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

Marcus Mariota is beginning to deal -- 8 for 11 for 183 yards.  Then again, stats can be misleading...

Vince Verhei: Cordarrelle Patterson takes an off tackle run to the right 17 yards for the touchdown and a 17-10 lead. Every Falcons passing play is either a sack by an unblocked defender or a completion for a big gain. Pitts is up to four catches for 82 yards, not even halfway through the second quarter. Mariota is 8-of-11 for 183 yards. Falcons are 3-of-4 on third downs, including a Olamide Zaccheaus conversion on third-and-19.

5:30 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

Raise your hands if you had a shootout between Marcus Mariota and Geno Smith developing this afternoon. No? Nobody? Huh. OK.

Vince Verhei: Hey, Pete Carroll turns down a punt to for it on fourth-and-2! And Geno converts with a crossing route completion to Marquise Goodwin! And then DK Metcalf, who had been shut out today, makes the leaping grab in the end zone for the score! We’re tied at 17-17!

A reminder that neither of these teams play normal football.

5:43 PM: Rams at Cardinals

Vince Verhei: Cards finally get on the board with a field goal,but nothing is coming easy for them. Took them NINETEEN PLAYS to drive 65 yards, including conversion on fourth-and-1, fourth-and-2, third-and-1, and third-and-10. Rams still lead 13-3 with time for one more drive before halftime.

This included a play where the Cardinals moved Kyler Murray out of the backfield to run a James Connor wildcat play. That worked just about as well as you might have thought.

5:54 PM: Jaguars at Chargers

Justin Herbert's ribs appear to not be bothering him.

Yowza. But now Rashawn Slater is walking off the field, holding his arm, as the Chargers can not have nice things.

5:58 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

Vince Verhei: Disaster almost strikes for Atlanta as Mariota is intercepted on the last play of the first half, but the rookie Tariq Woolen is unable to score on the play. So it’s a 20-17 Seattle lead at halftime. And speaking of rookies, there are two starting at tackle for Seattle, but they may be the best players on the field today. 25 pass attempts for Geno, and it’s mostly short stuff, but he has not been sacked and has only been hit twice. If Atlanta gets the top pick and takes an edge rusher instead of a QB, I honestly wouldn’t blame them, because their edge rushers area hell of a lot worse than the Mariota/Ridder combo at QB.

6:02 PM: Jaguars at Chargers

A huge run by James Robinson on 4th and 1 sends the Jaguars out to a 23-10 lead!

Asante Samuel versus a pulling guard is a mismatch if I've ever seen one.

6:24 PM: Packers at Buccaneers

We're still waiting for either of these teams to really put their foot on the gas here.  So far, nothing much -- and the Packers just turned things back over to the Buccaneers.

6:25 PM: Jaguars at Chargers

I think this is ballgame. The Jags score again, they're up 31-10, and the Chargers look like certain degrees of toast.  I don't think this will be enough to catch the Bills for first in DVOA or anything, but every day makes it less and less likely this is a fluke.

So far, none of the AFC West teams have really lived up to their preseason hype. The Chiefs lost today, the Chargers look lost today, the Broncos don't know what a playclock is, and the Raiders have yet to win a game.

And a slightly different take on their potential DVOA:

Vince Verhei: Second-and-goal, Lawrence hits Kirk on a quick out for the score. They’re going to go for two to make it a 21-point lead, but it hardly matters, this has been a thrashing, even worse than the scoreboard would suggest. They lead in first downs 20-9, total yardage 346-200, and still a whole quarter to go. I think they’ll probably catch the Bills in DVOA, and if not, I’m sure they would win the prestigious “Best DVOA in Weeks 2 and 3” trophy.” (Two-pointer was good for a 31-10 lead, by the way.

6:28 PM: Rams at Cardinals

Vince Verhei: Elsewhere, Arizona gets a field goal to cut the lead to 13-9. L.A.’s last four possessions: three-and-out, kneeldown, three-and-out, three-and-out.

Thrilling divisional action.

6:30 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

Vince Verhei: In Seattle, Pete Carroll’s Hormonal Fourth-Down Decision Coin comes up tails. He kicks the field goal to go up 23-20 on fourth-and-2 from the 7. Despite being 8-of-13 on third/fourth downs today.

...Are the Jimmy G 49ers going to run away with the division? Surely not.

