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04 Jan 2008, 04:34pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Chat at BaseballProspectus.com

Here's the transcript of the chat I did today over at BP, taking questions about the playoffs as well as what teams should do in the off-season. We'll be doing Football Fridays every week, with chats by Michael David Smith next Friday and Bill Barnwell on the Friday before the conference championships.

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03 Jan 2008, 07:29pm by Aaron Schatz

Pro Success of College Award Winners

This is pretty sweet right here, the latest from Doug Drinen over at the p-f-r blog. He's looking at NFL success for the recent winners of various college awards: not just the Heisman, but also the Lombardi, the Thorpe, the Doak Walker, even the Tatupu award. (I had no idea there was an award named after Mosi Tatupu for best college special teams player.) The basic summation: players who win awards for defenders and/or linemen tend to do well in the NFL. Players who win awards at "skill positions" or special teams positions don't do so well.

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03 Jan 2008, 07:19pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Wild Card Weekend

Here is this week's stat notebook for ESPN.com, with notes about all four games. This notebook has some interesting stuff about the shotgun formation as well as the asterisk next to Tennessee's "59th in the DVOA era" defense.

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03 Jan 2008, 12:40am by Aaron Schatz

Bill Simmons Podcast for Wild Card Weekend

Hey everyone, I did a nice long bit with Bill Simmons today for his podcast, looking at the first round of games. Looks like I'll be doing these each week during the playoffs, so I better think of more jokes. Apologies in advance for slightly messing up some stats -- for example, the Jags no longer qualify as the top offense of the second half because of last week's craptacular third-string-a-thon, and yes, I know some of the quarterbacks I mention in the Todd Collins discussion were late picks, not undrafted. Link goes to Simmons' page on ESPN.com; podcast is in the upper right.

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02 Jan 2008, 07:26pm by Aaron Schatz

DVOA on AOL: Week 17

This week's DVOA comments on AOL bring insight on the 12 playoff teams and a look at the summer "to do" list for the 20 teams that didn't make the postseason. Some of the advice is obvious (Jets), some of the advice is unexpected (Broncos), and some of the advice is depressing (Chiefs).

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02 Jan 2008, 02:07pm by Aaron Schatz


Hey folks. Just wanted to let people who have a subscription to DVOA Premium know that Patrick Laverty has hard-coded in pages for the four wild card games. The database doesn't produce them automatically because it is regular season only, and therefore it can't call up "the scheduled Week 18 games," but we'll be doing this each week through the playoffs, with links at the bottom of the Premium front page.

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31 Dec 2007, 10:11pm by Aaron Schatz

2007 Quick Reads: Week 17

The final Quick Reads of the regular season, like in seasons before, looks at the best and worst quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends for the entire year, according to FO stats. This was the year Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Wes Welker set records, Sage Rosenfels ran the gauntlet, Ronnie Brown gave us concentrated goodness, Chris Chambers did his best to show up Bill Barnwell, and a familiar trio topped tight ends for the fourth straight year.

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31 Dec 2007, 06:58pm by Aaron Schatz

Final 2007 DVOA Ratings

The top 10 teams in the final regular-season DVOA ratings all make the playoffs, including the top six teams in the AFC. The 16-0 Patriots set all kinds of DVOA records, with the best total and offensive DVOA ever recorded, while the Tennessee defense ranks first and 59th at the same time.

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30 Dec 2007, 08:09pm by Aaron Schatz

Marv Levy Leaving Buffalo Bills

It was a shock when Levy came back to the NFL at the age of 79. We made fun of him in PFP 2006 because it seemed like he was caught in old ways, and his draft choices were all used on players that most experts had going in later rounds. Guess what: We were wrong. Levy's drafts have been very good. Donte Whitner is a good player. John McCargo is coming along. Trent Edwards, Paul Posluzny, John DiGregorio... they're building something interesting over there.

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28 Dec 2007, 06:10pm by Aaron Schatz

Colts Make Sanders NFL's Highest-Paid Safety

ESPN reporting: "Indianapolis Colts safety Bob Sanders has signed a five-year, $37.5 million contract with the Colts that includes $20 million in guaranteed money, according to NFL sources." Hope you enjoy the franchise tag, Dallas Clark.

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