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Week 11 DVOA Ratings
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Week 11 DVOA Ratings

They were one of the top teams in our preseason DVOA projections, and their high ranking in the current ratings doesn't seem to agree with their win-loss record... and no, we're not talking about the Philadelphia Eagles.

164 comments, Last at 22 Nov 2008, 9:36pm by Chris

Steelers-Chargers Chaos Rattles Las Vegas

It's the first 11-10 game in NFL history... no, wait, it isn't... no, wait, it is! What a mess. I'm not sure why the officials made the call they made on this one -- all the laterals looked backwards to me, and even if one of them was an illegal forward pass, why on earth wouldn't Pittsburgh have the right to decline that penalty and keep the touchdown? And yet, it goes into the books, 11-10. And there was much rejoicing... by 50 percent of all gambling addicts.

47 comments, Last at 18 Nov 2008, 10:48am by hawksnation
ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 11
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ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 11

Look at Week 11 matchups through the FO lens and learn about Carolina's big advantage over Detroit, a backup tight end poised for a big week, and Matty Ice's place in history.

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SITE NEWS: East Coast "Beer Feed"?

Interested in getting together with FO writers and some fellow FO writers to watch football? Click here to learn more and leave your feedback.

63 comments, Last at 16 Nov 2008, 10:29pm by Bassett

Whatever Happened to Devin Hester?

If the Bears have the greatest special teams weapon in NFL history, why are they 21st in our special teams ratings? (Click link to read more.)

27 comments, Last at 02 Dec 2008, 2:35am by Rob Noxious
Week 10 DVOA Ratings
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Week 10 DVOA Ratings

This week's DVOA commentary takes a look at "The Year of Kinda Good" and introduces our new, expanded table of defensive stats against different types of receivers.

153 comments, Last at 17 Nov 2008, 12:32pm by Mig

Adalius Thomas Breaks Arm, Season Over

You know, if there's one thing that's clear about the 2008 season, it's that the New England Patriots simply haven't had enough season-ending injuries to major players. Patriots fans, get ready to become intimately acquainted with Pierre Woods and Gary Guyton.

15 comments, Last at 11 Nov 2008, 3:57pm by foolio

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 10

Here's our look at the matchups for Week 10 using Football Outsiders stats. This week: Meet the most active defensive back in the league, learn the weakness of Tennessee's defense, and find out why the officials can relax when the Bills play the Patriots.

7 comments, Last at 08 Nov 2008, 11:10am by bubqr
Week 9 DVOA Ratings
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Week 9 DVOA Ratings

The Giants return to number one, the Cardinals move into the top five, and the Packers are back in the top ten. Plus: Aaron Schatz looks at why DVOA rates Miami as one of the league's top offenses in 2008.

52 comments, Last at 08 Nov 2008, 2:46pm by tally

Brady to Make Suprise Start

No, no, not that one. Brady Quinn. Cleveland announced today they will move Quinn into the starting lineup this week, finally making 99 percent of their fans happy about the 2008 season. The surprise is not that the Browns are pulling the struggling Derek Anderson, but that they are doing it during a short week where Quinn gets almost no prep time -- the Browns and Broncos are playing this Thursday as NFL Network starts its schedule of regular-season games.

33 comments, Last at 05 Nov 2008, 12:33pm by joon