6:35 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

The best-played, most competitive game of the late window? Seahawks-Falcons, of course, as they go up and down the field.

Vince Verhei: Oh, slick play by Drake London to put ATL back up. Runs a quick slant to convert a third down, then feels the defenders closing in and pivots back to the outside and scramble into the end zone.

Perigrine: BTW, Drake London now has more career touchdown receptions than Kyle Pitts.

I'll take "stats that sound false" for $1,000, Alex.

6:38 PM: Rams at Cardinals

The Rams have been using WR Ben Skowronek as a fullback for much of the game, which has raised a few eyebrows.  But hey, it just worked, as he paves a way for Cam Akers to run for a score and wake up the Rams offense.

Vince Verhei: Rams had a third-and-11, looking at a fifth straight drive with no first downs, but Kupp keeps them alive with a curl route that just barely picks up a first down. Rams follow with a Tyler Higbee screen for 26, a Cam Akers run for 14, and a Cam Akers touchdown run for 14. Rams get a bit of cushion up 20-9, but still a lot of football left, not even in the fourth quarter.

6:52 PM: Rams at Cardinals

Kyler Murray has had a number of plays this game where he's just fired randomly into the secondary. Why, you ask?

Vince Verhei: Murray is heaving random balls off his back foot because nobody is blocking Aaron Donald and he’s trying to stay alive. (To clarify: there are lots of plays where nobody blocks Donald, but at least they try. That time he was barely touched.)

Yeah, Donald bearing down you is terrifying, even if he only has one helmet.

6:57 PM: Rams at Cardinals

Vince Verhei: Murray throws incomplete on third-and-4, airmailing a pass over his receiver’s head. His time to throw was 0.00000001 seconds — he is getting rid of that ball as quick as he can. The clock is stopped, but Kliff Kingsbury calls timeout to discuss the play. So they still go for it on fourth down, and this time Murray actually hangs in the pocket a little, but his pass is broken up by Derrion Kendrick. Rams take over, up 20-9, needing one good scoring drive to put this one on ice.

6:59 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

For the second time in 24 hours, a major football game in Seattle is delayed due to drone invasion. Cut it out, guys.

7:04 PM: Rams at Cardinals

The Rams hit some big plays (notably a toss to Skowrownek), but fumble at the goal line. That gives the Cardinals the chance they needed; they're not out of this quite yet...

Vince Verhei: So, long periods of offensive silence mixed with the most beautiful drives you’ll see all year, and now a critical Cam Akers fumble. The Rams are still in playoff shape!

8:06 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

Falcons status: Falconing. Mariota and his running back get caught up running a fake handoff, the ball falls to the turf, and the Seahawks recover down just four points.  It is the fourth quarter, after all...

8:15 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

Seahawks status: Seahawking.

Vince Verhei: So first play of after the long delay, the Falcons fumble the ball away … but one play later, miracle of miracles, THE FALCONS GET A SACK! I think the last Falcon to get a sack was Patrick Kerney.

That sack ends up not mattering, but a few plays later, Geno floats one deep, it's intercepted, and even the Falcons should be able to hang on to the win here.  One would hope.

Vince Verhei: Down 27-23, game on the line, Geno Smith takes a third-down sack from Grady Jarrett. Remember, Smith was first or second in critical fourth-down sacks taken last year, in only three games. (I forget the exact number, but it’s in his comment in the Almanac.) Fourth-and-forever, He throws a desperate interception, and this one should be over.

8:22 PM: Packers at Buccaneers

Tom Brady is still really, really, really good.  The Packers play prevent defense all the way down the field, as the Buccaneers march right down.

Dave Bernreuther: the Packers didn't really seem all that interested in stopping any of that until it got down to the goal line

Brady squeezes the ball into Russell Gage, and now we're a two-point conversion away from a tie game...but they can't get the snap off!  Delay of game, so now we move back to the seven...

And it's no good!  The Packers are going to hang on. Man, that was far too close.

8:24 PM: Falcons at Seahawks

Vince Verhei: Cordarrelle Patterson was my pick for player to have a big game this week, but I was counting on him as a receiver, and he only had one catch for 12 yards. However, he did run for 141 yards and a touchdown, because Seattle’s run defense has also been terrible. Broncos averaged 4.2 yards per carry in the opener, 49ers averaged 5.2 last week, and now the Falcons averaged 5.8 today.

