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De'Cody Fagg Injury Possibly "Career Ending"

Apparently, the injury that Florida State wide receiver De'Cody Fagg suffered during yesterday's combine drills was very, very bad. As our man MDS says over on Fanhouse, some people think Fagg's NFL career ended before it even started. If that's true, I hope the NFLPA or the teams will find some way to supplement the insurance policy that National Football Scouting gets to cover the medical costs of any players injured at the combine. That doesn't quite equal the cost of a career.

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Does the 3-4 Make Sense for Everyone?

I wanted to point folks to the Niner Insider blog of new auxiliary Outsider Kevin Lynch. (He'll be writing a couple chapters in PFP 2008, including the 49ers.) They've been having a discussion over there about the X's and O's behind the 3-4 defense. I'm sitting here in Indy, getting ready for Eric Mangini to take the podium at 11:30, followed by two guys from the 49ers, McCloughan and Nolan, and it has me thinking about the whole 3-4 thing. I'm a big fan of the 3-4, I like the idea that you can disguise the identity of the pass rushers.

38 comments, Last at 24 Feb 2008, 11:01pm by Neoplatonist Bolthead

Colts Re-Sign Dallas Clark

Smart move by the Colts, of course, but between this and Terrell Suggs, we are seeing one of the major problems with the franchise tag: Players have to be assigned a specific position. I don't know if I can do anything for Suggs, but if any NFL agents are reading Football Outsiders and happen to know the folks who represent Dallas Clark, let them know I would happy to put together a research report showing why Clark deserves to be franchised as a wide receiver, not a tight end. If Dallas Clark is a tight end, I'm a professional chef.

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2007 Football Outsiders Awards Part II

FO wraps up the results of our fifth annual awards balloting, with a look at the best and worst of football on TV and the Internet.

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MMQB: Long on Motivation

I was a little worried about linking to MMQB this week, because Peter King gives his thoughts on the continuing Spygate saga. If we didn't link it, people would wonder where it was, but we don't want to start yet another Spygate thread.

42 comments, Last at 20 Feb 2008, 3:15pm by nat

I Love Football

In which I discover the antidote to all the sniping and bitter criticism that has plagued Football Outsiders over the past few weeks: A meaningless Week 13 game between two awful teams with no hope of making the postseason.

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Quick Reads: Super Bowl XLII

This week's Quick Reads -- and the DVOA and VOA from Super Bowl XLII -- are quite surprising. (Click to read more.)

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PLEASE USE: Irrational Spygate Argument Thread

Well, we thought Spygate was dead and gone, but apparently not. So here is how we are going to work this. All discussion of Spygate, Patriots cheating, or cheating by any other team goes in this thread. It does not matter if you think the Patriots are evil, or if you think the Patriots are getting a raw deal. As we learned long ago with Brady-Manning debates, this is the only way to keep the rest of the website sane. We're suspending the rules here. Go ahead, attack each other all you want. Feel free to mention politics.

951 comments, Last at 19 Nov 2008, 6:47pm by Andy Sedgwick

FO Chat on

Here's the transcript of today's Super Bowl chat on which didn't actually have a lot of Super Bowl questions. Virtually zero.

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Football's Magic Crayon

Slate presents the history of the Telestrator. Beware: It is a video report, and it starts with an advertisement, so watch out if you are at work. The report itself is pretty cool, though.

3 comments, Last at 01 Feb 2008, 3:51pm by JasonK