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Scramble for the Ball: Scramble Survivor Draft

Need fantasy football advice? Ian and Al to the rescue, as they present their annual Scramble Survivor Draft, drafting six teams apiece and giving their opinions on which players are set for good seasons, and which sleepers will just stay asleep. This year, we promise not to suggest you draft anyone who, for example, has retired. (cue bong hit sound fx)

Aug 26, 2004

Scramble for the Ball: Who's Going Where

Ian and Al look backwards at the conference championships, addressing the horrid Eagles receiving corps as well as the problems of Saturday on Sunday. They also look forward to the offseason, giving their opinions on the future homes of top free agents. Plus, more discussion about the proper use of timeouts than Mike Martz can shake a stick at.

Jan 22, 2004

Scramble for the Ball: The Final Four

It's your last opportunity for second guessing before we get to this week's games. Ian and Al take on Dick Vermeil as well as 4th-and-26, and the Scramble mailbag takes on the question of defenses tiring as the season goes on. Best Bets addresses the conference championships, with discussion of both the line and the over/under on each game.

Jan 16, 2004

Week 14 Scramble/Open Thread

Why are the Miami Dolphins like The Simpsons? Why is the NFC North like Celebrity Poker Showdown? Why is 2003 a repeat (maybe) of 2001? Ian and Al tell all while discussing if potential playoff teams are "Oasis or Mirage." Plus Loser League Update, Best Bets, and the Keep Choppin' Wood Award lands in the Steel City. Talk about Scramble here, and join a running conversation on this weekend's games.

Dec 04, 2003