8:26 PM: Rams at Cardinals

Vince Verhei: Cards kick a field goal on fourth-and-5 to make it 20-12 with a minute and change to go. Kyler Murray up to a career-high 58 pass attempts (prior high: 54 in the tie against Detroit in the first game of his career), but for only 314 yards — below 300 if you include sacks. Rams recover the onside kick and we’re done.

And that'll do it for the liveblog! I'll be slipping into the Discord for the 49ers-Broncos nightcap; see you all there!


99 comments, Last at 26 Sep 2022, 5:35pm

#1 by Paul R // Sep 25, 2022 - 1:28pm

Something strange about the Colts uniforms this season, the way they pick up the dye on the field. After just a few plays, Taylor always looks like he spilled his coffee down the front of his shirt. 

Colts defense holds Mahomes & co on the first two series. Kind of like saying, "This rattlesnake hasn't bitten me so far..."

Points: 0

#2 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 1:31pm

There is no reason to be handing the ball to Zack Moss. You want to give your defense a breather? Throw the ball and march down the field. Instead, they waste two plays to set up third and 8, and Allen fumbles against a big blitz. Tres dumb. 

Points: 0

#3 by LondonMonarch // Sep 25, 2022 - 2:03pm

Another story in NFL Crime and Punishment.

Savage hit to the head of a defenseless receiver who already had a concussion in Week 1. Officials give a 4 yard penalty and we all move on. 

How that is not an ejection, I will never understand.

Points: 0

#4 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 2:19pm

And he’d been playing well! Weak call against Milano, though.

Edit: And Tua is somehow back in the game, having cleared concussion protocol despite wobbling off the field just before halftime. Strange. 

Points: 0

#5 by Carolina // Sep 25, 2022 - 2:37pm

Dolphins-Bills. 2 minute warning, Bills one time out, 1st down Miami. Tua out with possible concussion. Game tied. Run the damn ball three times and punt if necessary! Instead they throw three times and give the Bills enough time to at least get a field goal. The only reason they don't is because they went stupid. 


Points: 0

#6 by Paul R // Sep 25, 2022 - 3:13pm

Matt Ryan takes a sack because no one picks up the A-gap rusher. The reason for that is Pinter needs double-team help on every pass play. The Colts passing game worked on that drive because Pinter got help. Chiefs finally took advantage when needed.

Points: 0

#7 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 3:16pm

Tua tried to hand the Bills a two-score lead. Didn’t happen. 

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#19 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:36pm

Allen handed the Dolphins a win skipping it on 4th after multiple dropped picks 

Points: 0

#8 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 3:32pm

But he finally made a play against Buffalo’s second- and third-stringers. 

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#18 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:33pm

Allen with 6 TWP, worse cmp%, worse passer rating, more sacks  lulz

Points: 0

#27 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:49pm

And he took twice the sacks? This isn’t quite the winning argument you think it is. Tua couldn’t keep his team on the field against a defense missing its entire starting secondary, plus one of its best defensive linemen. Total joke, just like the MNF game against the Pats last year. Check back in December. The Bills will be ahead of the Dolphins before the rematch. Book it. 

Points: 0

#29 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:53pm

Your math skills need about twice the work! Keep crying because just like last year the Bills might not even make the AFCCG lolololol

Points: 0

#81 by theTDC // Sep 26, 2022 - 2:33am

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

It is true that the Bills might not make the AFCCG. It is also true that the 2007 Patriots weren't guaranteed to make it to the AFCCG. Losing squeakers against good teams is a thing that can happen to even the best team ever.

Points: 0

#9 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 3:37pm

Allen has been hit below the knees and grabbed by the face mask, but sure, cal a 15-yard penalty on a guy trying to pull up on a receiver who dropped a ball over the middle.

Took Miami 50 minutes, but they’ve finally managed to take a lead on Buffalo’s second- and third-stringers. Congrats, I guess?

Points: 0

#20 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:37pm

Tua with a scrambled brain took out the great white hope lololololololololol

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#23 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:44pm

Your racial animus says more about you than it does anyone else. I say this as a die-hard progressive. Just sayin’.

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#31 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:53pm

Cute! You'd crucify Tua if skip hopped a game winner.

Oh wait youre doing that anyway lolololololol

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#35 by Dissociated // Sep 25, 2022 - 5:11pm

Also basically a communist and think this comment is absurd. Given the context who the poster is I think it's ban worthy (surprised he hasn't be banned already tbh). Not gonna respond to anything else he says bc I don't feed trolls, but want this posted publicly

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#37 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 5:16pm

First post itt to me over a throwaway. Yall gonna sit here and act like Tua wasnt getting this day. Yall aren't slick. Allen isn't gonna drop a spot in anyones rankings. You're just mad weirdo Bills mafia can't handle an L to a QB yall think sucks. 

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#92 by Ryan // Sep 26, 2022 - 10:34am

someone ban this dork

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#94 by serutan // Sep 26, 2022 - 10:37am

The only reliable way to deal with trolls is to ignore them.

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#95 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 26, 2022 - 10:57am

Yall always come crying over nothing but when people say real racist stuff and start whining about anti white cult yall are nowhere to be found. Don't even talk about the other games here, just come to complain.

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#82 by theTDC // Sep 26, 2022 - 2:34am

I could sense the anti-White animus coming from this poster back when they insinuated that the only reason anyone had Mac Jones over Justin Fields was because they were worshipping at the feet of Adolf Hitler. I see myself proven right.

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#10 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 3:47pm

What a joke. 

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#39 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 5:24pm

It’s almost like you’re a hack with an agenda who doesn’t understand football.

Oh, wait. I got it now. That all checks out, actually. 

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#40 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 5:35pm

Says the BILLS FAN that declared Tua SUCKED a week into a new offense (that they won) in his 3rd year.

The irony. Stay mad and cocky though. Don't disappear like division when your team flames out in the playoffs again. \

I'm the hack though constantly crying about injuries and cant accept the L though lol. 

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#11 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:04pm

This is last year’s Bills-Pats MNF game all over again. The gap between these teams is a mile wide. 

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#12 by Paul R // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:08pm

If you liked the butt-fumble, you'll love the Miami butt-punt!

Points: 0

#93 by serutan // Sep 26, 2022 - 10:36am

That poor blocker is going to have a big assed bruise...


But since the Dolphins won the game, this will probably just be NFL Blooper material rather than acquiring legendary status.

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#13 by jheidelberg // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:09pm

I swear that the Miami punter just punted the ball off of his own man’s butt for a safety

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#14 by Aaron Brooks G… // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:13pm

Your mistake was thinking Detroit is a good team

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#15 by Aaron Brooks G… // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:14pm

Anyone else concerned the Eagles have no second half offense for like the third straight game?

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#60 by Pat // Sep 25, 2022 - 8:22pm

Yup. That's three games versus lower-half teams (sorry, Lions and Vikings fans) and three times shut down at halftime.

Also worried as hell about next week. Thought it'd be tougher than expected since Pederson knows the players so we'll, and now the Jaguars are playing well, too.

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#85 by t.d. // Sep 26, 2022 - 3:16am

I don't know man;  I'm a Jags fan and I'm cautiously optimistic about the season as a whole and how we've played so far, but it seems to me that DeVonta Smith and AJ Brown are a couple of big adds who weren't around when Pederson was the coach;  we've trucked two straight opponents, but, under the circumstances (Matt Ryan is washed, one good drive today notwithstanding, and Herbert was injury-limited), I'm not sure I buy our defense as the buzz saw it's looked like (after all, Carson Wentz carved us up week one), and Jalen Hurts has looked like an MVP candidate so far, so I'm pretty worried, too

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#97 by Pat // Sep 26, 2022 - 2:12pm

but it seems to me that DeVonta Smith and AJ Brown are a couple of big adds who weren't around when Pederson was the coach

It ain't the receivers I'm worried about, it's the offensive line. Hurts didn't look that great in week 1 when they were overwhelming the line with looks they weren't expecting.

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#16 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:14pm

The Bills rolled up nearly 500 yards of offense, playing largely with second- and third-strung players. Miami won the battle (barely). Miami is gonna lose this war by three games. 

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#17 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:21pm

In reply to by Tutenkharnage

The excuses 

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#24 by jheidelberg // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:44pm

In reply to by Tutenkharnage

I did not see Bills Dolphins but I see Bills had incredible 90-39 advantage in plays and lost

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#25 by lenny65 // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:44pm

In reply to by Tutenkharnage

Cute take!

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#30 by Tutenkharnage // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:53pm

Eight quarters later, we’re still waiting for New England to force a Buffalo punt. The gap between these teams is a mile wide. Miami got lucky against a team playing with half its starting defense behind its back, and it still only gained 212 yards. Joke of a game, and only Miami homers aren’t going to acknowledge reality.

At least the Chiefs lost. 

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#34 by lenny65 // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:57pm

Come on, it's just one game. Buffalo is really good, surely they'll bounce back from one puny loss. It happens. I would have wagered the farm on the Bills today, which is why it's good that a) I don't bet on the games and b) I don't own a farm.

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#21 by Dissociated // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:37pm

Ken Dorsey is my new best friend. Sad Bills won't go 20-0 but they still almost won on a day where they were incredibly unlucky and injured.

Dolphins 3-0 is fraudulent IMO, unless having the entire secondaries for the opposing team out injured is a repeatable skill. It's happened two straight weeks, which has made Tua look better than ordinary, but he really threw some garbage balls out there today. Also, the heat is quite the advantage but gonna lose that in a month or so. I'm looking forward to betting against them.

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#98 by RickD // Sep 26, 2022 - 3:25pm

Maybe Miami's been a bit lucky, but they also have played very well and exploited the opportunities they had.  

I've decided I kind of want the Dolphins to be the last undefeated team this season, so when they lose, all the remaining '72 Dolphins pop open the champagne to celebrate the loss.


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#28 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 4:50pm


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#36 by Paul R // Sep 25, 2022 - 5:13pm

Lazard catches the quick slant for a Green Bay TD. Obligatory shot of him on sideline getting attaboys. Instead we see him vomiting from the heat. Cut to commercial.

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#38 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 5:19pm

Not a joke of a signing so far.

Points: 0

#46 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 6:25pm

We may have treated them a little too harshly. 

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#83 by theTDC // Sep 26, 2022 - 2:37am

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

Forget to use your burner for this one, or just so enamored with your own comment that you felt an edit didn't show the proper respect?

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#88 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 26, 2022 - 8:18am

Says the guy that thinks he was proven right about "anti white animus" 🤣 pot gotta take those throwaways to heart. Gruden though? Meh. Whatever. He wasn't that bad. Flores, what an idiot, no way the league is racist when Urban was fired!

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#41 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 5:39pm

No need to rush things here on the goal line w/a guy like Kyler

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#42 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 5:58pm

7 feels like enough time to chuck it 25 yards and still get a FG if not. 

Points: 0

#43 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 6:04pm

With a Herbert injury?

Packers recover another fumble.

Points: 0

#44 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 6:24pm

Chefs, no timeouts, run on 2nd and 20 from their own 36 is absolutely the right call with Indy having 2 timeouts left. 

Although it does show to be not kneel like cowards because if Jerrick could've ripped one, they would surely grateful with how it ended. 

Points: 0

#45 by JS // Sep 25, 2022 - 6:24pm

Horrendous running into kicker call on GB cost them 35 yds of field position. Then Rodgers throws a pick, because of course he does.

Points: 0

#47 by JS // Sep 25, 2022 - 6:32pm

AFC South is going 3-1 this week. Everything I know is a lie.

Points: 0

#48 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 6:44pm

I'm only surprised by the Colts.

Well for the spreads at least. And if we believe week 2 DVOA. 

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#50 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 7:09pm

Please stop wasting timeouts

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#52 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 7:19pm

I beg you...

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#51 by Aaron Brooks G… // Sep 25, 2022 - 7:16pm

Brady and Rogers just combined for 7 consecutive punts?

Points: 0

#53 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 7:28pm

Do the other 31 teams not have one?

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#59 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 8:14pm

It can't hurt to open up the echochamber!

Points: 0

#55 by Paul R // Sep 25, 2022 - 7:53pm

I'm puzzled how the Colts D managed to shut down the Chiefs, especially considering their performance last week. The main thing I noticed is they managed a good pass rush with only the front four.  

Still, I'm surprised the Chiefs passing attack wasn't able to get open. Indy secondary was awful last week. Either they massively improved in seven days or the Jags passing game must be much better than the Chiefs'. Either option is hard to believe. 

Edit: Jax/Chargers was blacked out in my area, but the highlights seem to indicate that the Jags offense might be really good. Interesting.

Points: 0

#57 by jheidelberg // Sep 25, 2022 - 8:00pm

Last week ARI scored a TD with no time left on the clock and need a 2 point conversion to tie.  Incredibly, they committed a delay of game penalty and converted from the 7 and then won in OT.

Today, TB scored a TD with I believe 14 seconds left and needed a 2 point conversion to tie.  Incredibly, they committed a delay of game penalty and failed to convert from the 7.

No clue how this can ever happen, let alone in two consecutive weeks.



Points: 0

#58 by Jackson87 // Sep 25, 2022 - 8:05pm

harder and harder to believe the Commanders beat the Jags.

Points: 0

#61 by Aaron Brooks G… // Sep 25, 2022 - 8:24pm

Would you believe it if Kansas City and Jacksonville decided to cosplay as each other?

Points: 0

#62 by Pat // Sep 25, 2022 - 8:30pm

With Carson Wentz, anything is possible, so long as it's not the playoffs.

Points: 0

#63 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 8:33pm

Maybe not so much the accuracy but, hey, surrounding your 3rd year QB with weapons is somewhat repeatable!

Also a 1st on TEJ when you got James Robinson? Oof.

Points: 0

#64 by Pat // Sep 25, 2022 - 8:41pm

Oof. Nice drive by the 49ers, but that TD was OPI.

Points: 0

#65 by Pat // Sep 25, 2022 - 8:46pm

And they actually acknowledged it on the broadcast! Woo!

Also the Denver offense is just bad. Unexpected.

Points: 0

#66 by jheidelberg // Sep 25, 2022 - 8:53pm

A problem repeatedly occurred
on "

I have trouble commenting on the games as I have gotten this error message on my phone each week.  I am wondering if others are having this issue.

Points: 0

#72 by Aaron Brooks G… // Sep 25, 2022 - 10:42pm

It loads better if you let it load all the way before doing anything.

But it starts to error out around 70 comments in.

Points: 0

#68 by jheidelberg // Sep 25, 2022 - 9:05pm

I am on an i-phone, I do not have this problem on my computer, but my computer is not near my TV so that I am writing this comment during a break in the game.

I know FO now has DISCORD, it just seems that there are so many fewer of us using this feed to comment on the game than in prior years.

Points: 0

#69 by jheidelberg // Sep 25, 2022 - 9:24pm

A great play by the 49ers to down that punt at the 1 with 3 players getting involved, clearly all players legally stayed out of the end zone, the only question on this challenge is whether the ball hit the goal line, evidence that we have seen so far appears inconclusive to me.

Points: 0

#71 by vrao81 // Sep 25, 2022 - 10:25pm

Garoppolo pulls an Orlovski and steps out of bounds for a safety!

Points: 0

#78 by jheidelberg // Sep 25, 2022 - 11:35pm

Ultimately, that safety was the difference in this puntathon.

Points: 0

#86 by TimK // Sep 26, 2022 - 4:03am

In that it kept SF in the game? If he’d not been called for the safety then the pick 6 he threw on that play would put Denver ahead, and the 49ers didn’t look like scoring much except when OPI was ignored. 

At least most of the punting (and coverage) was good - almost robopunter levels of pinning teams back in that one.

Points: 0

#73 by GwillyGecko // Sep 25, 2022 - 10:57pm

woohoo game manager Jerry Rosberg probably said to throw the flag here bc russ cooked up a first down!

Points: 0

#74 by jheidelberg // Sep 25, 2022 - 10:59pm

Well Russ, you actually signed on with a coach other than Pete Carroll that punts on 4th and inches when trailing in the 4th quarter.  However, you are very rich signing with this team that smothers your talents and dips all of their receivers hands in grease.


EDIT:  This team does anything possible to take the ball out of Russell Wilson's hands in an attempt to win a game.  

Points: 0

#89 by Aaron Brooks G… // Sep 26, 2022 - 9:23am

Russ will have a strange HOF case, where literally every coach he's had since high school has tried to give him the ball as little as possible.

Points: 0

#91 by Pat // Sep 26, 2022 - 9:53am

I have no idea what to think about Wilson's performance last night. The routes were just off between him and his receivers the whole night. On a few plays, there were definitely signs that it wasn't the receiver's fault, but it's hard to blame anyone outside of the coaching.

Points: 0

#75 by jheidelberg // Sep 25, 2022 - 11:28pm

In the end Nathaniel Hackett WINZ trumps Jimmy G. WINZ in the battle of how not to coach vs how not to play QB.

Points: 0

#76 by vrao81 // Sep 25, 2022 - 11:28pm

Jimmy G throws a killer int into triple coverage, and then after the 49ers get the ball back, Wilson fumbles the game away.

Points: 0

#77 by ImNewAroundThe… // Sep 25, 2022 - 11:35pm

for not caring about losing Hackett. 

Points: 0

#90 by Aaron Brooks G… // Sep 26, 2022 - 9:23am

That wasn't why.

Points: 0

#79 by andrew // Sep 25, 2022 - 11:44pm

" Cook gets his second rushing touchdown of the game, and the lead is cut to 24-21, not quite halfway through the fourth."

I know these things are as they were written in real time, but that was Mattison, not Cook, who left the game with a shoulder injury before that score.

Points: 0

#80 by Moridin // Sep 26, 2022 - 1:15am

Aaron, technically you now have an even more middling result to go with, even if it doesn't flow off the tongue quite as fast. 8-and-8 can now be 8-and-8-and-1 !

Points: 0

#84 by theTDC // Sep 26, 2022 - 2:41am

The Broncos offense gave one of the ugliest performances I've ever seen in a win. Gave me flashbacks to the 2015 Broncos team, but it felt like a solid step down on both sides of the ball. However, there is plenty of reason to be optimistic, considering we can chalk this up to Wilson having some growing pains in this offense.

Points: 0

#87 by big10freak // Sep 26, 2022 - 7:40am

Another good outing by special Teams especially in coverage.  Though Amari fair catching with nobody within 15 yards leaves something to be desired 


Doubs with a very good game.  Hopeful this is a springboard for 12 to have more faith in the young man


Safeties showed up today.  Adrian Amos reappeared after two games of subpar play.  

Walker and Campbell both with big plays which was great to see.  Two count them TWO good inside linebackers.  One gets woozy


The rotating of left tackles is something I have not seen at the pro level.  David definitely looked better than Yosh   Even better than Jenkins who had an uneven day


Nixon coming off the bench to fill in for Jaire was not just not terrible, he was good!   What a pleasant surprise


12 is supposed to be the the old wise head on the offense.  But after the Jones fumble he stopped going thru progressions, focused mostly on Tonyan or Lazard and helped stymie the offense.  Same as the playoff game against SF.  Doubs had a step on his guy more than once and one time 12 was looking RIGHT at him and then threw left to Tonyan for a yard.  Is this Rodgers now?  Anything goes wrong and let’s just bag what works?   Rodgers pre 2018 was a scrapper.  Very strange 


Will Allen called it last week and boy was it out in force today as it was armbarpalooza for the o lines though I think the Packers got the short end of the stick.  Gary and Clark in particular were held a lot especially the second half.  The chokeholds on Rashan were blatant. 

But the Packers won a field position game for the first time in forever.  Punts and coverage were difference makers.  Great to see!

Points: 0

#96 by gkb // Sep 26, 2022 - 11:53am

Is there someone I can pay to get the rest of these in the old Audibles format?

Points: 0

#99 by reddwarf // Sep 26, 2022 - 5:35pm

I gotta give credit to Hackett this week.  Yes, it was an ugly win.  But discipline penalties and time clock management were significantly better, and while he lost both challenges I thought they were both good challenges to make.  

Even better though, most coaches taking the (deserved) criticism he's gotten the last couple weeks would bunker down and just repeat platitudes about figuring it out and working through it.  Hackett actually made a major change that reduced his authority, in the name of getting it right.  I don't ever recall a head coach bringing in another coach with that specific a role mid-season.  People who can admit they have problems and actively work on them tend to be successful in the long run.  Kudos to him.  Restored a lot of my faith.

Hard to say how much of that game was bad offense (by both teams) vs good/great defense and special teams (by both teams).  Some of both of course.  But for all the wailing and gnashing of teeth Denver is 2-1 and tied for 1st place in the division.

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